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You cannot let things happen on their own if you desire changes to occur in ways which satisfy you.
Sorcery's power is brutal, devastating & without conscience; choose wisely how you wish to use it.
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The Original Seven Day Uncrossing Ritual
The Importance of Uncrossing
Uncrossing is one of the most important areas of Sorcery that you will ever study because Uncrossing can handle just about any situation you will come across in your magical life. Many times it is the only way to help yourself or another person. If you are crossed you will not get any lasting results from your spell or rituals. If you do not remove the blockages in a person's life, they will keep repeating the same mistakes over and over. While you may be able to help them in the short run, they will continue to always go back to their old ways. Uncrossing unblocks and re-directs them to a more positive path in life.
In magic, a “crossed condition” is seen as a spiritual problem. The difference between a Hex and a Crossed Condition is that a Hex is a sudden or acute bombardment (or attack) while a Crossed Condition is something that goes unnoticed for years as a simple but more permanent problem. No matter what the root of the crossed condition might stem from, the results are always the same. Nothing in life seems to work out for the person that is Crossed. In this sense we are all crossed in one area of life or another. I'm sure if you look at your own life, you would find an area that is always a problem for you. It may be in inter-personal relationships, monetary woes, success, self-esteem, & etc. You need to pinpoint that area of your life and Uncross yourself. 
A Crossed Condition occurs when one finds themselves unable to choose the correct road in life. Unlike hexes that are sent to you by others directly (or even indirectly), a Crossed Condition is usually a sort of self imposed handicap. A Crossed Condition is like having a crossed wire a.k.a. “short circuit” in an electrical device. Sooner or later the circuit will overload and blow. The same holds true for your own life because if you do handle the Crossed Condition, you will sooner or later screw up the situation you are in. 
Both Hexed and Crossed Conditions involve the physical body. Most often the central nervous system is attacked which can cause diseases of all types, most tensions, migraine headaches, and etc, to manifest in oneself. In a Crossed Condition, you must not only Uncross yourself form the problem, but the situation that caused the problem in the first place. For example, if you are always poor, you probably were imprinted with that idea during your childhood from your parents and other well meaning authority figures in your life at that time. Thus you will need to Uncross yourself from the poverty mentality taught to you by these authority figures. Look for the 'deeper cause' of your Crossed Condition. This will involve soul searching and  inner reflection. 
The Principle of Uncrossing
There are three steps to Uncrossing
1. Cleansing (Banishment)
2. Applying the Salve (Healing)
3. Bandaging (Protection)
You must first find the true cause of the problem and then remove it or yourself from it. This is the hardest step. If you are working for another, then the person you are working on will probably fight the removal. Why? People dislike change and generally will cling to their situations & problems. Yet to get any lasting change, you must find a way to extricate them permanently from that sort of thinking. 
Once you have learned what the symptoms are, and have taken steps to remove the problem, you need to start the healing process. The person will take time to heal and adjust the individual to their new life. They are used to being Crossed and they will not understand being free from this Crossed Condition.
The final stage is the Bandaging process. This is two fold to both protect them from the problem returning and to guide them to a new and positive direction. Remember this last step will take time because all new adjustments take time. Like healing, the person must start new and move on to a better life. The body and mind must have the time to understand their new feelings and to grasp the new opportunities available. The blockages once removed, creates a vacuum and this disorients them. Help them to focus and fill that void with something positive. Often spiritual and uplifting literature can help resolve this.
Uncrossing Oils 
The classic Uncrossing recipe is: 
Bay Laurel 
Each of the oils in this recipe relate to a specific phase of the Uncrossing process in all of its stages:
The Rose is "spirituality and love".
The Bay Laurel is "strongly protective with commanding aspects" to help the person come through the Uncrossing.
The Lavender is to "calm and bring peace" to the afflicted.
The Verbena is the "cleanser" of the recipe. 
To Summarize: 
The Rose surrounds the person with love; Bay protects and lends power; the Lavender tranquilizes the person's inner/outer worlds; and the Verbena scrubs the psyche clean of its negative afflictions. These are the forces at work in an Uncrossing ritual. 
The Color White
Whereas black is the color of Evil and Cursing energy, White is considered the Spiritually Pure color in this system of Sorcery. White is the lack of color and has no connection to the material plane making it pure in every way. White candles being of neutral color are very susceptible to any occult oil you put on them. In fact, some Sorcerers use white candles in all of their rituals - even in commanding rites. This way, they can do very negative Sorceries to people while their candles burn without anyone else being the wiser. (You may want to try this too but I prefer to use colored candles myself.)
