Radio Show Eight

Tonight I spoke some tips and suggestions for attracting some money and luck your way because of the Holiday season. Here's the recipes I promised to give to you...

Arabka Soudagar: 1 Tb powdered frankincense, 7+ drops Tonka bean extract. Use: Burn when business is sour; brings good luck and financial gain; increased business luck.

Crown of Success: powdered orris root, powdered frankincense, vetiver, white sandalwood oil, gold glitter. Use: Pushes aside those who block your success; stops slander; neutralizes bad feelings.

Fast Luck: patchouli, rose & juniper berries. Uses: aids in prosperity spells; when mixing these oils, focus on confidence and success.

Double Fast Luck: same as Fast Luck but add a shredded dollar bill to the recipe. Use: To increase luck in all areas of your life.

(Classic) Money Drawing: powdered frankincense, heliotrope, bay laurel leaves, orange blossom oil, cinnamon, white sandalwood oil. Uses: Draw money and gold to your hands and pockets; worn to attract money to you. Also use on money or Mercury, Jupiter and Venus talismans to attract luck and money and dress green and gold candles with it.


When you perform money rituals, make certain there is a dish of water on the altar or work table. Spirits like water to be present.

When doing any sort of money drawing rituals, always put a brown candle dressed with Heliotrope oil on the northern side of your work table so the money spell/ritual has something to ground to. This helps to improve the success rate.

Folklore: "Angels in Disguise" - always be kind to strangers for you never know who may be an angel in disguise and who will judge you later on. When a stranger asks you for a handout, be kind and do not refuse them. Give them something and give it with love. ~ Grandpa.



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