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Influential Stone

Sep 30, 2011

Is there someone you wish to influence? Giving them a programmed crystal is often a great way to do this but for those people who dislike crystals due to religious reasons, the next best thing is tumbled stones such as Tigers Eye, Bloodstone, Adventurine & so on. Many stones can be purchased rather inexpensively & all you need to do is hold it in your Power Hand (re: dominant hand or the one you write with) and imagine the person you wish to influence clearly in your mind's eye. See them doing or saying what it is you desire as intensely as you can. Hold this image and repeat it over & over until you feel it welling up deeply in you. Then project that image down from your mind's eye into your Power Hand. Put some energy into it. Try and hold this image of the stone glowing, radiating power with your desire intensely impregnated into it. Once finished, it's a simple matter of giving the stone to the person. Maybe for their desk or something.


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