The nature of the oil used on a candle focuses the higher spiritual forces to cause effects more subtle than those achievable by using colored candles alone. By using a white candle in say a Love rite instead of the traditional pink color, shows you are working more on the spiritual plane. While the pink candle is much more powerful for Love, the white candle tends to "screen out" the negative energies much better than any pink candle. So if you're looking for your true soul mate, then use a white candle to draw this person to you as it's the best way to go. The other choice could be to use a spiritual oil on a pink candle. This too would screen the energies coming in for the ritual and you would follow up with a Love oil after putting the Spiritual oil on. Though white for Love is slower, do not underestimate its power! It works on the higher Spiritual planes and the effects will be potent as well as longer lasting. 
Crossed Conditions
Not all Crossed Conditions are bad. They are put there many times by the spirits of the higher planes to trap you. This is to see if you are worthy to grow in power as a Sorcerer. The weak are taken down all kinds of negative paths to meet their own self-destruction. That is part of the game here on the earthly plane. It takes a special person to overcome the blockages in life and grow in power. If it was easy, it would not have any meaning! Only those who meet the challenges set up by the Spirits and work through them will pass the tests and move on. By being confronted within ourselves by a Crossed Condition, we are symbolically confronted by our own "dragon." 
When you become a hero, you free yourself from "Karma" by defeating the negative and disruptive patterns, which cause us to constantly defeat ourselves. Most people are lead by their destiny whereas the Hero is free to choose his/her own destiny. There are many traps waiting for you, whether they are religious, sexual, monetary or egoistic. Society in general is also waiting there for you to take you off your chosen path. Society wants to dominate and control you. It tells you what you should buy, wear, and even how to act. 
One of the worst paths for a student to follow is that of laziness. You find less and less time to put into your Magical practices. After all, there are many other more "important" things to do. The other trap that you can fall into is money. Magical students seem never to have enough money to purchase the lessons or supplies they need in order to do their rituals but they seem to find money for what they really want to have such as pizza, beer, cigarettes, junk foods, movies, recreational drugs, concert tickets, entertainment, and etc, there's always enough money for these things! Again this is a Crossed Condition that's not allowing you to take control of your life. This is extremely common in the world today and not just a problem with occultists only. The initial investment is rather small still there are those who harp that they cannot find the time or real good candles or occult oils are so "expensive." 
Doing Uncrossing rituals will help to undo these destructive patterns in your life. If you don't change these patterns you'll become a slave to them and never achieve the power of a Master Sorcerer. Stop blaming the world or others for your self-imposed problems. Get off your bum and get moving! Action overcomes all, inaction is evil. 
Unexpected Information
I am always amazed at the new insights people report when doing or having done Uncrossing rituals. All kinds of new information starts to flow to them and they have a greater understanding of their own problems. Sudden insights into the childhood, friends, family and all are typical events during any Uncrossing. To get these insights you must spend a good amount of time with doing your own Uncrossing ritual. This is the beginning stage called . During this stage, you accumulate the most information about what is at the root of your Crossed Condition. As your Crossed Condition is lifted, you start to see all kinds of root problems come to surface. This is all part of the ritual process. More often than not, you will experience a flood of good and bad things happening to you.
This is a purging that your Spiritual-Mental-Emotional-Physical bodies go thru. It is to be expected. 
In general, all Uncrossing rituals are performed for a minimum of SEVEN days. Seven is the traditional number associated with Uncrossing. It symbolically represents the Uncrossing of each of the body's seven Chakras, drawing upon the planets in sequence. These are: Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. For this reason, you usually work with Seven Day jar candles since they take less attention and provide a constant set of lights. You can also use the standard 12" taper candles. An excellent Uncrossing candle to use is a white "skull" candle. These are used generally for extreme conditions. 
The best planetary hours for doing Uncrossing rituals are Venus, Jupiter and the Sun and the ritual should commence in one of these hours. You would use Venus for Crossed Love Conditions; Jupiter for Crossed Luck &/or Money Conditions; and the Sun for "all Crossed Health Conditions". 
If you use a seven day jar candle you would of course be using all of the planetary hours because of its long term burning effects. If you cannot pinpoint the exact problem, then simply start the ritual in the hour of the Sun. 
