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You cannot let things happen on their own if you desire changes to occur in ways which satisfy you.
Sorcery's power is brutal, devastating & without conscience; choose wisely how you wish to use it.
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by Brother Moloch 969

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Words have a lot of power. Not just the words you say in everyday life but also the words you say in a sacred ceremony as well as those you say in a Magical setting. Whether that be a more formalized ritual or spur of the moment spell, the words you choose and how you say them are very powerful indeed!

The ancients knew this and often sought to find the true names of the Gods themselves. For the idea is that if you know someone's true name, you have power over them. There is a famous story of how Isis the Egyptian Goddess of Magic gained great power from the king of the Gods, Amen-Ra. The story goes that Amen-Ra had stepped on an adder which is a very poisonous serpent and when he summoned Isis, she knew her healing powers could save Amen-Ra however she made Amen-Ra give her his true name in exchange for saving his life. Amen-Ra, though angered, had little choice in the matter. Thus armed with Amen-Ra's secret, true name, the Goddess Isis was able to do be as powerful as Amen-Ra himself and do great miracles.

That is why often in formalized ceremonies and rituals, you'll hear practitioners say, "In the name of…" this is a formalized way of invoking the powers of the name. This is also why many priests sought the true names of the Gods so when they wished to command Genie, Spirits of the Dead, Demons, etc., they had power over the entities because they knew the true name of the Gods and how to use it.

In our modern society, often an ambassador working for his/her home country has power with another country's leaders because s/he can say, "In the name of the United States, we demand…" and often the leaders of the other country feel compelled to at least listen to what the ambassador says. This doesn't mean that all of the ambassador's home country's demands will be given into but at least when the ambassador speaks, the other parties listen.

Now another thing that crops up from time to time within the Witchcraft community is the subject of intent. No more important is intent than when the Witch opens his or her mouth to say something within the setting of Magic. This is when power comes of age! When you utter, "As I will, so mote it be!" in essence you are putting your stamp of approval on the matter as well as declaring your desire to be manifest in the matter. This is where intent matters.

In essence, a Witch should be able to walk naked into the woods and by employing their desire alone, work Magic that will come to fruition. Often this is not the case and that usually means the desired result was as not as important to the Witch as s/he thought it was.

When you have the full intention of getting what you want, and you say, "As I will, so mote it be!" or (as I often say it), "As I will, thus shall it be!", the universe should tremble as it bends to give you what you wish. This is the idea of where "to bend" means for the etymology of the word Witch. You are, in effect, bending reality to your will.


Sometimes you can find old chants in books on magic and witchcraft that are usable and worthwhile. One that I used for a toothache, and actually worked quite well. Consider it a toothache spell and it goes:

“Galbes, galbat, galdes, galdat”

Nonsensical? Certainly and it works! In fact there’s a long tradition in the Middle East of using bastardized holy named of deities which magicians name the Barbarous Names of Power and these are often added into summoning rites where the karcist (re: summoner) speaks them during the ritual of summoning which is supposed to help draw the spirit in. No one knows exactly what (if there are any) the real meaning to any of these names are or where they originated from as of yet. Researchers are trying to determine but we shall see as time carries on.

Another useful chant is borrowed from Ray Buckland’s Chant-O-Matics book which many sorcerers, Hoodoos & Rootworkers swear by to this day. I’ve used these chants and yes they DO work. Here’s one for Uncrossing when things are really bad or you can use it in conjunction with the Uncrossing Ritual found elsewhere on this (www.molochsorcery.com) website. It goes:

“Camp Sum Sing Niht”

Now some feel that affirmations can be used as a chant and they are correct. These work best for yourself especially if you are trying to develop your skills, abilities and powers on your own. Saying things like:

“My sorcery is strong and powerful.”

“My magic brings me what I desire most.”

“My will is ironclad and mighty.”

“I am protected, safe and secure.”

“I grow stronger, healthier and wiser with each new day.”

As you can see, you can make your own affirmations which can be chanted with ease. Any sing-song rhythm can be used for this. Because chanting is merely repetition of words or a phrase that the Witch will use to focus themselves as they work their emotions up during the casting of a spell. A chant can be as simple as: "My beloved dog is hale and healthy" if you're doing a spell to heal your pet or even something simpler as: "I am successful & happy".

Now HOW you say the chant, is what matters. If you say it with little or no emotion then you're heart is not in it and you're only fooling yourself. However if you're saying it with your full being and the desire for it to come true, then yes your working will most likely give you that which you desire. Because the emotion is the force and strength of the spell. To get something you have to give up something.  Thus to get what your spell's end result is, you must sacrifice up your energy and offer it to the Spirits/Gods in an emotionally charged manner.



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