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The Evil Eye


by Brother Moloch 969

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The Evil Eye is nothing new. In fact it's a long lost art that's been resurfacing in recent years. One of the reasons it fell out of favor is due to the wiccan community's desire to distance themselves from anything that smacks of dark or evil. Not taking into account that non-practitioners will prejudge us regardless of what we say or do, the forceful and protective measures Witches were known to employ have been all but abandoned.

While I'm not one to sit here in judgment either way on WHEN to use the Evil Eye I will suggest you reserve it for those rare times when someone truly deserves it. While I do not believe in "karma" or "the 3 fold rule" or "lash-back" I do however believe in a ripple effect. Not a consequences sort of rippling effect either, rather a means of tracing back to the source sort of rippling effect. If you would not want others tracing your malefic magics back to their source - meaning YOU - then you should not go around willy nilly using this technique.

Though perhaps you've been verbally or physically threatened by someone - such as an ex-lover who vows veangeance - and it's not looking good for you. Open your eyes clearly and fixate them deeply into the maniac's eyes. Give them that baleful, dreadful stare. Focus as much anger, resistance and hatred into your stare as you can. Really well up your emotion - which should not be difficult as this person has just threatened your life - but don't go welling up tears, instead allow your anger to be focused deeply thru your eyes into theirs. Visualize bright red, rays shooting out of your eyes and into theirs. Often it may help to say something such as, "Don't force my hand" but to be said in a low, threatening voice like you're trying to reserve yourself. Often the loudmouth who's doing the threatening will back down because you've penetrated his core being with a very focused spell.

It will help prior to confronting this menace who dares threaten you, by grounding yourself which is nothing more than deeply breathing allowing your mind to blank out for a few brief moments as you gain your composure. Some refer to this as centering. Either way, you should do this as a matter of course before any sort of difficult situation even something as a stressful math exam. Ground and Centering is a definite pre-requisite to employing the dreaded Evil Eye and will allow it to be more effective.

Developing Your Own Evil Eye Technique

1. Set a large mirror against a wall with a candle on either side. Keep your mind clear of thought or heavy emotions.

2. Seat yourself in front of the mirror. Focus your sight in the mirror directing your gaze into your own reflected eyes.

3. For you to develop this technique, you cannot look into both eyes, pick one in the mirror to focus on and close the other eye for now. If you wish you can develop it later but it is best if you choose one eye to use for this technique..

4. Completely focus your entire attention on the center of your reflected eye in the mirror, on the pupil.

5. Finally, strain your sight to look as far in to your eye as possible. Do not let your sight wander. The effect is       unmistakable and does not need to be described or explained here.

6. For this technique to work, when you use it, you must fling as much hate, spite and pure malice as you can muster at the individaul which your trained eye is gazing at and best when they meet your gaze. This is because the eyes are the windows to the soul and you want them to feel your burning hate so much it unsettles them entirely!

7. For the deed to be complete, all you need do is utter a worthy curse such as, "I wish you the most ill luck, (insert name), for the way you have treated me and may your fortunes fade to dust, may your happiness be stamped out and may your life be sour until the end of your days!" Something to that effect should suffice when said with hate, anger and resentment in your heart. 

Partner Practicing

Another thing to do is to sit directly across from a partner. Close your eyes and focus all of your power by imagining a narrow beam of light in your third eye. When your third eye is fully charged, both you and your partner open your eyes and try to push each other over with that beam of light. Consider this an exercise to begin the process of extending your will and strengthening the will.

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