There are times when the information you get will be very painful to you. At times Uncrossing yourself can be as hard as the Crossed Condition itself. This is the cleansing - "cleaning out" process. Just like in a "healing problem" health wise, you go through a healing crisis, where all the negative energies flow up and out of you causing great pain. After this process, you're totally healed. The same with the removal of the psychic cancer, it's never easy, BUT the rewards are great! A Crossed Condition is like a cancer in your life as it slowly eats at you until it kills your soul. Another strange effect of Uncrossing rituals is that those who are close to you start getting sick or start to show the same symptoms you have been having. Notice these people VERY carefully, for they're part of your Crossed Condition. This is valuable information to have. Why? Because many times other people are at the root of “your” problem. Negative and evil people are a major part of the population of this world and if you let one of these people get close to you or influence your life, you will become Crossed Up with them or from them. If this person is a person you really care about, you should Uncross them as well. If it's a person you're not close to, you must stop seeing that person, or communicating with them. 
Love is a major factor in any Uncrossing ritual. The closer you can come to understand this feeling the better. Most people have no idea what Love is. Work with the meaning of Love while you are in the Uncrossing process. The ritual itself will give you the insights you're looking for. Uncrossing procedures involve an element of power by using Bay Laurel oil. It's necessary in the healing process. A person who has grown used to a Crossed Condition thinks of his affliction (ailment, depression, etc.) as normal. You must use force to overcome this setback. It's the kick-in-the-bum that the afflicted really need and it may well save their life! The other problem with a Crossed Condition is that it is a security blanket to the person carrying it around. It may sound humorous, but usually a Crossed Condition is a result of a overly developed defensive structure which the person has  falsely perceived to be helping them to offset the agonies that the world appears to throw at them.
Often while doing an Uncrossing ritual you will notice that the Crossed Condition becomes worse, and this is the cleaning out process as previously spoken of. The following Altar Setup was designed to Uncross a client from a drug addiction but it can be used to Uncross a person from any serious problem: (pic 1) The white candles at the back of the altar are dressed with High Altar oil. The purple candle is dressed with both Fiery Wall Of Protection and Uncrossing oils. The blue candle is dressed with the Peace oil. The yellow candle is dressed with Joy oil. The key to this rite is a doll - not shown - which was created out of white cloth using purple colored thread. The herbal base for the doll stuffing was Blessed Thistle (to which was added): Pine Needles Bay Laurel leaves Lemon Verbena leaves Lavender flowers Vetivert herb, Rose petals, Camellia herb, Gum Benzoin oil (few drops), Juniper oil (a couple of drops). The stuffing was used both in the doll and some was pulverized in my mortar with the pestle to use as an incense for the rite. The other key factor to the success of the rite is the compassion the Sorcerer had for the victim who had been Crossed. This unknown factor is a major plus in all rituals. Being able to have and exhibit compassion for a Crossed victim will help make all the difference in the world for the ritual’s success. This ritual was started in the hour of the Sun & was repeated on the New Moon for several months to keep the positive energies going to the person. This is extremely important. The single burn at each New Moon each month is based on this very altar setup. Result? It was a resounding success! To date, the person is drug free and living a normal life. 
Can You Beat The So-called Karma?
Do you choose to let a silly, archaic belief such as “karma” rule you? There is no bad karma. You can overcome all your problems and blockages in life with the Uncrossing rituals. You must take control of your life and work daily to change it. The key is PATIENCE & PERSISTENCE. You must be patient because you cannot change a life of problems into a life of success overnight. You also must also be persistent as it may take months or years to totally rid yourself of all the blockages and hang-ups you have. If you are REALLY screwed up, performing one Uncrossing ritual will NOT change your life yet may alleviate some of your tensions momentarily. Doing these rituals frequently “will” change your life! There are many blockages in your life, both physical and spiritual. 
Seven Day Uncrossing Ritual
The following is an excellent simple rite for Uncrossing. You need to burn the following dressed candles, once per day in the following sequence: 
  • White candle dressed with High Altar oil. 
  • Blue candle dressed with Peace oil. 
  • Yellow candle dressed with Joy oil. 
  • White candle dressed with Uncrossing oil. 
  • Blue candle dressed with Uncrossing and Peace oils. 
  • Yellow candle dressed with Uncrossing and Joy oils. 
  • White candle dressed with High Altar, Uncrossing and Peace oils. 
