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You cannot let things happen on their own if you desire changes to occur in ways which satisfy you.
Sorcery's power is brutal, devastating & without conscience; choose wisely how you wish to use it.
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Personal Services

Personal services will not be emailed nor written down. You will have to send me your US or Canadian telephone number, the proper time of day you wish for me to call you, the agreed upon payment ahead of time, and what you wish for me to help you with. You get ONE request per call only.
Let my 30+ years of spiritual experience be your guide for a nominal fee so that you can actually get some results.
1. Spell Advice - I get asked a lot about what type of spell should one do for this or that situation. Here is your chance to ask an expert about what he thinks you should do in virtually any given situation.
2. Spirit Advice - with my vast experience working with spirits over my sorcerous & necromantic career you have a rare opportunity to pick my brain for which spirit you should utilize for your desire as well as what sort of offering you should be willing to give in return for services rendered.
3. Spell Research - unsure about what type of spell will work? Tired of trying everything from books & the Net? Allow me to be your personal consultant and guide you through your own customized spiritual working.
4. How To Become More Spiritually Powerful - allow me to analyze what you are currently doing, why you are either going about it incorrectly and either headed nowhere or are stuck. Then I can help you move past this by suggesting various prayers, meditations, exercises and more for your personal regimen.

[The next three are about Jean Kent's Master Book of Psalms which I get an inordinate amount of mail about.]
5. Psalm Recommendation - unsure which Psalm to choose for a given spiritual working? I can definitely help.

6. How to Effectively Use Jean Kent’s Psalm Book - need advice on how to get the most effective use from Jean Kent’s Master Book of Psalms? I have the full key and can teach it to you because it has worked well for me and many others I have taught it to.
7. How to Pronounce Kabalistic Names, Passwords & Phrases - think what you find in books or on the Net is the way to do it? Not with Jean’s books because his material came from an actual practicing Kabalistic Rabbi instead some kook in a costume pretending to understand ancient Hebrew. Find out how to actually pronounce Hebrew words that work.

If you are sincerely interested in any of the above services, feel free to contact me via email to discuss terms and conditions as well as payment options. My email address is listed below. Thank you.

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