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The 21 Day Uncrossing Explained
by Brother MOLOCH 969:

The Importance of the 21 Day Uncrossing Ritual
Uncrossing is one of THE most important areas of Spiritual Work that you will ever invest in. A 21 Day Uncrossing can handle just about any situation you will come across in your life and many times it is the ONLY way to help yourself (or another person) out of a real mess.
If you are Crossed you will not get any lasting results from your Spiritual work, prayers, devotions, and it will also begin to creep into your everyday life affecting your home, career and other areas. I have seen otherwise happy & content people begin to - all of a sudden to imbibe alcohol on a regular basis or pop pills or use illicit street drugs from who knows where in an event to dull the internal pain they are going through from a Crossed Condition. If they do not remove the blockages in their life, they will only keep repeating the same mistakes and bad patterns over and over and over again. 
A 21 Day Uncrossing removes blockages and redirects them back onto a positive path in life. In Spiritual Work, a Crossed Condition is seen as a spiritual problem. The difference between a Hex and a Crossed Condition is that a Hex is a sudden or acute bombardment (or attack) while a Crossed Condition is something that goes unnoticed for years as a simple but more permanent problem. No matter what the root of the Crossed Condition might stem from, the results are always the same. Nothing in life seems to work out for the person that is Crossed up.
In this sense we are all Crossed up in one area of life or another although to varying degrees. I am certain if you look at your life, you will find an area that is always a problem for you. It may be in inter-personal relationships, monetary woes, personal success, self-esteem issues, & etc. You need to pinpoint the area of your life and have me UN-Cross yourself with my 21 Day Uncrossing ritual and take an Uncrossing Bath for 21 consecutive days as well.
A Crossed Condition occurs when one finds themselves unable to choose the correct road in life. Unlike Hexes that are sent to you by others directly (or sometimes indirectly), a Crossed Condition is usually a sort of self-imposed handicap because it is like having a couple of crossed wires a.k.a. 'short circuit' in an electric device. Sooner or later the circuit will overload and blow and the same holds true for your own life. If you choose to ignore the Crossed Condition, you will sooner or later screw up the situation you're in causing further damage to your life and possibly the lives of your family, friends, co-workers and everyone surrounding you. We are like ripples in a pond so whatever affects each of us also affects everyone around us.
Both Hexed Conditions and Crossed Conditions involve the physical body, most often the central nervous system is attacked which can cause diseases of all types, physical tensions, migraine headaches, & etc, to manifest in oneself. In a Crossed Condition, you must not only Uncross yourself from the problem, but also the situation that caused the problem in the first place. For example, if you are always poor, you probably were imprinted with that idea during your childhood from your parents and other well meaning authority figures in your life during childhood. Thus you will need to Uncross yourself from the poverty taught to you by these authority figures. You must always look for the 'deeper cause' of your Crossed Condition and this will involve soul searching and much inner reflection. You can only do this by spending quiet, reflective time without cell phones, television and distractions so you are able to think and reflect.
The Principle of Uncrossing
There are three steps to Uncrossing
1. Purging Process: Admission of Guilt
2. Healing: Prayers of Forgiveness
3. Redirection: Filling Yourself With Joy
You first find the true cause of the problem and then remove it or yourself from it and it is called the Purging process where you admit your guilt and truthfully this is the hardest part. If you are having this done for another person then the person you are having the work performed on will probably fight the Purging. Why? People dislike change and generally will cling to their problems however to get any long lasting change, you must find a way to extricate yourself (or them) permanently from that sort of thinking.
Once you've learned what the symptoms are, and have taken steps to remove the problem (or extricate yourself from the problem), the Healing process needs to begin. For instance most people will not take the required time to heal and adjust to their new life; they are used to being Crossed up so they will not understand being free from this Crossed Condition and will do everything they can to fight it. This is why it is important to leave cell phones, television, radio, newspapers,and the world alone during these 21 Days while you are being Uncrossed so that you both allow yourself to be healed while you pray for forgiveness for all of the horrid things you have done and also so that yo do not fall back into those old patterns of behavior which led you to where you are today. 
