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Lilith Wynz's Passing Over to the Ancestors
Her Star Has Arced


Mz Lilith

It is with deep regret and great sadness I must report the passing over to the Ancestors of “Mz Lilith from Twilight Crossroads”.
Lilith Wynz was not only at one time in the past my apprentice, she was also baptized into my Haitian Vodu House and served the LWA as a devoted Mambo taking care of the needs of her family, friends, clients, students, and community. Lilith loved spiritual work and often told me she wished she had found it when she was much younger so that she could have had more time to learn and hone her skills at it. 
Many of you will recall that Lilith made terrific oils for spiritual work. We talked about the idea of her creating the Uncrossing Oil Kit for the Uncrossing Ritual which she enjoyed creating and putting together for numerous clients and customers over recent years. When I first met Lilith around 2002, she was learning to formulate oils and over time became quite the gifted alchemist.
Her skills as a JuJu worker were impressive enough that I could give Lilith an original spell to use, she would perform it then call back in a few days to tell me how well it worked. In fact her JuJu was so strong that her clients & customers enjoyed her spiritual work from around the globe hiring Lilith to do all sorts of sorcery & Vodu workings. She not only loved every minute of it Lilith also took great pride in her work.
You may not know this but Mz Lilith was also a gifted trance medium and would often serve as a “Horse” on occasion. The spirits spoke loudly through her and she enjoyed the communion with Them. She would have amazing dreams that were prophetic.

Prior to her involvement with the occult, Lilith owned and operated her own alternative news magazine back in the early 1990's where she had a staff that focused on the Rock-Metal-Alternative scene in the greater Cleveland, OH area. With that she got to meet, interview and hang out with many (now) famous musicians - before they were famous such as Alice In Chains while they passed through the area’s clubs. Lilith also played keyboards in at least one band in her youth which she told me about.
At one time she was a very talented writer until however, she was struck by a brain aneurysm a number of years ago which nearly took her life then. Yet with much love, support and a lot help from the spirits, as well as being the strong individual she was, Lilith managed to make it through that ordeal with flying colors to live a normal life - albeit with slight reservations. Unfortunately this past Friday All Soul’s Day, Lilith succumbed to yet another brain aneurysm while working out at the gym. The saving grace in all of this is she did not suffer. 
Blessings to you, Lilith Wynz, and thank you for coming into our lives for the brief time you did and making it that much brighter. May the Ancestors receive you with open loving arms and raise a toast with the Guede & LWA as you party on in the afterlife until the next phase of your journey is ready to begin!

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