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You cannot let things happen on their own if you desire changes to occur in ways which satisfy you.
Sorcery's power is brutal, devastating & without conscience; choose wisely how you wish to use it.
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Lesson NINE
By Brother Moloch 969
Copyrighted January 2000-Present

Like the subject of Creative Visualization there are many Occult and New Age candle burning books on the market. This is as bad as all of the confusing Tarot decks available! It's been a standing joke in the Occult community for years in that if you need money, write a candle burning book or create some goofy new Tarot deck.

A reason to burn candles is that the candle is actively giving off energy as it burns. A candle is the perfect analogy of the old art of Alchemy because the change of state from a solid to a liquid to a gas is one of the most effective methods around. Now you have energy changing state rapidly in three of the four states of matter! This is efficient use of energy. And by the way, the fourth sate of matter is plasma.

Still yet another reason is the color of the candle itself. Color is very important in defining specific spells and while my color system in Sorcery is what I use it may not be what you find appealing. I know that some of my color definitions are definitely different from the Wiccan traditions and way differnt from the Ceremonial Magical traditions.

Red = color of lust and passionate love rather than romantic love. The basic color of energy and used in rites of healing to help the sick because blood is red. Also lends greater life force to patient

Pink = less intense than red and more romantic in nature. It has plenty to do with friendship and good vibes than with heavy love. It's also the color of hospitality and good feelings thus can help rectify relationships with others. Somewhat protective as well.

Blue = peace and tranquility. Use this when pink fails to patch things up. The basic color of communication & psychism.

Purple = power and force. Can be used in virtually any situation but not unless absolutely necessary. Also used for protection spells and in Uncrossing negative vibes. Traditionally only commanding and compelling and power type oils are used on this color of candle.

Green = money, fertility, growth, luck, etc.

Yellow = joy and happiness. If you feel depressed, burn a yellow candle. Also used in place of the color of 'gold' candles in money drawing rituals.

Orange = used in mental & emotional healings where yellow isn't strong enough to do the job. Helps in rectifying romantic love affairs. Can help to enhance a romance but tends to be a bit more forceful than yellow.

Brown = symbolic of the materialization process. Assists in bringing your wish into reality. Tends to be used in court cases where you wish a favorable rendering from the judge and jury. Also used in materializing wealth by lighting one and placing it in the northern quadrant of your altar. This color has no spiritual functions whatsoever. Never use this in Uncrossing, Love, or Healing rituals.

Black = the color of enslaving. Used to invoke baneful entities and generally used in black magic rituals.

When using candles, the jumbo variety (1" wide by 9" tall) are the preferred value for your workings. The jar candles which run for 5-7 days are best suited as altar candles in the back (one white one on either side for positive rituals and one black one on either side for negative rituals).

If you're doing a one-shot type of spell, then you can get away with the 1-2 hour burning candles which are about 1/2" wide and about 5-6" tall. Not exactly tapers per se but quick burners as I call them.

Votive candles are okay but I generally shy away from them as they are more difficult to anoint with oils and inscribe my intentions on the sides of them.

[IMPORTANT NOTE: Please use common sense when burning candles! Many people have lost their lives, loved ones and personal property from leaving burning candles unattended.]

* * *

Candle Diagnostics

When you burn candles many times you will find that the flames tend to act oddly. Here is how I personally interpret them:

blazing flame - the energies of the candle are being heavily drawn upon. I've had candle flames burn as high as 2.25" for a small taper!!

low flame - basically the candle is not needed

flame goes out - a bad omen unless you have a draft somewhere. Don't burn your candles with windows open or where you have drafts.

explosion - a very, very bad omen! Put out all the flames and leave the situation alone for some time before trying it again.

flame bends towards another candle - move the two closer together. If this doesn't help, add another white candle anointed with an Uncrossing oil on it.

* * *


In many books there's differnces of opinions on how to 'properly' anoint a candle. Some say start from the top and work to the middle, then from the middle to the bottom. Others say vice versa and then there's the third school which says start from the middle and work up or down respectively. Okay I'm from the FOURTH school. If the ritual is to draw in energies to me and help me, then I start at the top and anoint all the way to the bottom in one smooth motion. Consequently if I'm sending out energy to help another then I anoint from the bottom up to the top in the same fashion. Simple. Quick. Efficient. And it works!

* * *


Some call this 'etching' where you take a sacred object that's sharp such as a hawthorn needle, a thorn from a Rose bush, a sacred dagger/knife, a rusty nail or your fingernail and you write out your desire in as briefest form as possible into the candle's wax.

For instance if you're about to do a money drawing ritual, you could write out "Bring Me Money". Other things you can draw on the candle's side are Runes, Astrological symbols, Angelic Sigils, Demonic Seals, etc.

In summary, this is simply a primer only. It's not complete but hopefully you'll manage to be spurred to try some things. Read some candle books and experiment.

Suggested Reading:

"Pragmatic Magics" by Brother MOLOCH 969

"The Magic of Candle Burning" by Raymond Buckland

"The Candle Magick Workbook" by Kala & Katy Pajon

"The Spiritual Worker's Handbook" by Tarostar

"The Magic Candle" by Charmaigne Dey

"A Candle To Light Your Way" by Mikael Strabo