These candles MUST BE lit at the planetary hours of the Venus, the Sun or Jupiter and you must burn them on seven consecutive days. Never miss a day or the ritual will not work! You also need to carve the name of the person being uncrossed onto each candle you use using a single new needle. This type of ritual can be used for any type of problem you have. For example, if you are having monetary problems, you can do the following Seven Day Uncrossing ritual: 
  • One White, Green, Purple candle each dressed with Uncrossing oil. 
  • White candle dressed with Uncrossing and Frankincense oils. 
  • Green candle dressed with Money Drawing oil. 
  • Purple candle dressed with Fast Luck oil. 
  • White candle dressed with Uncrossing, Fast Luck and Money oils.
It is recommended that you draw a circle around the candle each day using either crushed Bay Laurel leaves &/or Helping Hand powder or Goona-Goona powder. You could also use the powder to form an inverted triangle with the point aimed towards you. These are both excellent procedures to do. You need not change the powder every day but just replace the candles and leave the powder as is. You also need to sprinkle some of the powder into the flames of the various candles. Though please note that sprinkling powders in flames of “white” candles is not near as powerful as when you do this with colored candles. This is because as you will remember that white candles represent “spiritual” forces at work and other colors relate to the earthly forces at work. Powders are made using earthly ingredients. 
You can also use talismans and charm bags with this ritual. This procedure is particularly useful in charging charm bags due to the varying magical energies which you are invoking through the different colored candles. A sincere prayer or benediction to a Saint is one way of helping the mind to banish unwanted Crossed Conditions. Psalms 91 has been proven to be quite powerful in Uncrossing rituals. A few useful pagan chants are: 
* “Camp Sum Sing Nit” 
* “Swellka Hye Kwaden” 
* “Swilka Eek Theeoss” 
Notice that in both of the procedures discussed I‘m using only three colors of candles. In the first rite, I used white, blue and yellow. In the second rite, I used white, green and purple. The combination of the THREE is basic to the design of the ritual itself. You always need to have THREE colors. Obviously this will take a little thought on your part and the thing to keep in mind is: 
1. The Symbolism of the Spiritual Planes thru the White candles. 
2. The Symbolism for the Specific Goal is to use a colored candle (Love, Money, Success, Healing, Happiness etc.) 
3. The Symbolism for the Sub-Factor(s) (Peace, Tranquility, Communication, Energy, Power, Force, etc.) 
Uncrossing Herbs 
Absinthe (artemesia absinthium) a.k.a. Wormwood - a TWISTING herb that works best when the hex is new and hasn't been going on for any length of time. You'd use this in combination with Rose and Lavender to help control its baneful nature. Since it's a twister you can mix with positive herbs to temper it. 
Bitter Root (Gentiana Lutea) a.k.a. Gentian - Works like Low John. Brewed as a tea to attract love but is generally used to Uncross love problems. Can be dressed with any of the strong Uncrossing oils and given to the Crossed person to carry in a small red bag. 
Dog's Grass (agropyron reopens) a.k.a. Couch Grass or Witch's Grass - Both a hexing agent and uncrossing herb depending on the others mixed with it. Considered one of the BEST spell casting herbs. Commonly used in powders and charm bags. If used in doll stuffing, it's best to reserve it for hexing or assisting one to break bad habits. 
Geranium (geranium maculatum) a.k.a. Spotted Cranebill or Alum root - No need to blend with other herbs to reach its maximum power! Still, it's great to mix with Rose, Lavender and Vetivert. 
Huckleberry Bilberry - Though it's a crossing herb, it is also noted to reverse hexes. Best used with Sulfur and Asafoetida as an incense or powder. If you notice that its baneful effects are starting to surface, switch to a more stable herb. 
Hyacinth - Refocalizes and protects from psychic attack. Mostly used by homosexuals to protect their love relationships. 
Hyssop (hyssopus officinalis) - Cleanses both on the physical as well as spiritual planes. It's good to remove negative energies. 
Sloe (prunus spinosa) a.k.a. Plum - Psychic cleanser often used in incenses and charm bags. It's good to eat them while performing uncrossing rites. Use both the bark and berries (i.e. plums.) 
Tormentil - Power herb known for its great protective qualities. Often used to stop slander and bigotry. Used to bring tolerance & understanding to an individual or situation. 
Unicorn Root - Used like High & Low John roots. Protects and refocuses the person that is crossed. Best to anoint the root with oils such as Lavender, Rose or Vetivert. 
Vetivert (vetiveria zizanoides) - Simply one of the best, efficient and most powerful of the additives to use especially in uncrossing rituals. Technically it's a power herb than can be used to strengthen hexing potions but it's generally used with the best success in uncrossing recipes. You can use this in love, luck and healing recipes. Synthetic Vetivert is useless. 