The final stage is the Redirection process. This is to guide you to a new and positive direction. This will also take time for it to emit permanent change because all adjustments take time to first integrate them to accept. Like with healing, you must start new and move in to a better form of life because the body and mind must have the time to understand their new feelings and to grasp all of the new opportunities. The blockages now removed creates a vacuum and this may disorient you. To overcome this you will need to focus yourself and fill that void with something positive.
About Crossed Conditions
Not all Crossed Conditions are bad. They can be placed on us by spirits, very often by our own Ancestors or the spirits we are born with, and even our own Head Spirit for various reasons such as: 
- to test us
- to teach us lessons
- for punishment (severe situations)
- as reminders
- because we broke a promise
- and so forth
Some even believe spirits will place a Crossed Condition upon you as a sort of  ‘trap’ to see if you are worthy to grow in power as a metaphysical practitioner because the weak are led down all sorts of terrible paths to meet their own self-destruction. That is part of the game here on the earthly plane while  we live and especially for those who covet Spiritual Power. It takes a special person to overcome the blockages in life and grow in real Spiritual Power. If it were easy, then having power would not have any meaning. Only those who meet the challenges set up by the spirits and work through them will pass these tests and move on to gain knowledge, wisdom and Spiritual Power.
By being confronted within ourselves by a Crossed Condition, we are also symbolically confronted by our own "inner dragon." When you become a hero, you free yourself from guilt’s, worries, fears, self-pity, doubts and so on, by defeating the negative and disruptive patterns, which cause us to constantly defeat ourselves. Most people are led by their destiny whereas the Hero is free to choose their own destiny.
There are many traps waiting for you in life whether they are religious, sexual, monetary or egoistical. Society in general is also waiting there for you to take you off your chosen path as well because it wants to dominate and control you. It tells you what you should buy, wear, and even how to act. One of the worst paths for a student to follow is that of laziness because you find less and less time to put into your studies. After all, there are many other more "important" things to do like play with your phone.
The other trap that you can fall into is money. Students especially never seem to have enough money to purchase the books, lessons or supplies they need in order to further their studies and yet they always seem to find $ everywhere for stuff they WANT such as pizza, beer, liquor, cigarettes, movies, concert tickets, street drugs, sex entertainment, & etc AND YET there is always enough money for these wants! Again this is a Crossed Condition that is not allowing you to take control of your life and it is quite common. The initial investment is rather small to become great and successful, still there are those who complain they cannot find the time or the money to buy what they NEED to survive.
Having my 21 Day Uncrossing ritual performed for you will help to undo these destructive patterns in your life. Simply put if you do not change these self-destructive patterns now you will become a slave to them and never achieve the power and success in life you truly want and know you deserve! Stop blaming the world or others for your self-imposed problems. Get off your ass and get moving! Action overcomes all! Inaction is evil because it is laziness.
Unexpected Information
I'm always amazed at the new insights people report when having my 21 Day Uncrossing ritual performed for them. All kinds of new information begin to flow to them and they soon have a greater understanding of their own problems. Often they receive sudden insights into their childhood, friends, family and all are typical events during or soon after any 21 Day Uncrossing. To get these insights you must spend a good amount of quiet time - either meditating, praying or just reflecting while the 21 Day Uncrossing is going on after you have taken your Uncrossing Bath.
The All Important Purge
This is the stage called Removal. During the Removal stage, you accumulate the most information about what is at the root of your Crossed Condition. As your Crossed Condition is lifted, you start to see all kinds of root problems come to surface of your mind thus giving to you new insights on how many of these problems began and thereby allowing you to see just how you can stave off these sorts of issues from reoccurring. This is all part of the ritual’s process. More often than not, you will experience a flood of good as well as bad things happening to you. This is a purging that your  Spiritual, Mental, Emotional, and Physical bodies must go through thus it is to be expected. So when it feels like the proverbial “dark night of the soul” it actually is because before you can pour something holy within you once more you must purge whatever is unholy OUT of you and that is very often many horrid thoughts, ideas, fears, phobias, niggling doubts, worries, hatred towards others, deceptions, hurts, slights, and much more. Remember you are taking time to purge as much as you can of all of this over a 21 day period!
