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You cannot let things happen on their own if you desire changes to occur in ways which satisfy you.
Sorcery's power is brutal, devastating & without conscience; choose wisely how you wish to use it.
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The Truth About Love Spells
I think it is high time that the common man and occultists understand that your typical run-of-the-mill love spell is pretty much worthless because this is due to the fact that you are enchanting on a specific person rather than trying to draw the love of your life to you. If you were to follow a love spell the way they were originally meant to be performed  you would allow the sorcery to bring you the ideal person to you instead of the person you want.
By this I mean instead of asking the spirits to bring someone worthy of your love and affection into your life, you are like the 99% of people who mistakenly believe that this one person you are fixated on is the only person for you. That’s not love my friend that is obsessive-compulsive desire.
Mary Sixpack wants Joe regardless of Joe’s feelings, thoughts or attitudes. Why? Because Mary is obsessed, not in love. Real love is natural not forced but Mary wants a spiritual worker to do juju to make (i.e. force) Joe to love her. Force changes things from a love ritual into a domination ritual.
A love ritual is when Mary hires a spiritual worker to bring love into her life. Thus the worker asks the spirits to bring Mary a suitable love interest. Typically when a love ritual like this is done, Mary will get more than one interested party in her thus allowing her the opportunity to choose which suitor she would like to pursue.
Often when I explain this to clients, they balk and tell me, “Well Moloch, I’m not obsessed with Joe, I’m in love with him!” okay but you want him to love you regardless of all circumstances. I like to ask in return, “How do you feel about arranged marriages?” and usually they answer, “Oh god no! I think that is cruel and inhumane to force two people to marry!” so my rebuttal is, “Okay so what’s the difference between what you want and what two sets of parents agree too?"
Another Common Misconception
As if the forced love of someone is not enough, clients often get the wrong idea about what an attraction ritual does. Mary and Joe move in together but eventually Joe moves out and thus Mary cannot get Joe to stay with her. Why? Perhaps they’re incompatible somehow. Sex is often the number one reason why people stray from an otherwise contented relationship. I’ve talked with many men over the years who had a long term relationship with a wife or girlfriend and almost every time I asked why they left, it had to do with the sex (or lack therof) involved. Usually he wants something she is not willing to do and that creates a very bad situation.
Being incompatible is foolish. You’re someone who wants to be traditional, he is someone who likes to be modern; you like missionary position, he wants to try the Kama Sutra; you prefer your sex regular, he likes something freaky. It’s almost as bad is a couple who are either light years apart in culture, education, income, political ideologies, religious beliefs and so on. In other words the odds are stacked against you whether you realize it or not when your sexual tastes are on opposite ends of the spectrum.
Please do not think I’m a doom sayer here. Far from it because I have seen many otherwise incompatible souls bond together - for a time at least. Love takes many forms and yes it can overcome. If you are 100% committed and he’s only 99% committed, then regardless of what you believe, the relationship will not work. Period. Because eventually the one picking up the slack will tire of doing so and things will start to go downhill from there.
Yet Another Concern
As if the previous two concerns were not enough, here’s yet another one: love rituals/spells do not make someone fall in love; they merely attract them to you. This is why so many old time love spells used magnets as a symbolic force. The idea is that the spell is merely to attract, nothing more.
In other words, the spiritual work Mary hired to make Joe fall in love with her is only going to come out as Joe becomes attracted to Mary. Ultimately it is up to Mary to keep Joe’s interest and it is up to Mary to woo Joe’s heart into love. THAT my friends is real love. No wooing, no love. It's that simple.
No one can make anyone else fall in love with someone they have no desire nor interest in. Oh there’s tricks to attract the two together that work quite well but so what? People get together, enjoy each other’s company, have sex and then split all the time. Why? Because sex is a natural function of a biological organism. We are programmed in our genetic code to reproduce and the act of reproducing is highly pleasurable when it is not forced and comes naturally.
Even with the help of the spirits, the best They can do is tug at the heart strings of another. It is your job alone to continue the spirit's work and keep tugging at the heart strings of someone until they reciprocate your feelings or you give up in frustration. Remember, some people refuse to allow themselves to fall in love and if such is the case with the one you're attracted to, then realize you are fighting an uphill battle with the odds stacked against success.
So.... What?
It takes far more than juju to make someone fall in love with you. This is not a mystical occurrence but a natural process when you show empathy andu concern for someone you are attracted too. What often happens is a couple will couple in bed (or any of 1,000 other places!) and if there’s a high intensity of emotion between the two, intense feelings can emerge as each nears climax.
The brain gets scrambled, thoughts get jumbled and a wide variety of feelings can overwhelm one or both which can and often does lead to intense feelings of wanting to be together. Sometimes this is a false signal because one of the two may be thinking, “This may be the best I can get for now!” and that person will decide to stay until something else comes along.
I get many emails from men and women who believe they are in love and who want me to forcibly make their love interest have the same feelings in return. As if this is not bad enough, many times one of the couple has moved on to someone else and is already heavy into a relationship with a new person.
Things get really hairy when the one who left the relationship has children with his/her previous significant other and now has young children with the new partner they’ve chosen. Oops! This becomes a difficult scenario because the spirits (primarily the ancestors) are not interested in any spiritual worker breaking up family units.
Oh sure there are workers out there who have no scruples nor morals who could give a damn about anything other than the money the client is offering. To them it’s all about the profit they can make. I have known more than a few spiritual workers who will resort to domination rituals to force a man or woman to leave their current love and return to an older one. I however, am not one of them.
Love Rituals and Spells Make For Great Entertainment
Sure we’ve all seen the occasional movie, TV show or read a story wherein someone uses sorcery in the form of a love spell to force X to love them. Pffft. Hollywood nonsense. It’s never that simple and usually far more complicated. But then that's Hollywood and the viewing audeince always loves a happy ending. Always. In reality though things are never simple since people never tell you the full story behind why they broke up and that's becuase they're too embarrassed to say what they did that either caused or contributed to the breakup in the first place. But for movies, short stories and novels? Yeah love spells are always in vogue. 

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