Woodruff (asperula odorata) - Generally used only as a protection herb, but it's also used in many uncrossing recipes for the protection effect. Brewed as a tea, it makes a great floorwash and can be added to a bath for its protection and uncrossing affects. 
Uncrossing Herb Analysis 
(p) = Protective (c) = Cleansing (r) - Refocusing 
Absinthe (p) 
African Ginger (r) 
Agrimony (p, c) 
Ague Weed (Boneset) (p) 
Angelica (p, c, r) 
Anise (r) 
Ash Leaves (p, c) 
Bay (p) 
Benzoin gum (r) 
Bitter Root (Gentian) (p) 
Blood Root (p) 
Brimstone (Sulfur) (p, c) 
Broom Tops (c) 
Clover (c, r) 
Cloves (p) 
Curry (p) 
Dill (r) 
Dog's Grass (p, c) 
Dragon's Blood (p, c) 
Elder (p) 
Five Finger Grass (p, c, r) 
Flax (Linseed Oil) (r) 
Fennel (p, r) 
Frankincense (p, r) 
Geranium (p, c, r) 
Hawthorne (p, c) 
High John (Jalap) (p, r) 
Holy (Blessed) Thistle (p, r) 
Huckleberry (p, r) 
Hyacinth (c) 
Hyssop (p, c) 
Lavender (p, c) 
Lilac (c) 
Lotus (p, r) 
Low John (Galangal) (p, r) 
Marjoram (c, r) 
Mistletoe (p, c, r) 
Mugwort (p, r) 
Nettle (c, r) 
Pine Bark (p) 
Rue (p, r) 
Sage (r) 
Sloe Bark/Berries (c) 
Spikenard (p, r) 
Tormentil (p, r) 
Unicorn Root (p, r) 
Valerian (p) 
Verbena (p, c) 
Vertivert (p, c) 
Woodruff (p) 
Wormwood (r) 
Degrees of Crossed Conditions
Largely depending upon how long a person has been suffering with a Crossed Condition is indicative of its severity. In general, the psychological concepts of "neurosis" and "psychosis" are helpful in understanding how bad a Crossed Condition is. A neurosis is a set of cluster or painful problems within the psyche, which are both difficult to work with and which tend to be destructive to the person. In this stage you still function well enough in society, even those you are experiencing pain and tension in your life. A psychosis represents a very advanced and difficult series of behaviors, which have forced a person out of touch with reality. This causes serious mental illness. Once a Crossed Condition reaches psychotic levels, it's very difficult to deal with magically because the paranoid or deluded person has his wires and circuits so messed up that a great deal of work has to be done. You can still help this person, but it will take a ton of daily work to undo all the damage that's been done. This isn't the case with neurotic persons. They are easier to deal with but are still a major problem. It's far easier to help a neurotic than it is to help a psychotic. 
Uncrossing is a healing art.
As a healer you must not overlook any possible technique which might bring positive results or alleviate the suffering for your client. If a case is beyond your expertise, you need to seek the help of a professional healer. Leave no stone unturned in your universe because answers to personal problems are very often quite simple. Due to the multiple layers of neurotic defenses, the answer may appear to be more elusive than it actually is. 
The Stages of Crossed Conditions
First Stage: Slight feelings of disease, nervousness and a desire to short circuit oneself in a particular area. Feelings of inferiority and insecurity. An all pervasive sense of anxiety but still capable of functioning in day-to-day activities. Strange or compulsive activities. Depressed while having feelings of entities being around or watching you. Odd people approaching you on the street. Trouble in minor areas of your life, for example getting the wrong change at a store, getting the wrong order at a restaurant, and etc. Little things start malfunctioning and you cannot concentrate on daily business matters. 
Second Stage: You receive very negative messages from people around close to you. Very often, the nervousness and self-abnegation have turned now to actual physical symptoms resulting either in frequent illnesses or the contraction of a chronic, long term illness. Nothing works out well in your life, but you're still able to force yourself to function in daily life. You now have a general feeling of listlessness and withdrawal, a state of constant insecurity or fear of being hurt or failing in some way. One feels at odds with one's universe, like a stranger in your own life. You start to fall fast at this stage and you need to take control now or risk serious damage to your mind and body. Your life is Hell and it won't get better unless you take positive action now. 
