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You cannot let things happen on their own if you desire changes to occur in ways which satisfy you.
Sorcery's power is brutal, devastating & without conscience; choose wisely how you wish to use it.
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Spiritual Training
No More Freebies


“Moloch, what happened?!?!”

Many of you who have been coming to my site for years finding all sorts of free “how-to” essays and articles on sorcery, magic and Spiritual Work may have wondered what happened? MolochSorcery is now streamlined to do business, no longer a free training site. As the old song goes, “No more Mr. Nice Guy!” as I have had my fill of helping train other spiritual practitioners who learn what I have to offer then go around saying they learned it elsewhere or saying unflattering things about me behind my back. Frankly I often wonder IF I ever should have done so to begin with because it seems few respected my efforts for doing so in the first place. 
You want to learn how to do what I do? Then you are going to pay me for the privilege to do so and I’m NOT talking chump change so if you have to go negotiating prices, I have no time. In the African Religious Systems, often a neophyte pays exorbitant prices to learn just a few things after they are initiated - and very often that JuJu may work or it may not (because many of these practitioners later come seeking medieval grimoire magic!) Why should that be? Because they either had ineffective teachers who withheld what the beginners need to know or they honked off their spirits who now refuse to work for them or their training was incomplete because their teacher was so old s/he passed away before their training could be finished. Thus they have no choice but to seek out grimoire magic to keep themselves going.
Spiritual Work
I started out in sorcery then began to study things like Hoodoo from actual living people who called it Spiritual Work back in the late 1980's  and they were African-Americans or as they referred to themselves as “Black”. These folks didn’t pussyfoot around with Hyatt or stuff like that, rather if anything, they were more like what Star Casas teaches in her Hoodoo books - not everything mind you but a few things I recall being taught are similar. I didn’t get to spend a lot of time with these folks because I was a delivery driver/collector/repo man for a “buy here, pay here” furniture store in south Florida and drove all over the place so I got to know back alley streets and met a LOT of people from various cultures. When you play nice, they often are nice as well. Oddly enough I never found Jean’s spiritual goods store which was in operation at this time and on my route. LoL Go figure, eh? 
Today Spiritual Work entails far more than mere Hoodoo especially the Hyatt type. There are all sorts of stuff involved in spiritual Work that gets tossed in here which is far beyond what your run-of-the-mill Hoodoo knows i.e. more than just candles, oils, herbs & roots which is frankly the basics and what everyone should know.
Germanic Sorceries
I also studied Germanic Runic sorcery for a number of years practicing the methodology of Spiesberger, Marby and others who were into Rune Yoga as well as making potent Rune Staves and singing Galdr songs. Sadly the guy who turned me onto this material is a neo-Nazi himself but that does not mean the material itself is bad or somehow wrong. At the time when I met and worked with him I wasn't immediately aware of his ignorant ideology then when he arrogantly told me he was an Odinist and began bragging about his racist thoughts I quickly cut ties with him. Sadly since WW2 Germany gets a lot of bad press for what happened during the last world war however the ancientTeutons were just another race of people trying to eke out a living like everyone else in Europe during their time. One could easily point to America today and say we are terrible for the many horrible things we have done for our own self interest - or that of big corporations. The material is not Nazi oriented, just the stupid ideology of some Norse practitioners.
Mainstream Qabala VS Jean Kent’s Kabala
I wasted an entire decade of my life on Qabala which during that time yielded ZERO results because I was following the Qabala of “traditional” authors like Israel Regardie, Melita Denning & Osborne Phillips, Gareth Knight, William G. Gray, as well as groups such as the Golden Dawn and others - all of whom know absolutely NOTHING about the real Kabala. I say that with authority because I used what they taught in their books precisely by-the-book and got ZERO results for my efforts always believing it was something “I did wrong” when it was their lame interpretations of actual Kabala. Since becoming initiated into my House, I have been learning and working with Jean Kent’s Kabala and he learned this system from his own grandfather who learned it from an actual Rabbi in Europe and suffice to say, THIS STUFF WORKS! If you doubt me, try just a little bit of what Jean offers in his Master Book of Psalms with Hebrew Passwords for various Psalms. I know a number of CM’s who have taken up his Psalm book as an authority on the subject because it yields results. You can argue all you want YET results are results. If you wish, go waste your time with the mainstream nonsense most of which came from the Golden Dawn ala Israel Regardie. Then try Jean’s. His Kabala book will be out soon.
Evocations, Grimoires & Spirits
And of course the evocation/summoning, grimoires & spirits both modern and from the medieval period. I began practicing evocation magics in April of 1989 and have summoned many and various spirits from both grimoires from both medieval as well as modern. This does not include the spirits I have met wandering in the Astral let alone have worked with among the Dead. I have also tried numerous grimoires albeit not every one mind you as there are dozens of variations on a theme out there in libraries, and suffice to say, I have a methodology I have perfected that works with them. It is a simplified method of summoning albeit not near as much a shortcut method as say what GoM or the Chaos MagicK community likes to use however these modern day revivalists who feel to have to summon spirits precisely the way a medieval grimoire claims. I have learned over the years in my experience that there are some things that can be changed while other things should not.