A Cleansing Ritual
Most practitioners work an Uncrossing for 7 days whereas I work them for 21 days because it takes time to get a client through the worst of this sort of thing. There are medieval rituals such as the famous Abramelin rite that runs from Spring Equinox to Fall Equinox and it also has an older version which is even longer at 18 months in length. The Abramelin rite is a cleansing ritual designed to remove the dross inside the individual so that he can summon forth his Holy Guardian Angel and have it come down and rest inside themselves. I would say that the 6 month version from Equinox to Equinox would be sufficient as a personal cleansing tool. What you do is take the first couple of months and spend time reflecting on all of the bad things you have done in your life. Some journal these things down and write out each and every detail they can recall including mean things they may have said to someone to hate filled things they have done to animals. Then they prayed for forgiveness to whatever they consider to be their Higher Spiritual Authority (HSA for short) be It pagan Gods, the Abrahamic God, Hebrew Qabalistic Names of power, Christian Saints, African LWA, or even the Ancestors because someone will listen and hear you!
Phase One: Admission of Guilt
So for the first week of your 21 Day Uncrossing, take a fresh notebook and write out every horrid, mean spirited thing you have ever done to another living being. If you tortured earthworms with sticks & magnifying glass or you kicked small dogs or beat up kids for their lunch money, called your mom mean names behind her back, laughed at handicapped people - whatever it is, write it down. This is NOT a time to judge you, rather it is a time for you to open the doors of guilt and admission and to come clean. So for the first week write out every detail, word, thought, deed you ever had that was BAD and you KNOW if it was bad or not because you were taught right from wrong. Leave the ego at the door and make way into the foyer of the holy temple where you need to first make admission of guilt for your personal sins. Write.
Phase Two: Prayers of Forgiveness
The second week of your 21 Day Uncrossing should be spent in prayer asking forgiveness for all of your sins. Obviously some of the people you have wronged are no longer alive and many who are would never give you forgiveness anyway so this is why you go to your version of a HSA. While it is great to find someone and apologize, make amends and so on  not everyone is going to give you what you want - forgiveness - regardless of how sincere you are or what you offer to do for them to try and make up for it. Thus you default back to the HSA which is why They are there in the place. Humans can be quite hostile holding grudges for so long against one another so when you have sincerely tried to make amends or apologize, let it go or let the HSA take over. Either way is sufficient.
Phase Three: Filling Yourself With Joy
Once you have purged much of the filth from your mind and body, asked sincerely for forgiveness, it is time to take the next step which is to begin to fill yourself with joy. You need to fill your empty vessel with something that gives you pleasure on all planes - mental, physical, emotional and spiritual. Some join a church, others join a charity or cause, others begin volunteering in their neighborhood or in nursing homes, one gent I once knew used to go to a Cleveland hospital to cuddle and rock the unwanted “Crack” babies left there on the hospital’s doorstep. Most of these little ones had very little chance of making it to even a year old but Paul would go and rock and cuddle them because as he said, “They deserve to know at least someone gave them some love before they died” and that my friends is a way of giving back to the universe by filling yourself with joy. How? He gave love to someone who could not give anything back and it made him feel wonderful. Yes it was sad these tiny babies were destined to die but still they deserved love.
On your third week, you may need to continue to purge if your life has been truly horrid OR you may be able to spend some time reading some inspirational material to uplift you in some manner. This material does not have to be “religious” oriented material either, as it can be philosophical in nature, or even some biographies of famous people who overcame tremendous difficulties and still achieved great victories in their lives. Some that come to mind I have read include Abraham Lincoln, Mary Kay Ash, Andrew Carnegie, Lucille Ball, Sybil Leek, Dale Carnegie, and others. Often when you read about the lives of famous people, one of the things you discover is how they have had to overcome tremendous difficulties and some gave up yet returned to “try again” regardless of the stakes involved only to eventually succeed. I often enjoy reading about famous women because their gender has had the worst of life all throughout history and they have had to overcome enormous difficulties, trials and tribulations simply because their sexual organs are on the inside. Even today women have it rough in society and are not fully treated as equals nor thought of as such by most of the male population yet they outnumber us and I have often wondered how it is they haven’t rose up and slaughtered us while we slept.
If you have difficulties trying to figure out what to read, or fill your soul with aside from “religious” literature, ask your local librarian for suggestions. They often have numerous books, magazines and periodicals that can serve exactly what it is you are looking for instead of you just searching the Net on your phone. In fact, for the 21 Day Uncrossing period, you should be involved with your cell phone as little as possible. I would also watch as little television and videos as well simply because this is a time for YOU to purge, meditate & reflect then fill your holy vessel with something wonderful NOT fall back into the same old patterns.
