Custom Made Vodu Items
Things You Can't Find Elsewhere!


Here's where you'll find some really cool and unique Vodu items from my own Haitian Vodu House! Everything is usuable in your occult or sorcery practices as well as everyday life by anyone including non-practitioners. That also goes for the jewelry as well.

Each specific item is hand crafted according to very exacting astrological times and then specific prayers are intoned over it while chants are raised and the LWA (re: spirits) are summoned to observe and overlook the creation of these items to Their satisfaction. That's how you know these items are the real deal.

While neither cheap nor inexpensive, these items are not intended to be. Good quality tools aren't cheap at the hardware store, are they? The imported stuff is cheap quality and often poorly made which doesn't last long under heavy, repeated use. Whereas the best quality tools that will last and allow you to pass the tool onto someone else later on are always far more expensive. If you want high quality items that garner serious results, this is the place to get them!

These days, there's a lot of wananbes and Johnny-come-lately's trying to make a quick buck at making occult tools and talismanic jewelry. I'm here to tell you my jewelry is not talismanic at all; my occult jewelry has an actual living spirit inhabiting it. Notice I did not say 'haunted' like those fakes over at eBay and Etsy pretend their jewelry are just to get you to spend a few extra bucks on crappy costume jewelry. I'm not going to all of the trouble to make this piece of jewelry to sell it to you for $50 when the casting alone by my jewler costs many times that amount just to me.

You want the real deal? Then be prepared to pay real money for real power. If you can't afford initiation into a living tradition, then this is the next best thing because you get actual living spirits to work with and use for your own devices. I'm not trying to peddle you some fake nganga or prenda nor am I trying to shove some crappy "Voodoo Artefact Kit" for you to construct on your own either. What I offter is through my own Vodu House and everything has to be pre-approved for sale as well as purchase - meaning you cannot buy one until divinations are performed to see if you are worthy of owning one. This is because my House Elder does not desire our artefacts to wind up in the hands of malicious fools who would misuse them! Further our House spirits are very picky as to who gets to have a contract and thus work with Their children.

Just realize that my spirits are real and they have personalities so you must treat them with respect and follow the directions for each. The spirits will assist you in making your life happier and you will still have your own work to do as well in life thus these items are not some Aladdin's Lamp where you sit down, summon the genie and command this and that from it. Hardly! You must still do your part in life as well. I'm merely giving you 24/7 access to real living spirits who can assist you with smoothing out the rough spots in life, finding lost things, locating things and experiences you wish to enjoy, avoiding people you no longer wish to be around or bringing in the sorts of people that make you feel better about yourself, develop your psychic skills to a higher degree, receive stronger dreams, travel in the Astral safer, and so much more.

Further having my spirits around is handy because you don't have to go through the process of initiation into a living tradition where you may (or in many cases may not) find a good House or Ile to hook up with who only wants your money and barely teaches you anything. Let's face it, many in the African Religious Systems are frauds who do not give a damn about you once you're initiated. Hell, most of them never even plug you into any real power because they get your Head Spirit wrong which causes all sorts of disasters on its own for an indvidual. This is much safer and more secure. With each piece of occult jewelry, you're adding a powerful living spirit to your repetoire who can do amazing things for you. No foreign languages to memorize and learn; no songs to learn; no ceremonies involving societies, drummers, hounsis, costumes, feasts, blood sacrifices to worry about. A living familiar spirit ready to work with you because IT HAS AGREED TO WORK FOR YOU.

And you have no Solomonic training to undergo; no complex circles to be drawn on the floor or canvas; no strange perfumes, ointmens, ungents and smell herbs to have to deal with; no long arduous complex invocations rife with Hebrew, Greek and Latin mxed together; no robes sewn from threads spun by a virgin maid; no need to get up before dawn and hack off a hazel branch in one swing at the crack of dawn; no fiddling around with medieval and Renaissance astrology; no legendary angry spirits to sell your soul to; none of that business involved! I offer a spirit ring, a coffin pendant of 21 Guedes and a 21 spirit pendant with major LWA spirits in it at premium pricing and worth every nickel.

Client Purchased Anecdote

I had one client who purchased a ring from me and had a relative who was gifted with the second sight and she saw him surrounded by "demons" which freaked her out, then his wife, his kids and long story short, a church was involved to eradicate the "demons" from the client's home which included throwing away his spirit ring of power as well. This after he had received several new boons from the spirt in the ring, his marriage was growing stronger with his wife, his kids were doing better in school, he had gotten job promotion, and much more. Once the ring was thrown out, however, and he returned to the church, his newfound luck vanished. His marriage ended, lost his job, wiped out his entire savings portfolio and well you get the idea. Moral of the Story: If you get a artefact and it is working for you, keep your yap shut and laugh off any misgivings or concerns others with clairvoyance or second sight may thnk they see. Dark shapes floating around you are not necessarily "demons" but that is always what the ignorant born-agan community interprets them to be. 

Please note: before ordering, you need to read the IMPORTANT page and adhere to the conditions stated. No exceptions!

Please note that custom made items are unique & cannot be refunded. Once you order make certain what you ordered is what you want. I have a jeweler that begins a process & any down payment or payments made are non-refundable. No exceptions!