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You cannot let things happen on their own if you desire changes to occur in ways which satisfy you.
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Summoning Spirits
The Summoning of Surgat

Surgat's Seal 

(Waite Ceremonial Magic)

Surgat's Seal

(Grimoire of Honorious)

Here is a Summoning of one of the NPE’s (re: Non-Physical Entities = a spirit) from one of the medieval books of sorcery known as grimoires.

While not in the direct realm of Rootwork-Conjure proper, I'm sure you'll note the use of many Rootwork techniques and potions like Florida Water. This was performed for one of my clients some years ago. Enjoy.


Here is a rite I did using one of the spirits and Its seal as listed in The Grimoire of Honorius. I performed this ritual for a client of mine who was having severe financial problems and his marriage was falling apart. I performed this ritual several years ago. Please realize that this was during a heavy phase of my own experimentation where I was using procedures and techniques borrowed from various sources for use in my own sorcery. I am not interested in hearing any nonsense garbage about cultural appropriation either over this as you have nothing to stand on since the vast majority of procedures are borrowed or little more than variations on a theme.

Read on:

My first order of business was the consecration of my temple area using my own developed sorcerous methods. First I used Florida Water which I poured into a dish of water, mixed it clockwise, dabbed a new sponge liberally with it and used it to clean my altar and all my tools while reciting a prayer of focus. The idea here was to create a sense of peace and Florida Water does just that. Next I took some Van Van oil and poured this into a small mop bucket of warm sudsy water and washed down the walls. For the carpeted area, I opted to use an Uncrossing powder much like people use the commercial brand Carpet Fresh and then vacuum it up. Thus my temple then clean and free of all ‘psychic residue’ (for wont of a better descriptor), I burned some temple incense (as given in the KoS) and then burned a small amount of Kyphi incense to raise the temple’s vibrations.

Surgat is used to attract all things Solar and for this client his business was failing thus I asked the Spirit for help in obtaining new money (new customers) so that he could remain strong and be able to take care of his family and personal as well as community responsibilities.

My rite began Sunday morning at Sunrise. I showered and robed myself while using Psalm 51:10 which is “Create in me a clean heart, O God, and renew a right spirit within me” which to me is more of a centering verse. Once finished, I put on some very unobtrusive background music on low volume - Tchaikovsky’s “The Rites of Spring” and had that on a loop for the work.

I took a yellow 7 day glass jar candle and affixed a yellow circle with Surgat’s seal drawn on it in purple ink to the glass candle. I anointed the candle with Master oil as it is a very potent POWER oil. I then anointed my third eye with this oil, my throat, my temples to form the Divine Cross. Then I anointed each nipple and my groin to form the Holy Triangle. I used a wooden disk that I had prepared prior to the ritual which was painted yellow with Surgat’s seal colored gold leaf paint. This too had been anointed with Master oil, clockwise.

I stood taking my staff and used my own standard opening of the ritual as well as my own charging method (not the Middle Pillar), then stamped my staff thrice on the floor (not too loudly as there were tenants below my apartment!) I then called out to Surgat as I lit the candles on my altar though NOT his yellow candle. I used a standard conjuration format that is based upon the principles from the grimoires but is NOT from the grimoires. I spoke this summoning a total of seven times in all. I then faced south because that is the direction of fire and that is the element associated with the Sun.

I scryed into a black obsidian sphere (about softball sized) sitting on my altar. The fumigation was my own blend for such an operation. I promised to show respect to Surgat if He would deign to come. I also asked Lucifer, his master, to ask for His permission to let Surgat come.

After what seemed like an eternity, I thought I should try getting myself into a stronger trance state. I picked up my dumbek and began beating out a faint but distinct rhythm I use for trance workings. As I did so, I chanted “Come, Surgat, Come! Come, Surgat, Come! Come, Surgat, Come!” repeatedly as I pounded out the rhythm. Finally Surgat came. No big rush of wind or anything, just an odd sensation emanating from the obsidian sphere (which had been cleansed with Florida Water, rubbed with Uncrossing oil and finally censed with Kyphi prior to the rite). I heard a voice which sounded like burning leaves crackling.

Surgat was cordial and impatient. Rather than apologize, I gave Surgat respect and explained he would again be honored for his aid in this. I asked him about helping “Ron” (not his real name) and his family business. (Ron was in construction and a competitor of his had been taking away a LOT of Ron’s clients) When pressed, Surgat explained that there was another force at work here. Unbeknownst to the competitor himself, his (the competitor’s) mother had purchased the help of a seer who had no small ability in occult matters. She had been doing regular spells to thwart Ron’s business and draw his customers to her son’s business.

Surgat also gave me a formula for a bag for Ron to carry with him to ward off these affects. I was to take some wood and create a talisman and have Ron himself bury it on the Witch’s property - any property she legally owned outright was fine - and this would put the kibosh on her interfering ways. I asked Surgat for a familiar spirit to watch over Ron’s progress for a year and a day which Surgt agreed too - provided Ron would feed the familiar regularly. The familiar would show up as a wandering dog and it would stay with him only a year and a day then it would leave.

Also Surgat gave me a powerful charm to recite over the talisman and this “witch” could no longer harm Ron or his business or his family. I praised Surgat for his cleverness and showed him the candle I had prepared for him. He seemed agreeable and offered him some liquor. He chose whiskey and I poured him a shot glass and placed a glass of water on a special shrine that I had prepared just for Him. The candle was lit in His honor before He departed and I had some other minor things to discuss with Surgat before He left.

I found the wood where Surgat said I would. It was Twisted (or Corkscrew) Willow and I found this particular tree in a cemetery near the back boundary. The talisman was prepared according to how Surgat instructed it to be made. Ron took it and buried it on some property the mean ol’ bitch owned in the next town over.

Soon after Ron’s business took a helluva leap in business. He got not one, not two but four custom homes to build as well as a slew of smaller jobs to keep his boys busy for a very long time. His customers that had left came back and they had said they didn’t know why they left him in the first place. Ron went out and each month burned a candle in exactly the same manner in which I did for Surgat. All in all I consider this to be a successful rite.

Note: Let it be known that the ol' bitch who used her psychic abilities to screw Ron, his business and his family over was NOT "Wiccan". The term "witch" in many other cultures has to do with someone who'd do malefica or really not-nice things to another.

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