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You cannot let things happen on their own if you desire changes to occur in ways which satisfy you.
Sorcery's power is brutal, devastating & without conscience; choose wisely how you wish to use it.
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Spiritual Protection

By Brother Moloch 969
Copyrighted 2000-Present All Rights Reserved


Okay for those of you who like to play with Ouija boards, seances and the like as well as those who are walking magnets for spirit phenomena, I've listed a few ways you can protect yourself from these sorts of entities.

First off if you've got bad dreams and the same nasty monster keeps coming around, sprinkle some mullein herb between the mattresses as this helps to ward off nasty dreams and nightmares.

Another aid to keep bad dreams at bay is a dish of water at the head of your bed. This has proved effective for many of my friends, clients and their children. I’ve used it for my own children with excellent results. Just empty out the bowl or glass of water each morning and replace fresh each night.

Of course the old tried and true dream catcher works but you should activate it prior to hanging it by smudging it with Sage. Then periodically re-clean it with Sage smoke to wash away the Spiritual impurities.

Next to keep entities at bay in your home, have you forgotten that the Pentagram is one of the most powerful occult symbols known??? In fact in The 6th & 7th Books of Moses, the pentagram is used with a symbol of Saturn and Mars and the word "Heilig" written thrice on it to keep all evil spirits at bay. I have used this to ward a home from a michievious entity after removing it.

I've simply burned some bay leaves and frankincense together on hot charcoal and fumigated my home to keep the nasties at bay. Try burning some benzoin to keep the lower entities at bay.

Bells are known to either harm at least bother Spirits. Why? Supposedly it's the bell's vibrations. Some theorize the bell's sound has a tendency to interfere with the spirit's non-corporeal form. This is one of the reasons that chimes became so popular. This is also popular in the Orient for removing spirits.

Next you can sprinkle either Holy Water or just blessed salt around your room. Salt is a crystalline substance that has a tendency to break up an entities non-corporeal form. Folklore says spirits do not like it thus they tend to flee away. The Holy water also hearkens back to the old lore that spirits and entities can't cross running water or be on consecrated ground. Thus blessed water or Holy Water (water mixed with blessed salt) should rid you of the most stubborn entity.

Finally entities do not like cold iron, steel, crystals, or being directly asked, "What do you want?" They tend to want to play on your fear and if you stand up to them, the intrusive kind that is, they will not abide your fierce nature.