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You cannot let things happen on their own if you desire changes to occur in ways which satisfy you.
Sorcery's power is brutal, devastating & without conscience; choose wisely how you wish to use it.
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How to Enter An Alpha State & Awareness

By Brother Moloch 969
Copyrighted January 2000-Present

Relaxation is THE key. You'll hear this over and over until you're blue in the face but it's true. Learn to relax and the development of your Occult abilities will come to you more easily.

The reason for stressing relaxation is due to the fact that your mind chatters constantly & once YOU learn to physiologically slow down & relax completely, your mind will follow suit. You cannot hear the subtle voices of the Spirits if your mind is constantly yakking away.

Abilities are under one or the other heading:

O.B.E. (Out of Body Experiences)


Spellcasting is a projective art but it's used for both drawing to yourself as well as sending out energies to others.

The above classification listings are merely examples for you to consider. There are plenty others that I've not listed.

Depending upon your personality and personal psychic makeup you're most likely to be either strong in receptive abilities and weaker in projective abilities or vice versa. For instance I'm very good at projecting and only so-so at the receptive abilities. However I've spent much more time developing and fine tuning my projective abilities and less time on the receptive ones but lately I've been reversing that pattern again so that I can achieve a harmonious balance.

The following is culled from the Silva Mind Control method and it's quite good! I've used it for years now and have much success with it.

Close your eyes and look upward, behind your eyelids, at a 20 degree angle. Now slowly at about two second intervals, count backwards from one hundred to one. As you do this keep your mind on your counting and you will be in an Alpha state of mind the very first time.

{If you feel that nothing has happened during this first exercise, it simply means you have been in the Alpha state many times before without being particularly aware of it. Simply relax, don't question it, and stay with the exercises.}

Even though you will be in Alpha on the very first try if you concentrate, you still may need up to seven weeks of practice to go to lower levels of Alpha and then to the Theta levels. Use the hundred-to-one method for ten mornings, then count only from fifty to one, twenty-five to one, then ten to one, and finally five to one, ten mornings each.

The above will help you in achieving an Alpha state which is where the brainwaves slow down from their Beta state. The Beta state of mind is active consciousness or the awake state of everyday life. The next technique is also from the Silva Mind Control method:

To Enter Alpha Level Directly From Beta Level:

Sit in a comfortable chair or on a bed with your feet flat on the floor. Let your hands lie loosely in your lap. Now concentrate on first one part of the body, then another to consciously relax it. Start with your left foot, then the left leg, then the right foot, and so on, until you reach the throat, the face, the eyes, & finally the scalp.

Now pick a spot about 45 degrees above eye level on the ceiling or the wall opposite you. Gaze at this spot until your eyelids begin to feel a little heavy and let them close. Start your countdown from fifty to one. Do this for ten days, then ten to one for another ten days, then five to one from then on. Since you will no longer be limited to the mornings for this practice, establish a routine of meditating two or three times a day, about fifteen minutes a session.

These are very good starter techniques to help get your mind conditioned. After all a marathon runner doesn't just start out from day one with running a 26 mile run. They build up to it. So will you. Persevere!


The first psychic ability I'd try to cultivate after Relaxation and Achieving An Alpha State, is to become Aware of the world around you.

Do this by closing your eyes and opening up your mind to the world around you. Allow this to happen slowly at first. Gradually continue until you not only hear the world around you but you feel it. You'll get sensations from one direction about this or that then later on you'll want these sensations to intensify. This can be accomplished thru your sheer desire to want it to happen. Be patient and write your results down.

Note any particular insights you achieve from your awareness sessions. For example if you feel that someone was watching you or you felt a beloved relative watching you while you were in trance, then note it.

Trusting Yourself

With practice and keeping notes, you'll come to rely more on your inner feelings and trust them. One way to help you tell if an image is accurate or not is to view the image and see if the more vivid and colorful the image has become, then the more accurate it is. If the image is distant and fuzzy, then it's not accurate. That's the gauge you use to determine if your intuition is accurate. The more you trust yourself the more accurate you become.