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You cannot let things happen on their own if you desire changes to occur in ways which satisfy you.
Sorcery's power is brutal, devastating & without conscience; choose wisely how you wish to use it.
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Summoning Spirits
The Summoning of Volac
My first evocation proper by grimoire standards was to summon the Spirit Volac (Valac, etc) to help me find suitable employment. I chose him since he was a President whose day was Thursday which coincided with Jupiter and also Volac has a thing for 'hidden trasures' - and I wanted a job that was going to be a real treasure and to find that I knew it wouldn't be listed in the want ads section of the local newspaper so I took measures to find other suitable means thus Volac. 
Simple enough right? Well I decided to enlist the aid of someone who was really good with meditation and an occult student who was a friend of mine at the time named Dave who was a friend and a student of the art as I was. He came over to my second floor apartment on a Thursday which in Florida was hot especially with no air conditioning and this is back in April of 1989. We used masking tape to lay out the circle and Triangle of Art on the living room's carpet.
Now mind you my first time doing this I had no teachers nor instructors and the books were rather vague on this sort of thing so I was just winging it. I decided to use the G.D.'s Greater Pentagram ritual to define the circle and then used the Watchtower Ceremony to reinforce it - at least that was my thinking then. Both of us were garbed in robes and we donned the seal of Volac. I think I wore consecrated Power oil and Dave used his Zodiac oil to reinforce our auras. I had also anointed each tool and Dave’s lamen as well as mine with Volac’s seal using the consecrated Power oil.
There were about a dozen lit candles around the room for illumination. Dave used an oddly shaped glass ball which he said he found in some abandoned house as a kid. He set this glass ball in the middle of the Triangle to act as a scrying device and although it was clear glass, it was also cut in a multi-faceted manner all over the ball. I had anointed the ball with the Power oil as well. 
For some unholy reason, beyond my ken today, I opted to use the conjurations from the Key of Solomon rather than the Goetia. Why? I guess my mind back then was thinking that 3 pages of one conjuration ought to be enough to at the very least coax this spirit into the triangle but again what you know THEN and what you've learned from hindsight are two very different things. Volac is a President thus the reason for doing this ritual on a Thursday in the evening hour of Jupiter to cover Dave’s time off his job.
Now, would you believe I read through those conjurations not once, not twice but a total of four times?!?! That alone took about an hour and a half. I vibrated every holy word and every god-name at least three times and at the end of each conjuration, I asked Dave what he saw and he said he only saw a shimmering in the crystal. Arrrgh. Dammit. Well after dealing with this summoning for over three hours and nada, I banished and decided to have a bite to eat. Dave opted not to eat - he was used to fasting (for spiritual reasons) and he could go days without eating so much as a morsel of food.
We tore up the tape, wrote in our journals about the experience and chalked it up as a failed experiment, a no show. Little did we know that the dam was about to burst upon us! This was sometime in the evening and both of us were covered in sweat. He had an hour ride by motorcycle home so he took off and I immediatley took a shower, relaxed and meditated but nothing came to me regarding the ritual. I really wanted to know why it didn’t work because other minor summonings of spirits, such as the Elementals, always worked out well. What made grimoires so damned difficult?
It was a quarter to five in the morning when my phone rang waking me up out of a dead-sleep. It was Dave. He was breathing hard and sounded scared as all hell. Mind you this guy was one helluva badass and for him to be scared? Karate champion, golden gloves boxer and had broken just about every bone in his body from high speed motorcycle accidents? if anything scared Dave, believe you me, it would scare me too!
I answer the phone all groggy and Dave goes, "DUDE, he showed up!" I said who? "He said Volac! The f**ker was right here in my home, in my dreams! Man he scared me to death! I got little kids here, Moloch, what do I do?" Once I let him vent he calmed down and I had him recall for me the dream's details and it seemed he was dreaming about walking along a shore line of a lagoon with a priest which is nothing new since Dave used to be a born-again Xian and was deeply involved in the church ministry at one time.
Anyway the priest turned his back to the bayou to face Dave, dark clouds began to roll in (cliche like the movies) and all of a sudden the priest's eyes got all fiery red, he ripped off his clerical collar and shoved Dave to the ground and said, "Listen you little asshole, you don't get to summon ME and tell ME what to do! Tell that to your friend too. I'm coming for both of you!" And priest turned and walked into the lagoon.
So after hanging up with Dave, I got up, put on my still unwashed sweat stained robe, grabbed my staff, drew a makeshift circle, pulled Volac's seal from my box and donned it then set about to calling him. No invocations, just (somethign to the effect of), "Hey! Volac! I know you can hear me. You just issued a threat to Dave. You want me? Here I am. Why are you so pissed? I only wanted to ask for your help in finding a job. I need to live, man. I planned on giving you something in return!" I was hot. Mad. Pissed off. This wasn't supposed to go down this way.
So I sat and meditated in the circle. Eventually I fell asleep and saw a man standing on a street corner. He was sort of monkish looking. Old. Balding. Fat. Kind of out of place in the big city. I was across the street and he saw me and waved me over. Then pointed to a building. When I looked at the building I saw the address then when I looked back he was gone. Nowhere to be seen. Odd. So I woke and wrote the address down.
Needless to say, the building was a business center and in there was several businesses with three of them hunting for new employees. Yes I got the job there. Volac finally came through. But why all the drama? I dunno. I summoned him once more and gave him a candle and some food and left it in the Triangle for Him to partake of. Dave never had any other recurring nightmares that included me, Volac or any Spirit.
SOME speculate that it comes down to using the wrong ritual formula, i.e. using the incantations from the Key of Solomon than from the Goetia. 
When I have discussed the matter with Tiriel, the Intelligence of Mercury, He said that should not have mattered and that Volac was either in a pissy mood or was doing his Dracula routine to scare Dave was all. Mind you this is one spirit speculating on the machinations of another spirit.
So there you have it. My first, bungled but still worked out evocation.

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