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You cannot let things happen on their own if you desire changes to occur in ways which satisfy you.
Sorcery's power is brutal, devastating & without conscience; choose wisely how you wish to use it.
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Radionic-Sorcery Hybrid Instruments

Please Note: ALL Rad-Sor Hybrid instruments have Shipping & Handling prices for UNITED STATES ONLY! Thus if you live outside of the US, please contact me to learn what the cost of the shipping & handling charges actually are for your country.

Each of MY instruments are Rad-Sor HYBRIDS. These are not just Radionic alone but rather mini-altars that blend the best of old world Sorcery techniques and power items with a modern Radionics approach! NO ONE ELSE offers this because NO ONE ELSE has the knowledge and wherewithal to do this BUT MolochSorcery!

The Rad-Sor Hybrid instruments feature:

* Wood Boxes - no crappy, petroleum based plastic boxes like some manufacturers use to keep costs down. I've found that wood has better resonant frequencies working for it. Plastic is only refined crude oil. Enough said? Plus we don't use toxic metals like aluminum or mercury nor anything other than just pure copper plates and wiring.

* Tachyon Crystals - these are the finest out on the market to help regulate the Tachyon Energy Waves from sub-atomic Tachyon particles.

* Alchemical White Gold Power - very costly ingredient that offers the BEST in energy conductance as well as filtering out D.O.R. energies and it is also one of the powders used by ancient Egyptians for life extension.

* Pure Copper - no brass or aluminum plates, no cheap wiring, and no crappy dime store dials are used in MolochSorcery instruments! I let other guys use that junk in their overpriced devices.

* Hand crafted right here in the United States! - not made by poverty class people in sweat shops in overseas third world nations. I find that appalling to save a buck on a unit!

Please note that these instruments are NOT the 'radionics devices' like my competitors sell. THEY do not do what is done to make my instruments special 'Hybrid' instruments as I do. Of course soon you'll soon see them TRY and I'm sure you ‘ll begin to see (that's if you haven't already!) all sorts of lies in various chat groups and in open forums about how someone bought one and it didn't work. Please understand that these are only fake comments by jealous competitors (posing as customers) lying to persuade you not to buy from me. If you choose to believe them, you are going to miss out on what my instruments can do for you!

Remember: I only sell my instruments here on MY site and I know every person who gets one!

Further I do not expect you to buy my Rad-Sor Hybrids and just leave you hanging without any guidance or help. I fully support my instruments! After all it's my goal and desire to keep you as a happy customer for future purchases, right?

Please note that I do NOT customize my instruments any more than what they already are. Meaning if you want a particular box size or something I am not interested in jumping through hoops to do that. You either deal with what I have or not. Period.

Oh and you'll find it useless to ask about any Radionics information in Occult chat groups since 99.99% of the people there are ignorant of the subject. Oh yes some have read about Radionics but that does not make them any sort of expert but rather they're an 'ex-spurt' (if you must). It's about like asking for a Radionicist to explain Sorcery on some Radionics list. Ugh! If I had a nickel for everyone of those dumb yahoos I'd buy out Microsoft!

Simply save your breath and time and ask ME!. Have questions about my instruments? Come directly to me. One does not ask the mechanic about how to grow tomatoes nor should anyone ask a crop farmer how to fix a Lamborghini.



All electronic MolochSorcery Rad-Sor Hybrid Instruments are fully covered for ONE YEAR. Any repair needed is free for that period. Customer only pays S&H & Insurance BOTH ways.

Rarely do I have problems with my units though sometimes in shipping, the carriers can be a little over-aggressive with packages and thus damage can result. This is why my units are shipped insured to cover this sort of nonsense. If you need to return a unit, contact me first. You need to include all returns with postage of $50.00 for S&H & Insurance!

ANY instrument I believe to be broken into by the owner/user will null & void the warranty! I seal my instruments & there is NOTHING inside the MolochSorcery instruments that is user serviceable. I also resin over special parts as well as add false circuits to foil copying.



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