Prayers, Poetry, Chants, Hymns & Psalms:
Asking for Boons from the Gods, Spirits & Saints
Prayers, Poetry, Chants, Hymns & Psalms: Asking for Boons from the Gods, Spirits & Saints
by Brother Moloch 9.6.9.
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When it comes to ritual liturgy it’s no surprise that most of us are not Shakespear at writing it. In fact many of us have a difficult time trying to simply figure out what it is we truly want let alone put down words to Non-Physical Entities (NPE’s) in a way that is pleasing to Them.
If you take time and dig into the older works of Witchcraft & Witchery as well as Ceremonial & Ritual Magic, you’ll often note where the author mentions about trying to find members who each have skills to bring to group such as someone who is good at carving, or perhaps one who has acting talents, and maybe another who is good at brewing wine & liquor, or one who is highly skilled in Astrology, and so forth. Still you’ll often see someone who is good at writing “liturgy” which is a skill largely forgotten these days even though there are numerous writers out there.
Yet writing liturgy is a skill that takes time to develop for a group as it involves understanding each person’s place within a group and how best each is served. By that I mean it does the group no good if one who has trouble speaking aloud or who has a speaking impediment and really feels uneasy about this issue has to have a large speaking role within a ritual context. Their unease can disrupt a ritual’s flow to the point the group’s JuJu simply will be either off center or won’t work at all. A good liturgist knows their speakers and knows what roles they can attend to.
Spellwork: KISS Formula
When it comes to working spells for oneself, however, I’ve found over the years a full ritual liturgy is often not necessary - that is unless you’re working within a particular framework be that a coven, grove, lodge, & etc, which has a framework for your own private works from which you have to operate. For some this may be as simple as Casting the Circle, Calling the Quarters, and Summoning he Gods or it may be far more ornate if say you’re involved with an ADF Grove or a Thelemic lodge.
If you’re not involved with such a group then your options are far more open and you have the ability to simplify your work. I know some feel this may be a bad idea however I have often found that the more ornate ritual/spell work becomes, the more chances there are for it to either breakdown somewhere or fall apart completely. It just depends on you, your skill and comfort level.
A wise old Haitian Houngan (re: Vodu Priest) said to me, “Modern ceremonial magicians take an already complex system and add more complexity to it” and he was right. Often simpler IS better yet that is always a personal choice so you must decide for yourself. Adding complexity does not make the ritual any stronger nor does it add any more power to it, but rather it simply adds more complexity - which again is okay if you’re working in a group context but for working alone it can definitely be daunting.
I was taught the K.I.S.S. formula which is “Keep It Simple & Straight-forward” and you cannot go wrong. Power comes from your emotions not from ritual complexity. I’m uncertain who came up with the idea it was the latter but I believe it was someone who wrote liturgy and well that’s okay. We need those folks around too.
Spelling Shortcuts
So what does an average person do whose not good at writing liturgy or spellwork? Is there any help? Well yes there is in fact. Frankly there’s a lot of help out there in many forms already. Let’s talk about them each.
Prayers are just that, prayers. There are numerous prayers for you to use out there in case you are nervous about what to say to a NPE and believe it or not, many people are! This does not mean they’re somehow weak or some such nonsense it just means they have difficulty in trying to think of what to say to an NPE whom they have come to respect or are in awe of. Perhaps you don’t have that sort of respect as they do for the NPE?
For years I use to believe Catholics were wussies because they couldn’t talk to “GOD” directly with their words and had to use canned words such as the Pater Noster and Ave Maria. It wasn’t until I became initiated into Haitian Vodu that I learned how powerful these prayers truly are and came to respect Catholic prayers. The idea that millions have recited the same prayer repeatedly for centuries often like a mantra gives the prayer power. Most of these good Catholics however have little understanding of just how powerful these prayers really are!
Still even if you choose to use your own words, your prayer can be powerful. It was rabbi Jesus the Christ who said to go into a closet, get on your knees and talk to GOD. The key there is be private and be humble. He never said to pray publicly nor in groups though this is what He taught His disciples which I found interesting as none of them listened to Him or what He said much like His modern followers anyway. Go figure, eh?
Poetry has often been used as praise for the ancient Gods often as a way of supplication and sometimes as a way to say thank you for Their help. Other times it is simply a way for the poet to show his/her love for the deity (or spirit) by simply creating and reciting the poem.
Some folks have used poems in ritual & spell contexts by writing them out, anointing the paper or papyrus with precious oils then reciting them once to the Four Corners so the NPE will hear the poem wherever They are, then burning it as an offering of sacrifice. The length of the poem need not be long, nor does it need to rhyme either, but it should flatter the NPE somehow or make the NPE feel inclined towards you which is the goal. Even if you do not want anything at this time, you may desire or need something in the future so leave the door open for yourself with the NPE.
