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You cannot let things happen on their own if you desire changes to occur in ways which satisfy you.
Sorcery's power is brutal, devastating & without conscience; choose wisely how you wish to use it.
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Talismans & Amulets

by Brother MOLOCH 969
Copyrighted 2000-Present All Rights Reserved

Talismans & Amulets

How Talismans Differ From Amulets

An Amulet is typically a natural object such as a piece of ochre, shark's tooth, bear's claw, buckeye, acorn, etc. These are normally not charged or empowered by the practitioner because it is believed that through their own nature they already have a mana charge in them via association from where they originated from. For instance, a bear's claw would have the energy of the bear it came off of; a shark's tooth would have the energy from the shark it came from, and etc.

An amulet is used to add to a fetish item such as a medicine bag or Power Bag for the Sorcerer. A Talisman is a device that is engineered by the Sorcerer to be used for a very specific intent. I say 'engineered' because it has to be designed specific with the symbols used on (or in) it to be carefully chosen.

Thus the idea is that an amulet is considered to be a talisman from nature and a Talisman is designed & manufactured by the practitioner with a very specific focus in mind.

Many of you may already be familiar with Talismans & how to manufacture them, so let me skip the redundant nature of 'beating that dead horse' and tell you my technique for charging them.

Since I am a Sorcerer, I tend to be more attuned to various charing technqiues other than invoking the Gods or other Entities for my blessings. Potions such as blended oils, incense, sprays, washes and powders compliment my practices of using candles. Then of course I employ Conjure bags also known as Gris-Gris bags. These are also fetish items made for specific purposes and thus Talismanic in nature.

Talismans come into play with dressed candles and Conjure bags. First off I tend to carefully draw out the Talisman using colored construction paper and colored pens or pencils. Then I cut it out. Next I choose a Power oil such as one of the following:

1. Master oil
2. Power oil
3. Voodoo Power oil
4. Tiger oil

I first anoint the rim of the Talisman clockwise and then I dab a little in the center of the talisman. Then I anoint a specific colored candle with the same oil and place the Talisman under the candle to charge it.

If the Talisman is to affect someone else - such as an Uncrossing or Jinx Removing talisman or perhaps to persuade them in some way - I will write the person's name 9 times on a clean sheet of paper and set this under the talisman, under the candle. Just dab a bit of the oil on the paper over their name too.

The oils should be made by someone who knows what they're doing and are not prone to substituting whatever is at hand either. Substitution is a very tricky thing in making oils and potion formulas! Far too many think it is simply okay to do so and trust me the results are not always desirable when one takes this route!

Hold the talisman in between the palms of your hands and after you've filled your body with the charging technique mentioned in an earlier lesson, visualize some of the energy into the talisman itself. When you feel your hands getting warmer, then you know the energy has been transferred. Now lay the talisman on your altar and say:

"O Talisman of power, I command you in the name of the Inifinite to give me [insert your desire here] without any harm to me or my loved ones. Work for me until my desire is fulfilled. As I will so be it."

Put the talisman in an envelope along with three hairs from your head, and keep it in your drawer until your desire has manifested.

Also if you have access to a dial Radionic Box such as my 3DRSM unit or my REM MK5, you can use your talisman in conjunction with them to either charge the talisman you just made [and thus forgo the anointing oils] OR you use the talisman as a filtering item and run your machine's energy thru it to manifest what it is you want.