Ritual, Spell and Procedure Results Page
Welcome to my results page. This is a page where I plan to share results from various rites, spells and procedures I have performed over the years for either myself, a loved one or a client and the result.
To help you learn I will be willing to share a few failures as well and explain why they failed. The truth is we learn more from our failures than we do from our successes. Why is that? Because when we succeed, we rarely, if at all, bother to examine what we did right. We just assume/presume we did it correctly.
Now realize that I may not always include every pertinent piece of data necessary such as date, time, location, for whom, astrological info, and so forth. This isn’t because I choose NOT to share but rather because I may not have the pertinent details available to me. Over the years, some of my personal diaries have come up missing in moves. Where they went is anyone’s clue. Further there were times I was in a hurry to jot down info because the situation was fleeting from my mind and difficult to grasp onto (such as in visions, dreams and etc.) 
Other times it was due to the fact I was living with some people and I began to use a two diary system whereby I would write ritual data in one journal and the identities of the ritual’s focus in another diary. Why? Paranoia and fear that their names would be found out and harassed. Unfortunatley, this diary with the names is one that has come up missing. So often I have “Client CBD’s father has been released from hospital. CBD claims he is doing much better and breathing on his own now. Consider this one a success.” OR “Client J14 is getting his old job back thanks to Marchosias. This working is a success.”
Regardless of how much or little information is given, the bottom line is the how-to info is important as well as the final results of the working. Sometimes I have the data when the results took place, other times no. Some rituals are very austere while others are far more involved, it just depended on the situation. I always consult spirits before doing rituals to save time because spirits often see things we cannot including roadblocks to success and so on. This is a great way to learn how to deal with such limiting impediments and deal with them or wait for a better astrological time to take place in the future.


4/23/18 "Plato said to me, 'If a man is assured of his own destiny, then the winds of change are naught but a rudder for him to reach a sea of stars.'” - Every so often, a random spirit will approach me and give me a kernel of truth or wisdom that is worthwhile. Last night after my meditation, I began to drift off and a spirit appeared before me with the above. Now the spirit did not specify whether or not He spoke to the real Plato of historical fame or whether the Plato He spoke with was just some spirit who liked to refer to Himself as “Plato”. (Imitation is the highest form of flattery.) All I know is when He left, I had to write this down then share it later. Amazing how the spirits can come up with bits of wisdom and insight such as this, no?



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