Psalms are poems found in the Christian Bible and often attributed to King David. However modern scholars tell us many Psalms predate King David by several centuries so he could never have written them or at the least, he copied them from older sources. This would make King David somewhat of a plagiarist. Yet his remaining Psalms are often beautiful and written to be either praises to his god, Yahweh, or about Yahweh in some fashion. Modern day occultists have plumbed the depths of the Psalms and discovered that some Psalms such as the 91st, is ideal for such things as uncrossing and removing curses while others such as the 41t is ideal for job hunting and th 57th is good for spiritually cleansing yourself. There are numerous Psalm books out there on the market but I am partial to Jean Kent’s version because he includes the Hebrew passwords and phrases needed to make them work more than just the names.
When we think of hymns, we often think of the hymnals found in church pews with those old Christian standards in them, however there are even far older hymns going back several thousand years to the ancient Greeks attributed to Orpheus which are very useful in our spiritual work. These are wonderful to use for they allow us to obtain images of our favorite pagan Gods and either sing the hymns to Them or just read them aloud. These hymns are powerful as they can open doors for you and give you access to numerous Greco-Roman deities who are more than eager to work with you. Most of these deities are well documented along with Their likes and dislikes so it is rather easy to set up a shrine to any one of Them even Titans like Dame Hekate.
These wonderful little snippets of poetry are terrific to get yourself into the habit of learning as well as using. Why? Well most chants are spells in and of themselves. To make them work you simply need to imagine what it is you desire along with the stated chant and pour your emotion into it. It’s that simple. My first introduction to chants was years ago in Marvel comics when Dr. Strange had Spiderman interrupt his fight with Dormmamu and Dr Strange quickly incanted, “By the demons of darkness, In the names of Satannish, By the Flames of Faltine, Let Spiderman vanish!” then Spidey appeared elsewhere in NYC all confuzzled. LoL Yet that just rocked my supernatural world! Later when I began to study Witchcraft, I came upon Kathryn Paulson’s compilation of the subject and found a chant to stop a toothache (which I had at the time) “Galbes, Galbat, Galdes, Galdat” and I repeated it over and over and the toothache subsided. Like magic.
Chants are easy enough to create on your own as they should be sing-songy, simple, metered and while they don’t have to rhyme it helps if they do. The late Witch, Raymond Buckland, has a wonderful book on chanting called “Chant-O-Matics” out for years and I used numerous chants from that book for all sorts of workings as did many others. 
These are holy prayers often written by Catholics to various persons such as the Saints, Jesus, Mary, the Infant, Joseph, and so on. Most conclude that a litany is useful in that if you pray one sincerely for 30 days, at its conclusion a miracle will occur for you. They’re very repetitious and call upon select names sometimes over and over again throughout the litany. Most litanies are very long and they take time to recite which can be daunting but if you persevere, at the end just state your desire and be done with it.
Ask & Yes Shall Receive....
I tend to use the term ‘boon’ a lot these days and am rather astonished at just how many people do not know what it means. A boon is an archaic term and it denotes something a favor or request as well as something that’s helpful or beneficial. So in other words, you ask for something and when it’s granted, you’re given a boon, got it? I think it’s a term we need to bring back into modern usage.
The old rabbi was correct when he said “..ask and ye shall receive...” because while that may not be true with Joe and Mary Sixpack out there in the world, it is true with the spirits - once you know HOW to ask properly. (wink) Ever heard the expression, “it’s not what you say, but how you say it that matters” ?? Well that is true. Both in the human world and the world of the spirits. Because there have been studies that have shown if you ask a certain way to strangers, more often than not a vast majority of them WILL allow you to have your way or will help you.
Now when you ask an NPE for something, what you need to do is first use one of the methods mentioned above be it a prayer, a poem, a chant, & etc, then at the end, as you do with the litany, you speak plainly what it is you desire, say “thank you” and end the ceremony. Got that? It’s a very simple format. I’ve done this for years where I would recite a Psalm and at the end plainly speak what I desired, then say “Thank you for helping me!” and close the ritual. That’s it.
Repetition Is Key
Ever heard the other old saw, “the squeaky wheel gets the grease” ?? Well sometimes the NPE’s get caught up in Their own drama or who knows what and They need reminding so we do these again and again and again until something happens. It’s like batting practice: you can’t hit a home run unless you’re in the batter’s cage a lot. Same thing with ritual and sorcery because just doing these sorts of things once does not imply you’re going to get what it is you desire. Repeat, repeat, repeat! Until you get your desire. It’s that simple
And the truly great thing about dong this is you can do it anywhere without fire, water, offerings, etc. Just sing, chant, speak - DO IT. That’s it and then ask for what it is that’s tugging at your heart, say thanks and move on. Sadly most folks will perform rituals like the Qabalistic Cross, the LBRP, Middle Pillar, Lord’s Prayer, Lagabi bacha lagabi, Darksome Night, Shining Moon, and others without ever ASKING for anything. It’s like they drum up this power from nowhere then let it go for naught. Next time you’re performing any pagan/Pagan, occult, Christian, Hindu or whatever prayers, chants, & etc, at the end ASK for something and then say thank you and close the ceremony. Do this regularly and keep the same desire until it comes to full fruition. Got that? One desire until it is fulfilled then you can move on to the next one.
I hope this helps you as you build and learn about your own practices. Just use this with caution, courtesy and common sense and you will go far. May the ancestors watch over you.
Nov 2018


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