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You cannot let things happen on their own if you desire changes to occur in ways which satisfy you.
Sorcery's power is brutal, devastating & without conscience; choose wisely how you wish to use it.
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Summoning Spirits
The Summoning of Lucifuge Rofocale

The Lucifuge Working

Sol: Gemini (6/18/04 e.v.) New Moon
Moon: 13 deg Taurus
Time: 10:15-10:45 PM ,Saturday
Purpose: For ongoing financial security.
Location: this operation took place out in the countryside at my late uncle's former farm. I had a bit of a time finding the place since the new owners tore the old house and barn down and the driveway was overgrown with weeds and tall grass. When I managed to find my way, I drove my truck out up the old paths uncle "E" used to get to his back fields. The field was being used for corn so there was some growth in the ground though not overly much at this time of the growing season. I found a fairly level spot to work on by a hill near an oak tree that seemed appropriate. Here I setup my portable altar table, donned my ritual paraphrenalia and then began the ritual. I started off by chanting an invocation of my own creation to the earth, the sun, moon and stars as thank you for giving me life, breath and consciousness before I began the actual work. Luckily the day had no breeze and I had the candles in a protective sleeves in case there may be a breeze. .
Altar in south contained  Lucifuge seal from Le Dragon Rouge.  
Triangle of Art on the altar with glass pentagram pantacle over a Liberty Dollar. 
Incense used: Dragon's Blood. 
No circle used. 
Weapons: Staff, Power Bag & Sword at hand.
Operation: Opened with with incantation to the Sun via Orpheus after LBRP. Used gold candle dressed with Power oil on altar and lit. Lit incense and censed area while speaking Lucifuge's name to the four corners. First called out to Lucifer at four corners asking for Lucifuge's presence to show.
Lucifer deigned not to actually physically show but I heard Him speak just the same. He said, "Your interest is foolhardy yet worthwhile" which I took to be a good sign albeit a cuationary one. I have to admit at first I was puzzled by the words but not to get hung up on phrases, I decided to meditate on it later which I did. 
When Lucifuge came saw a shadow then heard a loud sound like a cat growling (from triangle). Very, very, evil presence. Made my demand for money and material treasures within 28 days. Demanded Lucifuge sign paper with his symbols on it as a sign he would do what I demanded. There is now a visible spot on the paper not previously there. Banished with LBRP, his presence left quickly. During duration of working had a very creepy feeling as if the presence of pure evil.
Results: Sol in Leo, Moon in Cancer.  (6/19/04 e.v.) Sunday. This morning threw away Lucifuge's symbols and restored the temple to it's normal set-up. Banished with the modified LBRP. Then heard a loud cat, almost in pain, like air being let out through its larynx. Very strange.  Tried to engage spirit in more conversation but to no avail. Not very talkative. 
Plus side: Within a few days of the working received a letter approving me for credit for a new car  (My credit is not good right now!) Went to the dealer and walked out with a decent used Chevy pickup. Sold my old pick-up which was failing me for $300 within a week. Down side: Within a couple of days of this operation I forgot to record a $190 transaction in my checking account  which caused my checking account to bounce while on vacation in the new Trailblazer, and an expected check did not come in, that had it come in would have prevented the bounce. In short my checking account went to hell!
Conclusion: Did receive material treasure as agreed however checking account suffered. Discovered that my checking account error was due to my own negligence. Money now flowing as agreed. Spirit is forthright and fair even though he is creepy feeling.
Note: While this ritual may appear to be somewhat quick, I assure you the entire process was well over two hours in length even though it did not feel that long in the least. Perhaps this was due to the whole time being distorted due to having the gates to the other worlds open? Also, there has been some speculation that the "spirit" I bargained with was NOT Lucifuge Rofocale but instead some errant fey or land wight of the farm whereon I performed the ritual. While such COULD conceivably be possible, and it is true that big, important spirits like Lucifuge, the 72, Orisha, the the LWA, Lucifer, and others, do not themselves appear when summoned but rather one of their choosing (i.e. a subordinate such as a lieutenant, aide or secretary as some would refer to them as) because these big important spirits like men of powr, delegate authority and have their own show up to speak in Their name and negotiate/bargain on Their behalf. 

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