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Summoning Spirits
The Meeting of Tiriel


Here is a ritual I performed to learn more about the Dead and Necromancy long before I became intiated into Haitian Vodu. You can perform it as well but I am not going to explain every little detail to you not because I'm some sort of snob but rather there are things that you should already know and if you don't well I suggest going back to the books and reviewing the basics. The Intermediate to Advanced students on this list will recognize "most" everything.

Subject: Invocation of Spirit-Intelligence "Tiriel"

Reason: To learn deeper mysteries of Necromancy

Date: Spring 2001

Background: I desired to delve more deeply into the realms of necromancy and that of the dead. There are many BS artists out there making all sorts of claims about how to work with the dead or how to "summon" the dead. Rather than read more of this nonsense I decided to devote some time to one who would know more about this subject and was a real expert.

I chose Tiriel since He is spirit of Mercury. In Greek myth, Hermes is the the Psychopompos or the one who assists the dead in getting to the underworld. Also Mercury is considered the patron of magic both black and white. I opted to ignore the archangelic aspect of Mercury simply because archangels tend to dislike the darker elements of magic plus they also tend to prattle on and on when communicating with you. Spirits on the other hand get right down to the nitty-gritty and the intelligence-spirits are both great for divulging information as well as helping you get workings and their result accomplished.

The working was conducted on a Sunday in a Mercurial hour. I was not able to do this sort of working on a weeknight due to fatigue from long day's work with the amount of hours I was putting in. I used orange construction paper and a blue pen for the seal of the planet Mercury and the seal of Tiriel.

I drew the seal of the planet first and while I did I chanted a hastily made mantra that synthesized my ritual's desire. Any names used were vibrated accordingly. Then I proceeded to draw the seal of Tiriel and as I did I visualized myself in an orange egg and vibrated the name of the archangel which is actually Raphael not Michael as some would have you believe!(1)

Preparations: I took an Uncrossing occult bath using several drops of Uncrossing oil in the tub of water and I made sure to bathe for the requisite amount of time and immersed myself accordingly while reciting the verse, Psalm 57:10 repeatedly as a cleansing type of chant.

Using an anointing oil of Mercury, I ritually purified myself and contemplated the work to be done. Since Mercurial spirits are noted as wanderers of crossroads, I opted to use some graveyard dirt on my working altar to draw an equal armed cross. I set the dressed candle of offering right in the middle of the cross.

Ritual: I sat in front of my working altar and began the

4242 breathing technique of counting breaths by breathing in for a count of four, holding for a count of two, breathing out for a count of four and holding for a count of two. After a few minutes of this, I began to imagine slowly walking down a flight of stairs to my ritual workroom. When I arrived, I greeted my guardian with the appropriate sign and password to allow me to pass.

Once I entered my astral temple, I closed my eyes and imagined my astral temple ready for Mercurial work and when I opened my eyes, my astral temple was adorned with the colors necessary to placate Mercury. I then attended my altar and began to chant the invocation of Mercury. Slowly I chanted the mantra and imagined myself garbed in the appropriate colors going from Assiah to Yetzirah almost as if my robe was an electronic billboard. I then anointed both seals with the Mercurial oil in the proper fashion and started visualizing them intently. Then after a time I merged them together mentally seeing them become one. This was no easy task but it is HIGHLY effective nonetheless.

I spent time imagining the temple, the seals and as much items in as great detail as possible. The seals became an enormous ten foot high emblem blazing in bright orange flames. I spoke one of Hermes sacred titles, “Trikephalos”, (has to do with crossroad intersections) and asked Hermes to open the gate so that I may pass and enter His realm. I was burning some Mercurial incense I had made which was composed of Mastic, cinnamon, Five Finger Grass and clove.

Once the seal began to shimmer and then change color and the flames died down and it broke away with a glowing in the middle as if it were a doorway whose door broke inward. I heard a voice say, “Enter at your own peril, seeker, and see what you wish to see!” [Note: This was a bit cryptic (and slightly unsettling as well) and when you’re seeking to knock on the doors of spirits, well you have to take risks.]

