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You cannot let things happen on their own if you desire changes to occur in ways which satisfy you.
Sorcery's power is brutal, devastating & without conscience; choose wisely how you wish to use it.
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Useful Potion Recipes

Lesson TEN
By Brother Moloch
Copyrighted January 2000-Present

It is to say that there will be times that you are not feeling up to snuff and yet you must do a sorcerous working for something due to the urgency of the situation. This is not always a pleasant thing to have happen to you especially when you are in dire need of your full Occult powers for some emergency. (i.e. a cat hit by a car) What to do? Employ potions that are powerful aids of energy and Spiritual power.

The first of these is simply called Power. It's composed of "sandalwood, orange (or naroli) and pine oil with marigold buds in the bottle. Use it to increase your projective psychic powers such as telekinesis, healing, telepathy, etc. You can wear this as a personal anointing oil on your body or use it on purple candles and add them to your spells where some extra power is needed.

The next recipe we'll discuss is one to use when things have taken a down turn in your life. This one is called Shi Shi. It's composed of "clove, bay leaves and angelica" and it's used to reverse unharmonius atmospheres. It also can be used to invoke good luck. This is used if things just are not going your way.or you have to have some sort of positive luck.

Next we have Tiger which is said to be one of the most powerful psychic blends known in Sorcery. It's composed of "wintergreen, gardenia, rose petals, peppermint, cinnamon (NOT acacia), and bay leaves". This blend touches the primal animal levels of our natures to raise those forces and awaken psychic and clairvoyant abilities. It also heightens our awareness – think instincts here such as a tiger would possess.

For general meditation practices, you can't beat the formulae of Kabala. It's composed of "myrtle, cedar and frankincense oils". Use the rough ingredients on hot coals for a wondrous incense that will assail your senses and allow your mind to be more serene. The goal is to help you slow down so you can enter into a meditative or trance state of mind more efficiently.

To attract powerful Spirits to aid your plea, make a concoction called Drawing. It's composed of "jasmine, violet & lavender". To use it properly, you must use it with talismans, candles and etc., to define what it is you wish the Spirits to do in helping you as by itself it is non-specific. Meaning the potion recipe itself is NOT specific much like the way Power is neutral. You guide this oil’s ability by coloring it with the talismans, candles, etc.

Finally if you do happen to come upon a Spirit or poltergeist that's getting to be a nuisance, then burn either of the following recipes as an incense and take it around both inside, then outside your home. They are Banishing & Satan Be Gone.

Banishing is composed of "bay leaves, cinnamon powder, red wine (any brand will suffice), rose petals, myrrh gum, and ordinary table salt will do." Works like a charm! (pun intended)

Satan Be Gone is made with "consecrated salt, hyssop leaves, bay leaves and vervain." This latter recipe is one of the most celebrated banishment potions in Sorcery. Spirits, both good and bad, despise it! But of course the good Spirits won't bother you to begin with so technically only the ones with a michievious intent would be banished.

Another recipe I found in one of Tarostar's books has been useful for invoking power into my workings and that is King David Oil. It's composed of "sandalwood, bayberry bark, musk scent, rose petals, jasmine flowers and blue sonata". Use sparingly. Used very well when you want to get some ideas about how to conduct business or how to deal with those in a position of authority and power.


Most of these recipes should be used while in meditation or when you are doing a daily regimen of personal invocations and power attunements. Such rituals as the Chakra Stimulation ritual or the Lesser Invoking Pentagram Ritual or Middle Pillar Energizement and other similar power rites. Consider that these potions can also be used to anoint power candles such as red, purple or yellow to stimulate action. Purple candles have the best affects when using these oils and incense recipes with them.

Although these recipes are quite workable, they are not the same recipes I use for myself in my practices. Why? Because I custom make my oils to the specifications of my desire and need. You’re welcome to make up these recipes to help you in your practices. Should you want what I use, contact me privately and I’ll see what I can do to accomodate your request.