You cannot let things happen on their own if you desire changes to occur in ways which satisfy you.
Sorcery's power is brutal, devastating & without conscience; choose wisely how you wish to use it.
My Spiritual Services
Spiritual Services At Reasonable Prices



There a number of things I can do to help you in your life with my spiritual services, sorcery and Haitian Vodu House practices. What you choose to engage in is entirely up to you. Please understand I am not inexpensive nor am I the most expensive however I have an excellent overall track record.
A Reading Is REQUIRED!
Before any work is performed, a Reading is always required. No exceptions. No, I do NOT accept anyone else’s Readings, period so please do NOT bother asking. Got it? Now if you purchase only the cheapest Reading I offer, then that tells me you have zero monies to work with and I won’t be able to help you. Why? Because authentic sorcery, Spiritual Work and Vodu Spirits require resources to get things done and I am not about to pay for your life’s hard lessons out of my own pocket just to help you out. Sorry.
Yes I Deserve To Be Paid Just Like You Do!
And yes I want to be paid for my time just like when you go to work you want to be paid for your time at work. So don’t try and beg me for help or plead about how tough things are. Everyone has it rough and with the current Administration things are only going to get tougher on all of us. You find money for the stuff you want so you can find the money to pay me and my spirits, it‘s as simple as that.
You May Have A Part to Play in This
IF you are given a bath and told to bathe each night at the same time and recite a prayer, then you are “expected” to do your part regardless of any and all circumstances! I have clients who do as they're told and wonder of wonders their lives have been positively affected! Then there are those who come to me whom I instruct on what to do for their part and then they never do what they are told expecting me and my spirits to do all of the heavy lifting. These are the ones who always complain about lack of results. Spirits often put these prayers and conditions on clients to see if the client is truly serious about getting their life back in order. It may be you have to arise at some early hour and pray but so what? If this is what it takes then do so. Why would you fight the spirits?

Stay In Communication  

Further if you are told to contact me, even in the beginning before I do any work, and you ignore my emails, then I will not take your case. I am not here to be your babysitter. You either want help or not. It is as simple as that. I may have need to call you for some reason (spirits may want me to relay something important to you immediately) and if you refuse to take my call, even during our working relationship, you jeopardize the entire operation. A lot of people come to me as a last resort because they've been through the wringer with every other spiritual work on the Net so often they are depressed, downtrodden or worse. I understand however you also need to know I cannot help you if I cannot reach you because I never know when my spirits may reach a breakthrough and want me to convey something important. Thus if you wish to work with me, you must show me how to stay in contact.

Not Seeing Something?
I offer all sorts of Spiritual Work that is not listed so if you do not see it here, just ask. No job is too small nor too big. I’m simply trying heal the world one broken soul at a time.

Ancestral Mass

A Mass sung for your Ancestoral Geudes.


Ancestral Feedings

Feeding your Ancestors is very important! Now FREE Ancestral Perfume included with this rite for you to wear year round!


Car Garde

A guard to protect your automobile from damage, theft & other things. Contact Me for current pricing.

No Price

Monthly Protection Services

Hire a spirit to protect you 24/7 round the clock on a month-to-month basis. Contact Me for current pricing.

No Price

Return-My-Lover Ritual

This ritual is NOT for finding a new love but rather it is for when someone has either wandered or outright left you all together and you desire him/her back!


NEW Love Ritual

Spiritual Work to bring forth a long lasting and true love for you that your Ancestors will approve of. Price you see is starting price & goes up depending on other factors.


Vodu Lamp of Power

The intermediate step for those problems and situations that require a lot more power and oomph than traditional methods. Contact Me for current price.


Vodu Ouanga Bag

When you need a Vodu Ouanga bag to do what traditional sorcery charm bags cannot do, this is what you need. Contact Me for current prices.

No Price

21 Day Uncrossing Ritual

The classic 21 day Uncrossing ritual performed by Me instead of yourself. I have everything I need right here including heavy handed spirits to help remove crossed conditions from you and your life.


House Selling Vodu Service

Having difficulty trying to get rid of your old home? Is it sitting on the market a bit too long? Contact me and let's see what I can do for you!

No Price

Court Case Vodu Working

When you have to appear in court and wish to have strong spiritual protection at your back! Let my LWA and familiar spirits be there for you. Price varies from case-to-case.

No Price

Pact With A Spirit

I can set up a pact with any spirit for you. Price varies depending on chosen spirit, the complexity of your desire(s) and what the spirit requires to make this happen.


Spirits of Business

Spirits of business who can assist in helping you either build or make your existing business more prosperous.

No Price