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Vodu Questions & Answers
With Jean Kent, Houngan Asogwe
Does voodoo have anything to do with Satanism or the devil?
In Voodoo there is No devil. The word Voodoo itself from the Dahomey language and signifies "walk with the gods". How can the Gods become the Devil? A spirit should be viewed as a vehicle. For instance: if you go and rob a bank with a car does that qualify the car as evil? The Satan or the Devil misconception was created by several religious sects besides the Christian Churches and is used by them to brain wash it’s followers.
It was very convenient to expose the Africans as worshiping the devil or women as a daughter of Satan because she made Adam eat the apple thus in turn you could abuse them and sell them as slaves. It would have been much harder to negate their very humanity if any real attempt had been made at understanding the real depth of their spirituality. But as devil-worshipers, you could do whatever you wanted with them!
Voodoo is a religion that takes in other beliefs, incorporates them. Many people can’t understand that! You should never need to go outside of yourself to do Voodoo. Yet you must respect the Loa: they are Individuals each with their own likes and dislikes.
Does it matter if I am gay and want to practice Voodoo?
There are Houngans and Mambos who won’t initiate gay people. I have never seen the Loa discriminate against anyone. I have gay friends who practice. The intent in your heart matters more than your sexual orientation. I read and work for all people. All Voodooist believe in the transmigration of the soul. That means my soul could have been in a black male body at one time and an oriental female body at another time.
I’m scared or feel foolish for thinking about trying this, should I get involved?
Then don't. We are live in a world of instant communication with thousands of choices to make each and every day. If you have to ponder about this too long, it's probably not for you or not the right time. I would not begin spiritual work on behalf of a client who tells me he is not comfortable with what I do.
If you have a problem that really causes you a lot of anxiety, a reading could help you sort it out by giving you direction. You may receive some recommendations to have some spiritual work done for you and you are always free to choose whether or not to heed the reading’s advice.
Are you a real person? Can you prove that Voodoo works?
What do you mean am I a real person? Who else would go to all the trouble of accumulating all this knowledge just to fake it? If I need to prove to you that Voodoo works, I don't want to and it probably won't work for you. The Loa don’t like to be insulted. They are not puppets on a string. We are the puppets on our own strings, jerked around by our foolish minds.
Can you do the spells FOR or WITH me?
I can do both. It depends on who you are, your attitude, what difficulties you are facing at the moment, and mostly what the reading(s) indicate.
Even if I decide to do the work for you, you will be involved and there will be some things you either must or must not do. You will be asked to follow these prescriptions to the letter and this will be a condition to my taking on any spiritual work on your behalf.
Can I call you?
Initial contact is only via e-mail. I do work with people via telephone if necessary later and we do ritual work with people physically present of course.
But I’m not interested on wasting my time over the phone to entertain the curious. (My whole day could be spent with the curious. Sorry, I have loads of work to do.)
About products baths and other items I sell?
All of my products are custom made to order specifically for each client. So you can look at the website and get an idea of what product you would like to have or try. You can e-mail me and I may ask you what you are trying to do and suggest a different product. 
How are your products different and why should I buy from you?
I do not sell products manufactured by others. I make all of my products myself. Not two are ever alike. Even my baths or oils will be slightly different from batch to batch because I use a similar base but I add ingredients depending on what the loa tells me at the time then consecrate it.
I try to keep my prices reasonable. I usually calculate the ingredients I will need and the time I will spend on the item. Because nothing is mass-produced, you get a truly unique product that is specifically made for you.
Why do your products cost so little or so much?
Spiritual services can be expensive. That's because we cannot skimp on the offerings to the Loa. If you act cheap with the Loa, you'll get cheap results.
Some people argue and say: "Oh you received a gift from God, you should dispense freely and not charge anything!" I am aware and extraordinarily grateful for all of my gifts. I truly am. But Doctors are gifted from the gods, singers are too, and many other professionals, I don’t see them dispensing work for free! Unfortunately God did not see fit to give me a free house, free food, free electricity and free gasoline!!
I want a really quick spell that will solve all my love and/or money problems!
There are all kinds of little voodoo shops in New Orleans and Miami that promise just those kinds of things. You can go in and have a gris-gris made that will make you win millions at the lottery or the casino. Did it ever occur to anyone that the person selling you this wonder item is stuck there working all week at minimum wage?
If a client writes me such a request I first want to assess what kind of problems is he or she having exactly? What are "all the love problems or all the money problems"? Where do these problems come from? Do they have a karmic root cause? Should I even try and solve it?
Nothing gets decided without a reading and all the facts addressed and assessed. If there is need for spiritual work, what kind and how much it will cost. Once again the Loa or Spirit Forces are not puppets on a string - they move and work within the laws of nature. What is quick and important to them sometimes may be totally different from what we think we need.
Is this a scam? Is this a legitimate business?
I guarantee the care and professionalism with which my products are made. A lot of people decide to get a reading on a whim and don't really believe I will touch on anything real. They are usually amazed, sometimes profoundly touched by what the cards reveal. But my aim is not to amaze but to offer assistance in whatever way possible. I do not wish to convert anyone into the religion of Voodoo or convince anyone of anything. If you look at my website, there is a short autobiography which is completely and entirely accurate and true. 
You may also consider that I am an official member of the voodoo Church in Haiti, I have been on the news and in major newspaper in the U.S.A. I am interested in educating people about Voodoo, help out people sort out their problems and difficulties and achieve some needed success.
I want spells that control the elements, make me levitate, give me power to do anything I want to do or have!
Consider this: if someone cannot levitate in front of you then how is he going to sell you something he doesn’t have? The same goes that if someone knows how to win the lotto you think he will give you the opportunity to win before himself? 
I believe that we all have untapped gifts and talents which may remain unused while we run around searching for powers to be given to us from an exterior source. Everything you need is already within you. You may need help and guidance uncovering it. Need I say more? ~ Jean Kent, Houngan Asogwe

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