Witchcraft, Witchery & Wicca
And I have delved into old time Witchery & Witchcraft of the Middle Ages and the medieval period. This is one of my favorite areas of research because it involves a lot of folklore, myth and legends as well as court trial documents to pore over and every now and then some nugget of gold filters through. Unfortunately the Wiccan community is happy with their earth based whatever they do today and their political movements, so I just stay away from them ignoring their machinations for lack of a better term. 
World Folklore & Mythology
This doesn’t include the folklore I have studied from around the world which is often chock full of knowledge and wisdom, not just the ridiculously priced old Hyatt manuals which I have copies of as well given to me by former colleagues and friends. World folklore is one of my favorite places to learn because it holds a LOT of potential for creating rites and ceremonies which actually work. I have done this and shared my findings with the community even though most were too ignorant to grasp the basic concepts and meaning behind it. There is gold in world folklore as well as mythology but unfortunately you need to leave the “Pagan” books alone with their pretty images and get a hold of the academic books on mythology which are far more dry yet chock full of terrific info on the gods, heroes and spirits you have interest in. It is what I did but I have had well over 30 years at this so you have a long time to catch up.
The Voudoun Gnostic Workbook
I’ve also delved into places which has pissed off some occultists because I had “no right” to do so such as Bertiaux’s infamous Voudoun Gnostic Workbook. And because I am not part of his clique, the spirits of his system still had no problems giving me some useful information. I could easily plumb far more of that system should I wish to do so but meh, it is NOT real Haitian Vodu regardless of what Bertiaux claims. However the spirits from his system have an alien feel to them almost E.T. or extra terrestrial because they were like no other spirits I have ever encountered. So whatever he has latched onto with that crazy system of his, it is is not normal. Something odd yet wonderful about it. If you are interested in delving into it, his Grimoire Ghuede is a place to begin looking.
The LWA & the Guede
Speaking of spirits I have accumulated a respectable amount of knowledge from the spirits over the years and now that I am a duly initiated Houngan Asogwe in a Haitian Vodu House, the LWA teach me even more. There is something to be learned from every spirit out there be it a shade of the Dead or some ancient God long forgotten about because each has something to relate, something to share, something you as a practitioner can learn and I am not shy about inquiring.
I am tired of just giving away my precious material for free. I am now going to charge a fee even if it is just a simple download. You want to learn what I know? Then you are going to have to pay to find out. Why? Because I had to.
If you wish to be trained, fine, however you had best have the financial wherewithal to be able to afford being trained. Yes I can train you at a distance although I would prefer you be more local because sometimes it is easier to show someone how to do something than try and describe how it is to be done - especially if you are foreign and learning English as a second language. IF you have to translate English through a translator into your native tongue just to communicate with me? No this will not work. Sorry. I am not going through that sort of thing. You either speak & read English or you do not.
A Word About Initiation
Understand what I will be teaching you will NOT be Vodu initiation oriented and if you wish to be initiated, I cannot do that at a distance. Initiation must always be done in person especially African initiations because this is how the LWA demand it to be done. I understand that Reiki can do their initiations at a distance or some ceremonial magicKal lodges do their initiations astrally however that is NOT the way of African initiations, I’m sorry so please do not try and argue with me about it even if you offer me a large sum of $$$$ because you will be wasting your time.
Introduction to the Spirits
What I can do however is introduce you to the spirits but again only if you visit me here at my home where my altars and private cemetery are. This gives Them the chance to look you over and see if you are a good candidate for a Vodu initiation into our House. I will also bless you in front of a couple of Them for Their blessing on you so that your own Spiritual Work will be stronger and more potent and I will give you a token to take home with you. The price of this will be discussed privately by phone.
Spiritual Initiations
Actual Spiritual Initiations can be performed. As the old Houngans in Haiti are fond of saying, “Wherever there are roads, forests and cemeteries, there can be Vodu” and our House has ALL of the required plants, shrubs and trees HERE to do the proper initiations, regardless of what they are, as specified by the LWA. Thus there is no requirement for any initiation to take place in Haiti. We can take care of it here thus saving travel expenses and excessive costs of lodging over there. However not everyone is interested in getting involved in Haitian Vodu or any sort of African system because there is a significant amount of time and financial investment involved with all of the learning that must be done as well as the juices, powders, plants and so on one must acquire for proper Vodu work as a Houngan or Mambo.
Non-African Initiations can also be performed. If you desire something of this nature, Order and pay for a Level Three Hand Reading first to show me you are serious then inquire about this sort of initiation before I bother with this. If not, then move on down the road as I do not have time to sit and gab with you over these initiations or argue with other Initiates posing as some Novice wanting to find out information about them. This is for serious inquires only, not for tire kickers.


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