You cannot let things happen on their own if you desire changes to occur in ways which satisfy you.
Sorcery's power is brutal, devastating & without conscience; choose wisely how you wish to use it.
Workings I Won't Do
Rituals & Spellwork I Will NOT Do
Sometimes people go too far. They get themselves in a jam and flounder around trying to find purpose or meaning only to discover they’re on a fast sinking ship. Then what? They look for answers and help in unlikely places such as the Occult. Typically they seek people like yours truly. While not so bad on the surface it’s the predicament they get themselves in that can be a cause for alarm.
Over the past 20+ years that I have been doing rites and spell work for others, I’ve run into some crazy requests by even crazier people. I want to explain what I do not wish to partake in where Sorcery and Magic are concerned.
1. Killing Children/Unborn Babies: I realize in many parts of the world, life is cheap and children’s lives are cheapest of all. Here in the US there tends to be a high regard for life especially those of children because they are helpless and because we see them as the future. I’ve actually had angry women asking me to use Sorcery to cause another woman’s pregnancy to abort without the other woman’s consent. Do not ask me to do this.
2. Killing People (In General): I’m not your personal assassin and if I were in the business, I sure as hell wouldn’t do it for just a few hundred dollars. 
3. Possession By A Spirit: If you wish to join an African Religious System, which uses possession, then that is one thing but to write me and ask for me to send a Spirit to possess you? For what? To satisfy your curiosity? Besides which it’s likely to cause you far more harm than good as real possession has to be handled in a certain, careful manner with correct protocols and right precautions taken. Trust me when I say there have been people who have lost their lives by being possessed by a spirit, even when so-called "trained" spiritual practitioners were present & doing the summoning.
4. Harry Potter/Dungeons & Dragons Magic - get this through your head now: it’s all fantasy. Leave it in the fantasy world. Fireballs from your fingertips? Go buy a flamethrower. Lightning bolts? Go play with a Tesla Coil. Trust me if your heart is set on learning this stuff, there are people out there willing to teach you that nonsense and steal your your money like IGOS. Caveat emptor.
5. Anything That Requires Me to Travel Out of the Country - apologies however I am not simply not interested.
6. Long Distance Relationships: Absolutely NOT! If you do not live where you can drive within a reasonable amount of time to be with your Desired Other, say less than two hours, then I am not interested. LDR’s are a very iffy thing and people have little understanding that out of sight usually means out of mind. Just because you and your D/O have a thing on the Net does not mean it will work out in reality. Skype all you want with each other however you cannot touch one another through the screen. The harsh truth is if you get involved in a LDR, then one of you will have to relocate so that you two can be able to spend time together else you are simply wasting your time.
7. Prior Workings Resulting In Zero Results - While I may likely succeed where they have failed, that doesn’t mean I’m interested in being the caboose on your crazy train. My time costs a LOT of real money. I’ve spent a lifetime preparing to get where I am today and everything I have learned I’ve had to pay dearly for so I am not about to slash my prices because you have spent your life savings hiring others who have failed. I'm sorry however how is that my problem? Whining and begging won’t help you either. When you come to me, expect to pay a bare minimum of $500 for my help and the more complex the work, the higher the fee has to be.
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There may be other instances that pop up from time to time and I will add them here as I discover them.


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