Third Stage: Total incapacitation whether through physical illness or psychological to stress. Now you are in BIG TROUBLE. Violent fits of temper followed by a total lack of energy. Inability to hold a job or support oneself in any meaningful way. Delusions of grandeur accompanied by deeply rooted feelings of inadequacy. Paranoia arises threats are viewed in all directions. Possible attempts at suicide or strong thoughts abut doing it. Depression, which seems will never end. Headaches, chest pains, stomach ailments, etc. You're at the end of your rope. You feel like you are losing mind. If you allow yourself to reach this point, you'll have a great deal of work ahead of you to bring yourself back to normal.
Each one of these stages represents a different challenge to the person working on the case. If you are lucky enough to work on the First stage, you'll be able to handle the case easily. The longer the person stays in these states, the harder your work will be to remove the Crossed Condition. Not everyone goes through all of these stages. Some people will remain in stage one for many years or never move past the stage they are in. Other wise you may move very quickly to stage three. Some get to the second stage until they are Uncrossed. This is very typical of a Crossed person. They generally stay in stage two for most of their lives Crossing into stage three and then back to stage two at different times of their lives. This is time to get an expert practitioner to help you or to perform the needed healing. This takes the skill of a true Master Sorcerer to handle.
The information I will give you is generally for the first two stages. The third stage seeks professional help both magically and through normal health professionals. The problem with most Crossed people is that they let their illness get to the point of near death before doing anything. That means you're in for a lot of trouble removing their Crossed Condition. Even after you remove it, they will think they are still Crossed. The mind takes months and some times years to totally repair itself. That's why its so important to follow up your rites with calming and peace rituals. For the person to repair and expect their cure, they need to be made to feel good in all areas of their life. If you do not take these steps, the person will tell you that your work had no affect. This has happened many times to me personally. 
People who are crossed for years expect to feel great in a few months. It may take you 6-8 months to remove a person that has been Crossed that long. There is no instant magic! You need to tell the people you are working on this too. They generally will fight you at every turn. You need to understand this, and work through it. By doing these kinds of cases you not only help the person Crossed but you learn a lot about yourself. You have to learn great patience to deal with Crossed people. Their depression will try to absorb you also. 
As a practitioner working on the case, the negative energies from the victim may try to harm you. You must always guard yourself against this. Dealing with ill and negative people will affect your own life if you don't guard against their energies. When working on these cases, always do protection work on yourself too! 
Uncrossing Baths
Nothing is as important to an Uncrossing procedure than is an Uncrossing bath. It is the single most important force in an Uncrossing rite. You or the patient must take baths with the proper Uncrossing herbal mixtures included. Since Uncrossing is a psychic cleansing, part of the cleansing is the actual cleaning of the external body. The protective mixture in the Uncrossing bath cleanses your aura and etheric body of all negative energies. 
Generally a Crossed person should take at least one Uncrossing bath per day and preferably in the morning. The best procedure is to take a bath both in the a.m. and evening. So far the best combination of Uncrossing herbs found to help in the bath are: Dragon's Blood crystals and Seven Day Uncrossing formulas. Combined, they're powerful enough to wipe out any Crossed Condition. As stated before, if you work with these type of people you yourself will also need to take these baths at the end of the day. The psychic trash and demonic influences around people being Uncrossed will affect you if you do not cleanse yourself. You MUST also use a floorwash or spray in your home to keep it clean of negative or demonic energies. Never overlook the simplicity of this! At the very least burn Banishment incense daily. I do this daily whether or not I'm working on a Crossed person or not. You can never have a too cleansed home or altar.
If you're doing this ritual for another person, it is very helpful to charge a charm bag for the victim to carry at all times. You should stuff the bag with the same herbs that are used in the Uncrossing oil. If it is a serious case add Dragon's Blood reed and a pinch of Vetivert or any strong herb associated with Uncrossing and a power herb of your choice. No matter the seriousness of the case, have the person wear Uncrossing oil on their forehead, the sides of neck, over the heart, above the pubic hair, and the bottoms of their feet, on a daily basis. This helps to cleanse and protect the body.
While the person being uncrossed is taking the bath, they should be visualizing their aura being cleansed and purified by white light as well as only think positive and healing thoughts. The bath should last at least 15-25 minutes and should be as hot as you/they can stand it. For those that have Crossed Conditions that are affecting their physical health, the bath is a great time to meditate and channel their healing energies to those parts of the body which are affected the most. The bath relaxes and allows the healing energies to flow better. By adding the proper mixture to the baths, people have totally changed their life around!
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