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You cannot let things happen on their own if you desire changes to occur in ways which satisfy you.
Sorcery's power is brutal, devastating & without conscience; choose wisely how you wish to use it.
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Radionics & Sorcery

Where the Future Meets the Ancient Past!


Greetings. It's about time I devote a portion of this site to the furthering of helping others learn about the usefulnes and practicality of the fields of Radionics, Orgone, Psionics also collectively known as Psychotronics.

Since the early part of this century, there have been pockets of practitioners who studied the newly discovered fringe science of Radionics many of whom were versed in Spiritism, Mesmerism, Occultism, etc. The idea was to use machines to enhance their own burgeoning psychic faculties to a greater extent.

In the ensuing years, there has come and gone a great many practitioners of this awesome technology. Dr. Albert Abrams, Ruth Drown, George De La Warr, & that wizard with his infamous black box, T. Galen Hieronymous, all shared a part in developing and molding the field of Psychotronics.

In more recent years, folks like Harry Stine, Thor Templar, Bob Blanchard, & that dastardly fellow, Chuck Cosimano have all played a part in the revival of Radionics & Psychotronics.

We have all these folks to thank for their hard won efforts and service in helping all of us learn more about the power of our minds and the practical uses for implementing our minds with advanced technological machinery.

The field is quite complex with much overlapping material from the fields of the Occult yet the technical aspects of the devices must not be discounted either. Here we find there must be an understanding of both how to use the machinery and why.

In my own practices, I implement and use these Psychotronic devices in conjunction with my Sorcerous practices. I will use my Rad-Sor Radionic Evocation Machine MK3 to dial in a Spirit from the Theurgia-Goetia and communicate with it or I will employ my own Hybrid Rad-Sor Wish Machine as I cast a spell to influence a client or use my own Hybrid Rad-Sor Wealth Accumulator as my 24/7 prosperity candle working. The uses are endless!

What you need to understand is that the machinery takes some effort on your part to connect with. You just do not sit down with the Hybrid Rad-Sor Wish Machine and Presto! you have instant gratification. (It's close to being that simple!) All Psychotronic devices require frequent & continued use to get used to working with. There is no such thing as instantaneous gratification where Psychotronics is concerned.

The radionics machines merely amplify your thoughts. The average person's thoughts are jumbled, chaotic, wavering, weak and for the most part, lifeless. For the machinery to work at optimum performance, you must spend time working to calm your mind, focus and use singular thought patterns. The more you practice this in conjunction with the devices, the better and quicker your desires will manifest.

The BEST by far training you can get without attending private lessons with someone is to get the Basics of Metaphysical Empowerment as it outlines in a step-by-step format not only HOW to boost your imagination and concentration but also the real secret to making empowered visualization work! None of the creative visualization books out on the market give you all the information you need like this course does. It will be your first step to mastering your destiny!

You should strive to learn as much as you can about the subjuect as possible. The quality of your machinery will make a marked difference in the quality of your results as well just as it does in Sorcery. Use crappy oils, you get so-so or crappy results. Use a shoebox device and you get "shoebox" results.

Can you build a machine on your own that's high quality and high tech? Yes you can! And if you have the capability then what are you waiting for? Build & use it! However if you do not have the wherewithal to build one, then I offer my own high quality devices that I've not only designed and built but also experimented with!

There is also a plethora of literature out there on the subject that one should take advantage of to get the best from all the available devices and options offered for them. The best place to start is with the awesome Elements of Psychotronics because it takes you from knowing nothing about Radionics, Psionics and Orgone equipment to explaining all the necessary knowledge you'll need to have a base in which to operate from. I've also created a page that will offer you the best in psychotronic reports, books & courses. You can find the link at the bottom of this page.


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