Limit yourself on social media as well for this time because again you are trying to spend time removing junk from your mind not input more of the same. If you need some distraction, try some soothing music at low volumes so as not to fully distract your attention and something without too much in the way of lyrics too. Think simplistic and removal from the world here thus you want as much self-focus as possible during this time period for this ritual to work for you.
Harsh Realities
There are times when the information you receive will be very painful to you. 21 Day Uncrossing’s can be as hard as the Crossed Condition itself because of cleansing or "cleaning out" process. Just like with a healing issue, you go through a healing crisis where all the negative energy flows out of you causing great pain. After this process, you are on your way to being healed. A Crossed Condition is like a psychic cancer in your life as it slowly eats at you until it kills your soul.
Psychic Vampires & Contagion
Another strange effect of the 21 Day Uncrossing ritual is that those who are close to you start getting sick or start to show the same symptoms you have been having. Notice these people VERY carefully, for they are part of your Crossed Condition. This is valuable information to have. Why? Because many times other people are at the root of your problem. Often people will influence you in ways you are totally unaware of and these call Psychic Vampires. They will also such the life force from you when they are around you thus causing you to be ill or sick. Typically they have a bad spirit on them doing this and it needs to be removed but this is not something a 21 Day Uncrossing can do especially at a distance as it requires a special ritual by a trained Houngan who can remove the offending spirit from the person without harming the individual. If you think you have a loved one with this condition, click on the “Contact Moloch” button and send me an email to discuss your situation.
Hate-filled and/or evil people are a major part of the population of this world and if you let one of these people get close to you or influence your life, you will become Crossed up with them OR from them - this latter is referred to Contagion. If this person is someone you really care about, you should Uncross them as well; however if it's a person you are not close to, you must stop seeing that person, and/or communicating with them. Consider them toxic and stay away from them. Permanently.
Love is a major factor in any Uncrossing ritual. The closer you can come to understand this feeling the better. Most people have no idea what Love actually is. Work with the meaning of love while you are in the Uncrossing process. The ritual itself will give you the insights you are looking for. A person who has grown used to a Crossed Condition thinks of his affliction (ailment, depression, & etc) as normal. You must use force to overcome this setback in the form of my 21 Day Uncrossing ritual. It's the kick-in-the-ass the afflicted needs and it may well save your life.
The other problem with a Crossed Condition is that it's a security blanket to the person carrying it around. While that may sound humorous, often a Crossed Condition is a result of a overly developed defensive structure which the person has a falsely perceived to be helping themselves to offset the agonies that the world appears to throw at them. Often while under going a 21 Day Uncrossing ritual you'll notice that the Crossed Condition becomes worse, but this is the cleaning out process as previously spoken about and it will eventually lessen up.
Can You Beat The So-called Karma?
Do you choose to let a silly, archaic belief such as “karma” rule you? There is no bad karma. You can overcome all your problems and blockages in life with the 21 Day Uncrossing ritual. You must take control of your life and work daily to change it. The key is PATIENCE and PERSISTENCE. You must ‘patient’ because you cannot change a life of problems into a life of success overnight and you must also be ‘persistent’ as it may take months or possibly years to totally rid yourself of all the blockages and personal  hang-ups you have. If you are REALLY screwed up, performing one Uncrossing ritual will NOT change your life a whole bunch however it may help alleviate some of your tensions momentarily. Having the 21 Day Uncrossing ritual frequently performed for you will change your life! There are many blockages your life, physical and spiritual that will need work and success does not come overnight.
A sincere prayer or benediction to a Saint is one way of helping the mind to banish unwanted Crossed Conditions. Psalms 51:10 has been proven to be quite powerful in Uncrossing rituals as well as reciting Psalm 91 aloud during the ritual. Numerous people also use the “Seven Penitential Psalms” during their 21 Day Uncrossing ritual. If you purchase Jean Kent’s _Master Book of Psalms_ and order my Kabala oil, you will have a powerful method of making a talisman to carry and sleep with while you work on removing the darkness and evil that plagues you during the 21 Day Uncrossing. Kabala oil is very holy as it is owned by the Hebrew spirit Jehovah and when used with any of the Psalms in Jean’s book along with the Hebrew Passwords & Pass Phrases, you have a tremendous source of power to help you while I perform your 21 Day Uncrossing!
