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You cannot let things happen on their own if you desire changes to occur in ways which satisfy you.
Sorcery's power is brutal, devastating & without conscience; choose wisely how you wish to use it.
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Summoning Spirits
The Summoning of Seere


It was my second grimoire style evocation but after the Volac incident, I figured I had a better handle on things. I began to study more grimoires and immersed myself in Regardie’s _The Tree of Life_ book. During this time I was heavily influenced by William G. Gray’s Qabalistic theorem, _The Ladder of Lights_, which even Israel Regardie was impressed with. I also had studied quite a bit of Gray’s Sangraal Sodality series manuals and was really enjoying his methodology. My Rootwork-Conjure and Witchcraft practiced continued to flourish as I was studying, practicing and experimenting quite frequently.
I got a phone call from a Pagan friend, Claire, who lived in Port Richey, FL and Claire had a metaphysical bookstore in her neck of the woods. I had never been there but had heard it was grand - that is until the landlord hired some schlock construction crew to redo the roof. These yahoo construction guys ended up costing Claire a lot of business because they left an open hole in her store’s ceiling and simply laid Visqueen plastic over it. The problem with this brilliant idea is that in Florida, it tends to rain a lot and heavy as monsoons. The construction crew half-finished her store’s roof and laid out the Visqueen over the hole on Friday evening and left. Claire came in on Sunday morning to do a little accounting and found her shop’s floor soaking wet. The plastic simply could not hold the amount of water monsoon rains pour down. Her entire metaphysical book section was ruined. 
So after Claire called the strip-mall owner, his response was, “Just call my insurance and turn it in; they’ll pay for any damages done”. Thus Clair followed orders as told and as you well expect it, she got the runaround. Big time! Back and forth between the owner and the construction crew whom she could never reach the owner of the crew and none of the workers spoke English. Claire was at wit’s end after three weeks fo battling this so she invited me up from Clearwater to see if I could do something for her.
I came up on a Sunday afternoon and had dinner with her and her family. When finished, she and I took a ride over to the store and I had my tools with me - my staff, my power bag, some blessed chalk, special blessed/consecrated oils, powders and candles. I decided Claire needed help fast so I opted to summon Seere, the spirit from the 72 who makes things happen quickly.
We taped out the circle and trianle on the floor in the middle of her shop - hole in roof covered over now. I set out four white, consecrated candles to demarcate the four corners of the earth. I asperged using holy water, then consecrated salt. When finished, I used a censer from the store to cense the circle clockwise. By the way, Claire WAS sitting inside the circle the entire time on a chair.
I began the incantations directly from the book of Goetia. I read and incanted and intoned the barbarous names and words of power using a loud and resounding voice as I elongated the vowels and spoke the names thrice each. I summoned Seere and insisted He attend. I burned special Conjure style incense designed to get him to come. I drummed and chanted His name for a while. In all, about an hour passed befor Seere made His appearance. I checked with a pendulum to be assured He did come and yes Seere finally did arrive. There was a presence in the room that can only be described as an ominous feeling as if you knew someone badass is there - like say a mafioso hit man or some such. It’s heavy like that sort of feeling. Seere chose to answer me through the pendulum instad of direct mind contact but that was okay because I knew He wasn't going to talk much but rather be listening to us more than speaking.
My first goal was I let Claire talk to the spirit Seere in her own words. She poured out her heart and spoke with sincerity, sadness, remorse and regret about all that had transpired. There were over $5K in books lost to her and she needed that money to pay bills and run her store. When finished, I spoke on her behalf cajoling the spirit to rise up and do something to help her. The spirit could easily see the hole in the ceiling - even though the roof had been patched over. It could also see the mold on the carpet and baseboards which (supposedly) the owner was going to come later that week and replace. Thus Seere was informed of all thes things. Then He was thanked for coming and dismissed.
While tearing down the circle and ritual gear, Claire asked me how long it may take and I replied I didn’t know. We finished cleaning, hugged and then parted. I cruised on back home and let it go. Thursday of that same week, this was a Sunday mind you), I got a phone call from Claire telling me on that Tuesday, an insurance adjuster came in and wrote her a check for the cost of the books, the carpet and baseboard damage. That’s how fast Seere works! We summoned Him on Sunday and by Tuesday He had insurance people in there fixing things.
Over the years I have called upon Seere for a wide variety of His services since He is affable, amiable and very, VERY quick. If you really need something done in a hurry, I cannot recommend this spirit any more than I already have.

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