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You cannot let things happen on their own if you desire changes to occur in ways which satisfy you.
Sorcery's power is brutal, devastating & without conscience; choose wisely how you wish to use it.
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What Is Sorcery?

What Sorcery Is And Is Not

Webster's defines Sorcery as "the art of summoning Demons" but frankly I don't go to George Webster for my Occult information. Sorcery is a French term meaning "casting a spell" thus Sorcery is a TECHNOLOGY. It is not Witchcraft. Because Witchcraft is a religion whereas Sorcery is not. Thus with Sorcery you get technology WITHOUT religion. The terms Sorcerer & Sorceress are gender specific defining who is casting a spell.

Sorcery is not a game. This is not fantasy role playing nor is it anything one should fool lightly with. To immerse oneself into the weave of the UEM (Universal Energy Matrix), or that which permeates the entire Macrocosm, is to some degree dangerous. Why? Because it is too easy to allow oneself to be caught up in the splendor of the moment and leave the body behind forever riding the weave of the UEM.

I akin this to those fools who try and succeed to Astral Travel without any prior experience in grounding, shielding or what-have-you. The truth be known now that most of the elder grimoires with their dire warnings and such were written to scare off these sorts of fools who would use the arts and forever be lost.

Another reason Sorcery is dangerous is that it is potent! One should beware that if you cast a spell, the UEM will deliver. Perhaps not precisely what you want but it will be delivered as asked for. Beware of asking for silly things like "immortality", "all knowing power" or other such nonsense as these are vague requests which can be misinterpreted by Spirit-Entities who act on behalf of the UEM.

Sorcery is about Power. Many are the pseudo-Occult experts bandy this term around with a sneer on their lips. Of course I have met many of these "holier-than-thou" types and when pressed, they will admit that they've never practiced Sorcery in any form. Where do they come off making assumptions about Sorcery is beyond me. Hopefully this webpage will go far to dispell these silly rumors and superstitious fears of hypocrisy.

Most Sorcerer's do not preach ethics, philosophy or try to guide you in anything other than what magical practices you can do to alleviate the stress of day to day living. For Sorcery acts upon the Material plane in a quick fashion and it cares not for what is in its path. This doesn't mean that to be a Sorcerer you must be uncaring. Those who do not care for their fellow human beings, to some extent, are soul-less husks. They are the real vampires but again, this is MY personal opinion and not that of all Sorcerer's.

Manipulation of energies is what Sorcery is all about. I always recommend for my students to study the arts of 'persuasion' as a tool that they can make use of in today's society because the ancient Sorcerers were quite adept at gaining what they wanted when dealing with people. Manipulation of people is sometimes necessary as well but that is when there is no other solution that is apparent. Even though I'll discuss this later, manipulation is a dangerous tool in that it is more powerful and usually, when discovered it was used, will cause the victim to despise the Sorcerer with vehement resentment. But you can’t make an omlette without breaking eggs.

Creating your phsyical reality for comfort so that you may work on advancing yourself "spiritually" is another positive aspect of Sorcery. How can one be mentally at peace with themselves when s/he knows that they're about to be evicted for back payments in rent, have their car repossessed, lost their job, have an angry neighbor harassing them, have some sick person stalking them, etc., ad infinitum?

Sorcery is about the helping for you to gain the following:

1. Peace
2. Prosperity
3. Success
4. Happiness
5. Love
6. Personal Power

1. Peace - the calm in the environment around oneself. Though this environment is kinetic (i.e. constantly moving) and not stagnant, it can get "out-of-hand" now and then. Sorcery can help you to right those things which need to be righted to cause Peace again.

2. Prosperity - it is essential that one have a solid financial setting into which one can build upon for the practice of the Ars Magica. This includes affording a home where you can dedicate a room to your practices. Many Occultists overlook this necessity and these are the ones who claim adeptship yet can't even pay their own phone bill.

3. Success - pretty self-explanatory. This implies success in all areas of one's life and not just financial. The rituals of Uncrossing and Banishing are wonderful practices to engage in to aid you in greater Success as they remove harmful or malicious barriers to your successes.

4. Happiness - for one to be truly at peace with oneself, the individual should work at trying to be happy. This includes breaking any chains of bondage that may bind you as well as following your bliss (as Joseph Campbell would put it). Sorcery can help you to find out what you are "truly" Happy for and then once you know, it can also help you attain this Happiness.

5. Love - everyone needs love regardless of what the loners tell you. Acceptance into a community is based on trust and love. The opposite of Love, Hate, is a rare emotion and thank the Gods it is. For you to truly hate someone, you have to want to see that person die and this is very rare indeed. Whereas Love is in many forms from friendships to intimate relationships to the feelings we get for animals. There are many forms of Love and the competent Sorceer will truly see which aspect of Love s/he needs to deal with.

6. Personal Power - this is not about domination over others but walking among your fellows as a person of power. Carlos Castaneda's don Juan talked about becoming a "man of power" and in like fashion, the Sorcerer is able to put on different aspects of personality to weather virtually any storm that comes. A powerful individual is normally one who acts, not re-acts.

Sorcery will help you attract the types of energies to you that you want in your life. Energies like success & luck. While Sorcery won't make you win any contests, it will make you luckier. There's a case of this woman who started playing bingo at her local bingo hall. She played bingo for six months and won nothing. Then all of a sudden, she obtained this gambling spell, performed it and she won. Then she performed it again and a couple of games later, she won again! Now she performs it regularly and wins quite a bit - at least far more than she did when she didn't do any such spell. See Pragmatic Magics for a terrific good luck spell!

In Summary, these six things are the keys to unlock your potential that will far outdo anything you've ever dreamed of. It's doubtful that you will win the lotto, walk on the moon or explore deep beneath the ocean yet you will see that with learning to wield the powers of a Sorcerer, you can alter the environment around you to ease the emotional stresses of life thereby giving you something that not even the average person has the ability to do.

Brother Moloch 969
Copywrite March 2001