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The Nature & Uses for Thralls

By Brother Moloch 969
Copyrighted 2000-Present

The Nature & Uses for Thralls

For sake of clarity, a Thrall is a Sorcerer's term for "artificial elemental", "artificial egregore" or "personal complex". More often these are called "servitors" or "familiars" by other practitioners. I choose to call them Thralls because they are simple minded slaves and you do not want them to have independent consciousness on their own else you may end up with a Frankenstein's monster running amok on your hands.

The average person creates a Thrall in some form at one point or another in their life. The nature of such a creature depends upon who is its Creator. There are plenty examples of Thralls that people have created thru various vices, particularly “jealously” types of Thralls.

In Tibet, a Thrall is called a Tulpa. And when this creature is created properly it is such that it can manifest itself to others, even non-practicing Magicians. The major component it seems from the Tibetan Mage is the desire and concentration it takes to make one. But before you rush off to make your own Tulpa, be aware that it takes a lot of mental effort to hold them in check. Meaning they can get away from you if you’re not careful! They can also siphon off your vitality, since they are your creation, and move out on their own thus causing havoc and mayhem, if you're not capable of controlling them.

A Thrall, however, is a less intense (but no-less effective) tool that the Magician can make and use at his discretion. There are a plethora of reasons one can have to create such creatures and these can include:

* searching for information

* transference of energy from the Magician to a target of some sort (Healing someone else maybe?)

* protective aides who can run interference for the Magician

* lookouts who can alert the Mage of impending problems or disasters

* spies that relay minor information

At first this small listing may seem trite but if we look into the vague generalities I've offered you, we find the following is true:

1. Search for information - a Thrall can be used to seek out new techniques and methods of practicing Magic. They can even learn - if programmed to do so - if they find a Spirit entity that was a practitioner of Magic previously. The Thrall can relay the entity's name thus allowing you to contact that entity and gain a foothold on a new source of information.

2. Transference of energy from the magician to a target - Have you ever tried to zap someone with some sort of force & oftentimes run into powerful resistance. Mostly this occurs when the target is taking medication or drugs or lives in a mind altering stupor. Unless you're attempting to hex them, any positive energies will be met with much resistance. This is because of their personality consistently dwelling on the negative! The loser’s “poor-pitiful-me” syndrome swallows them up hook, line and sinker. This is why a hex will be more easily accepted by them since they are more in tune with these particular vibrations. Thus if you wish to transfer positive energy to them, program the Thrall to give it to them when it can breach their defenses at the most auspicious time. Now if you’re really mean spirited, you can use a Thrall to haunt a building/structure or even someone's vehicle. Thralls can also be programmed to live in pictures, portraits, lockets, necklaces, etc. to influence other people.

3. Protective aides who can run interference for the magician - you can make a militia of thralls whose only job is to absorb negative attacks that are sent your way. The only problem is if you're a particularly hated individual, then you'll be making many of these creatures! Otherwise you may only have to create a few and have them drain off the negativity on a regular basis. I have about a dozen of such creatures.

4. Lookouts who can alert the mage of impending problems or disasters - here we get into something than simple programmed commands. This will require that you create an elementary which is an Thrall that's composed of more than one element. You'd need to create an elementary composed of all four elements as well as be programmed to scout ahead of the Magician to find impending dangers then immediately report back. To make it easier on the elementary, you could have pre-programmed responses such as seeing the color red if physical danger is imminent; yellow if the office headache is heading to your office; blue if the next person wants you to be an emotional tampon; or any other color scheme you can come up with. You MUST program the elementary with your color, sounds, symbols, etc., so they have a way to alert you. Don't think they're gonna pop in like some demonic imp floating there to tell you anything. Make it easy on them and yourself.

5. Spies that relay minor information - this can work in harmony with #4. Make it with the intent of spying on those you do not trust.

Making A Thrall

Hold your hands in front of you about six inches apart and visualize a small ball of golden energy (about the size of a golf ball) glowing. As you project energy from your hands into this ball of light, give it a name and tell it what you have created it for. For instance if you want to acquire a certain out-of-print book on Witchcraft, speak the name of the book it is to acquire for you. Speak the creature's name several times and each time you speak its name, see it glowing brighter and brighter. When you feel it is ready, send it on its way. If you do not find your objective in a reasonable amount of time, call it back by invoking its name and re-instruct it again and feed it energy again. Do this until your desire is obtained.

Remember that managing Thralls is much like managing people. The more of them you have, the more likely you'll be busy with them. So if you wish to simplify your managing of these entities, then do not go afoot and make so many you have trouble remembering who they are and what their particular functions are.