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Prosperity, Wealth or Just Money Drawing

Sep 10, 2011

Today we’re going examine the differences between Money Drawing, Prosperity & Wealth for the purposes of determining which to use when needed. All too often, people think that the above three are the one & the same which they are not.

Money Drawing is just what it says, trying to draw money to your pocket. You want a specific type of monetary amount, not something nebulous so when you need $210.89 to pay for the muffler on your old Dodge, this is type of working you’ll want to do.

Prosperity is more nebulous but the idea is to put yourself into a prosperous position. This is best for work/careers where you want a more financially secure setting. The idea here is to ask the Universe to help you become more prosperous instead of pinning down anything specific.

Wealth is a condensed version of Prosperity where you have an idea of how much you wish to be worth, overall. Now remember, wealth includes all real property that you own and not just liquid assets such as money. Many fabulously wealthy people own vast amounts of businesses & land - all of which contributes to their wealth but is not immediately liquid.

Use these loose guidelines to help you determine what your financial spells & rituals should be like.

If it’s not practical, it’s NOT Sorcery!

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