Also, a few useful pagan chants to try are:
“Camp Sum Sing Niht”

“Swellka Hye Kwaden”

“Swilka Eek Theeoss”

from Raymond Buckland’s Chant-O-Matics book which many Hoodoo’s & Spiritual Workers swear by. This in case you have an aversion to using Biblical Psalms.
Degrees of Crossed Conditions
Largely depending upon how long you have been suffering with a Crossed Condition can be indicative of its severity. In general, the psychological concepts of "neurosis" and "psychosis" are helpful in understanding how bad a Crossed Condition actually is.
A “neurosis” is a set of cluster or painful problems within the psyche, which are both difficult to work with and which tend to be destructive to the person. In this stage you still function well enough in society, even those you are experiencing pain and tension in your life.
A “psychosis” represents a very advanced and difficult series of behaviors, which have forced a person out of touch with reality and causes serious mental illness. Once a Crossed Condition reaches psychotic levels, it's very difficult to deal with magically because the paranoid or deluded person has his wires and circuits so messed up that a great deal of work has to be done. For this stage of an individual, I do not recommend even 21 Day Uncrossing rituals, rather I highly recommend advanced Spiritual Work at my altar with my Mambo present so that we can work on the individual and get them restored as closely as possible.
This isn't the case with neurotic individuals because they are easier to deal with although are still a major problem. It is far easier to help a neurotic individual than it is to help a psychotic one. Remember: Uncrossing is a healing art. Due to the multiple layers of neurotic defenses, the answer may appear to be more elusive than it actually is.
The Stages of Crossed Conditions
First: Slight feelings of disease, nervousness and a desire to short circuit oneself in a particular area. Feelings of inferiority and insecurity. An all pervasive sense of anxiety but still capable of functioning in day-to-day activities. Strange or compulsive activities. Depressed while having feelings of entities being around or watching you. Odd people approaching you on the street. Trouble in minor areas of your life, for example - getting the wrong change at a store, getting the wrong order at a restaurant, and etc. Little things start malfunctioning and you cannot concentrate on daily business matters.
Second: You receive very negative messages from people around close to you. Very often, the nervousness and self-abnegation have turned now to actual physical symptoms resulting either in frequent illnesses or the contraction of a chronic, long term illness. Nothing works out well in your life, but you're still able to force yourself to function in daily life. You now have a general feeling of listlessness and withdrawal, a state of constant insecurity or fear of being hurt or failing in some way. One feels at odds with one's universe, like a stranger in your own life. You start to fall fast at this stage and you need to take control now or risk serious damage to your mind and body. Your life is Hell and it won't get better unless you take positive action now.
Third: Total incapacitation whether through physical illness or psychological to stress. Now you are in BIG TROUBLE. Violent fits of temper followed by a total lack of energy. Inability to hold a job or support oneself in any meaningful way. Delusions of grandeur accompanied by deeply rooted feelings of inadequacy. Paranoia arises threats are viewed in all directions. Possible attempts at suicide or strong thoughts abut doing it. Depression, which seems will never end. Headaches, chest pains, stomach ailments, etc. You're at the end of your rope. You feel like you are losing mind. If you allow yourself to reach this point, you'll have a great deal of work ahead of you to bring yourself back to normal.
The longer the person stays in these states, the harder the work will be to remove the Crossed Condition. Not everyone goes through all of these stages as some people will remain in Stage One for many years or never move past the stage they're in. Otherwise you may move very quickly to Stage Three. Some will not get to the Second Stage until they are uncrossed. This is very typical of a Crossed individual because they generally stay in Stage Two for most of their lives crossing into Stage Three and then back to Stage Two at different times of their lives. This is time to get an expert practitioner to help you or to perform the needed healing.
This takes the skill of a true Haitian Houngan to handle. The problem with most Crossed individuals is they often let their illness get to the point of near death before seeking professional help so that is why a 21 Day Uncrossing is both expensive and time consuming since it is a lot of trouble removing their deeply ingrained Crossed Condition. Then even after you remove it, they often will still believe they are still Crossed up. This is because the human mind takes months and sometimes years to totally repair itself. That's why its so important to follow up your 21 Day Uncrossing ritual with plenty of peaceful and quiet reflection, sources of inspiration and a new purpose to dedicate yourself to which gives your live meaning and joy. For the person to feel repaired and expect a so-called “cure”, they will need to be made to feel good in all areas of their life. If you do not take these steps, you will feel as if what you paid for had no affect.