Soon I steeled my resolve and stepped into the into the realm of Mercury where I was met by a 40-ish looking (white?) male, with gleaming eyes and a close shaved black beard. He was holding a silvery goblet in his right hand and a wand of some odd design in his left hand. He was flanked by two attractive females whom he called by name but whose names I'd forgotten by the time I returned from the journey.

He sat a silver goblet in front of me and bid me drink. I did. Then this man introduced himself as Tiriel. Having made a study of Gematria I asked his number and he gave it to me. After a wee bit of mental gymnastics, I deduced He indeed was Tiriel. When asked what I desired from Him, I explained that my intent was to study necromancy and learn what I was allowed to learn about the dead. I was given the goblet by one of the females this time (the one on his left I believe) and told to raise it and drink every drop. After I did so (it was apple juice of all things!) when I looked at him he waved his hand towards a table littered with old leather books of varying sizes. This table was not there before I took that drink so... (weird)…

I sat and chose a book at random. The name of the book was something strange like out of a fantasy novel like “DeWitt’s Theorems of Necromantic Attachment” or some such thing. It was old leather and very large. I recall being unable to get much further than about a dozen pages before Tiriel returned and told me it was time to leave. When I asked why, He said, “Our worlds are like that of the Fey; it is not wise for humans to remain overly long else you may not wish to return to your own causing your mortal form to die”. Well it’s nice we can’t stay! I arose quickly, offered to shake His hand and then asked to leave.

In the book I had read of a method to help me visually "see" the dead.(2) I read it several times and memorized it since I was unable to write anything down on this astral journey. When it was time for me to return, Tiriel and his women all hugged me and told me that I was welcome anytime and all I had to do was merge the two seals together as I had done so before.

Preliminary Result: Upon returning from trance and Astral Projecting, I experimented with the technique and method of learning to "see" the dead.(3) After having performed this, I did see shades for a time and these appeared as wispy splotches of grayish-black puffs of smoke. They appeared to be everywhere! In the sky, on the ground, some were even in my ritual chamber but that's not surprising since I did not use a protective circle nor did I perform any banishment ritual prior to my trance working. To make the effect go away (one does not need to see the dead all the time!) I used the antidote technique given in Tiriel’s book as well.

Final Result: I am completely thrilled with the technique given to me! It’s one that was not found in any modern printed book but rather a magical book on the astral plane.

While I've used the techniques several times since then I've also discovered that there are side benefits to using it. For instance I was spoken to by Santisima Muerte aka St. Death. She had some interesting things to tell me one Saturday afternoon and forewarned me about overuse of delving into the necromantic arts overly much. “Humanity’s mind is not meant to dwell on the negative world of the departed where much pain, suffering and sadness can be found. If you must traverse our beloved realm, make your trek brief and beware who you call on from the dead.”


(1) Raphael is an archangel of Air NOT Fire and he should be placed in Hod not Tiphareth on the Tree of Life whereas Michael is the archangel of Fire and etc. I realize that some lodge magicKians have some convoluted notion of how that works but I prefer to stick with simple, easy things like air to air and fire to fire.

(2) It would not be fair to me, Tiriel nor yourselves if I divulge what this specific technique is because this part of Magic is something that the serious student should put forth the desire and effort to achieve the same results. Furthermore it just may be that Tiriel allows you to read a different book that gives you a totally unique method to see the Dead according to your level of development, physical constitution (i.e. breathing regimens, herbal drinks, etc.)

(3) This may sound lame but I feel that some are born with a natural gift of second sight that allows them to visually see the dead whereas others must rely on different methods and ways to communicate with them. My dear old grandma had the gift of second-sight but it sure made her uneasy. As I've said before though she wasn't a practitioner by any stretch of the imagination but man could that ol' gal work a Ouija board with unnerving accuracy!

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