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You cannot let things happen on their own if you desire changes to occur in ways which satisfy you.
Sorcery's power is brutal, devastating & without conscience; choose wisely how you wish to use it.
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Building Your Knowledge Base

Lesson Twenty
by Brother Moloch 969
Copyrighted 2000-Present

If knowledge is power then having a library of useful materials at your fingertips is like having a loaded arsenal at the ready, is it not? The modern sorcerer is very different from the ones in days past who often learned things as s/he went along either from others who imparted knowledge to them or they learned it by experimenting and burning their fingers.
Today we have the internet however unfortunately, we also have the internet. What is the problem you ask? Plenty. The net is filled with a lot of wannabes who do not know what they are doing. I’ve stated this many times in many places that you often have parrots who are parroting other parrots on the net so trusting websites, including sites like Wiki & Wikipedia, is just plain foolish. This is because you may not know if the information presented is accurate or not.
Build Your Library of Power
At some point in time, you are going to have to construct a bookcase, bookshelf, a plastic tub or acquire something to use to store your books in. This is important because you need to have your knowledge that you will be using at your fingertips. You cannot remember it all so why bother to try? Oh sure you can work memory exercises like those found in the old Roth Memory Course which do work but still there is so much information that it behooves you to store your manuals somewhere.
So what do you add to your library? Well that mainly depends on you, your focus and where you plan to go with your work doesn’t it? I cannot tell you what to acquire and keep because all I can do is suggest. Here is a link to an article I wrote that gives suggestions as to what you should have in your library if you are a practicing sorcerer. You’re going to have to read and use it and if you don’t like it, well then it’s a moot point, isn’t it? However I DO teach sorcery so guess what dear reader? I suggest books on Sorcery first and Magic second. :)
Of course now you may argue, “Gee Moloch, I’m not interested in owning a ton of books because I’m a techno-Pagan who likes to read their stuff on a Kindle or iPad (or whatever)”. Okay so you do what? Collect pdf’s of books? I’m NOT a fan of pdf’s since the vast majority of those are stolen/pirated and the authors or their survivors never get a single dime from those stolen copies thus I’m no fan of you. However if that is your gig, then fine. I just wish you would switch to print books and help support us authors for once.
Thus acquire the books you need for your library of knowledge. Study and have them at hand. If you wish to make your pdf’s more powerful, then get off your dead ass and hand write (yes you read that correctly!) into a blank book, journal or loose leaf notebook. The idea here is for you to put some actual EFFORT into these books so that there is something of you in them and not just stealing and collecting them.
Elsewhere on this site is a great example of creating a book like this for use with the New Avatar Power spirits. It is entitled, How to Turn A Book Into A Talisman.  I began this project a very loooong time ago as an experiment.  My first copy of the NAP was pirated because it was given to me by my former business associate back in the late 90's. I started working with it and realized the rites were weak. I tried a lot of things from using various incense mixtures to candles and their placement on a work table to formulating talismans of the spirits but nada.
I let the book go for a while then one day in meditation it hit me: the book’s spirits weren’t allowing me the success I wanted due to the fact I was trying to steal it. I figured this was due to the fact I had nothing invested in the book. I decided to rectify this situation by handwriting the book’s pertinent ritual information into a blank book and use that as my ‘NAP grimoire’ as sorts. Then I blessed, consecrated this new book to the NAP spirits and oh man did I hit on all eight cylinders then!


If you’re looking to amp up your possibilities with your books and JuJu, try hand copying the info from a text into a blank book. Then bless and consecrate that book. I see this has become a trend lately what with folks and a number of them are devoting entire books to spirits which is not a bad idea at all because the results you’ll achieve by doing so will outweigh the effort taken.