This has happened many times to me personally. People that are Crossed up for years expect to feel great in a few months. It may take you 5-6 workings of the 21 Day Uncrossing to fully remove a Crossed Condition from a person that has been crossed their entire life because there is no instant magic.
More on Baths
Nothing is as important to a 21 Day Uncrossing procedure than an Uncrossing Bath. This is the single most important force in a 21 Day Uncrossing rite. You as the client must take baths with the proper Uncrossing herbal mixtures included which my baths have already mixed in. Further my baths also include LWA (or saint) juices formulated by Haitian Vodu spirits from my House to make the baths stronger. Otherwise you are merely taking a bath with herbs, nothing more. But with my baths, you are getting the Spiritual effect of a LWA’s power to touch you while you bathe and remove all of that garbage which is harming or Crossing you up. I offer a special 21 Day Uncrossing Bath size for clients who purchase and pay for a 21 Day Uncrossing only. This way they get a bath that will last them for 21 days yet will also not break their wallets.
Since Uncrossing is a psychic cleansing, part of the cleansing is the actual cleaning of the external body. The protective mixture in the Uncrossing bath cleanses your aura and Etheric body of all negative or harmful energy. Generally a Crossed person should take at least one bath per day - and preferably in the morning. 
Floor Washes & Perfumes
You really should use a floor wash or Perfume in your home to keep it clean of negative or destructive Spiritual energies. Never overlook the simplicity of this! At the very least burn a little of MolochSorcery’s Banishment incense daily as it is formulated to keep out unwanted pests, guests and nasties from entering your domicile. Burn some on hot church charcoals in a safe censer and walk through your domicile with it allowing the fumes to cleanse the atmosphere of the negativity, evil and destructive patterns that exist there. Homes can build up these forces on their own without spirit involvement so it is often a good idea to use incense to help with just the atmosphere. Of course open some windows slightly, even in the Winter, to allow needed ventilation.
Floor Washes are simply made often by using a cap full of ammonia and a few drops of some Spiritual oil. In this case, my Level Two Uncrossing oil is more than sufficient to make a kick ass Floor Wash which you can use to wipe down walls, rub over the top of lintels, dust with and of course mop your floors with. This will make a terrific House Cleansing tool to use while you are going through your three weeks of Uncrossing with me as it will give you something positive to do.
Other things you can do as a client while you are going through your 21 Day Uncrossing is buy a coconut, take it home, and start at the furthest point from the front door and ‘kick’ it with your foot all the way through every room in your house until you reach the front door and out over the doorstep. This is ideal while saying something like, “Take all the bad with you Mr. Coconut!” and when you finally kick it out over the doorstep say, “Good bye Mr. Coconut and thank you for taking all the bad from my home!”
Then take a bottle of MolochSorcery Uncrossing Perfume and spray into the air through every room to cleanse. You can pretty much at this point figure nothing evil or bad is lurking in your home. Just make certain you have paid attention to corners in rooms place three pennies in each corner for your Good House spirits for watching over your home. You can also spray your Uncrossing Perfume on yourself and one spray one side of your neck (either side doesn’t matter which) is sufficient per day.
Also use that bottle of MolochSorcery Uncrossing oil on yourself each day, preferably after you bathe in the morning and just a dab on the index finger of the hand you use to write with to anoint your forehead, the sides of your temples, over your heart, over your abdomen and over the tops of your feet. I use this on a daily basis in this manner because it helps to cleanse and protect my body.
While You Are Bathing...
While bathing you should be visualizing your aura being cleansed and purified by white light. Only think positive and healing thoughts. The bath should last at least 15-25 minutes and should be as hot as you can stand it.
If you have Crossed Conditions which are affecting your physical health, the Uncrossing Bath is a great time to meditate and channel your healing energies to those parts of the body which are affected the most. The bath relaxes you and allows the healing energy to flow better. By adding the proper Uncrossing mixture to the bath, people have totally changed their life around.
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