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More IGOS Crap
The Wacko Leader's Latest Claims
Recently word is going around that the goofy fruitcake who runs IGOS/BOTNL/SONA (or whatever the hell he’s calling his fucked up organization these days) is that he claims he personally trained me as well as Brujo Negro back in the day. *ahem* I assure you nothing could be further from the truth.
This is from a wacko who actually believes Atlantis is a Norwegian or Scandinavian continent that didn’t sink as Homer claimed but the Atlanteans all “ascended” to a higher plane of existence. Remember previously I told you that he got hooked on this whole ascension idea from Stargate: SG1 TV series and would talk about it nonstop - that is until the damned Matrix came out THEN he wouldn’t shut up about that. Brian is a huge Sci-Fi buff which isn’t bad mind you but his new age mind takes an idea and tries to insert a fictional idea into reality. It doesn’t work. He beats it to death. Brian Signoretti who is known as Thorguard Templar, Thorguard Morpheus and other silly handles which he’s changed over the years to avoid the so-called “Dark Brotherhood” (whom he always claimed was after him) used as a scapegoat for most likely bill collectors & creditors. 
I’m in the process of getting some of his old cassette taped rants transfer digitally so that I can upload them to the Net and let you hear just how mentally screwed up this wacko really is. However he used to tell me he spent hours training Brujo Negro when he, Brian that is, had a storefront location for the brief time he had one. However when I talked to Brujo Negro about this recently, he laughed and said he had only met the guy ONCE in his life. He said he asked him maybe a few questions.
Yet Brujo Negro was instrumental in IGOS/BOTNL because he was IGOS’ “Circle of Wiccans” that got results and other IGOS esoteric groups that Brian used to write up and sell in the old catalogs. When I heard this, I chuckled figuring Brujo probably did far more than that and he answered to the affirmative stating he performed numerous rituals for the order yet Brian always billed him as a full “team” of experts to their customers. This was because Brian himself being a new age fruitcake, did not have the strength of purpose nor the intellectual wherewithal to handle these client’s request on his own. So he farmed out the work. He farmed out some healing work to me but got greedy and I told him I was too busy to take on his cases.
As for training me? Pffft. His contribution was simply to mail me some books which I used in research for my Magus course, my voodoo Magic course and that was it. The guy is a prevaricator on the scale of Donald Trump posing as someone he is not. He came to me knowing full well I was well read in grimoires and ceremonial magic even though I was not part of any esoteric order like the OTO, GD and etc. He asked me if I would handle IGOS’ grimoire series which Bob Blanchard had translated (or so Brian claims) and then edit, layout and add notes where relevant. I did so and was paid for doing them. When we parted company though he demanded I repay him every penny for doing the work on them. This is how he does business.
When I finished with that project, he wanted me to do his Rune Magic course of 18 lessons but the problem was it was an absolute mess. The guy just stole artwork willy nilly from books & magazines, cut and pasted it onto paper, typed some things hither and yon and slapped it together not even bothering to spell check anything. I have the original six lessons and they’re atrocious. So when I tried to do the first lesson, Brian got pissy about the manner in which I was doing it so I said forget it & walked away from it. He got someone else to do it and while it loosk somewhat nicer it’s still filled with all sorts of errors. I know actual Runesters who laugh at this course it’s such a pathetic joke.
So what did Brian do to make money in the Guild? Radionics. He had a hard on for Karl Hanz Welz whom he used to be friends with years earlier and when Welz got involved in Radionics, so did Brian. Then he found Cosimano and lured him into the Guild getting Chuck to publish a couple of books through IGOS. Problem was he screwed Chuck over as well then Chuck left the Guild. He also published a grimoire by Rev Paul Beryl, the one on plant devas and it was well done, beautiful and looked great in black leather binding. I still have MY copy. Then for some “mysterious” reason out of the blue, Paul up and quits the Guild as well. Then not long after, every member of the Guild’s so called Inner Order up and leaves the organization. Gone.
There’s a pattern here,folks and it isn’t the members, I assure you. So why did I stick around? *sigh* I was naive and loyal. He was treating me fairly well until we parted company then all hell broke loose which is when I really got to see him for what he truly is and it’s a very ugly person. Not someone you’d want to read your cards let alone do business with.
Cassette tapes every month with his lunatic rantings on them as if he’s some tiny Hitler raving about something and going off over perceived slights, Dark Brotherhoods, fake occultists, why people couldn’t read him, etc, etc, & yadda. He’d go on and on about corporations ruling the world and how employees lost their personal identity yet here he comes with “suits” for goofy Alien Resistance Movement (ARM) to wear replete with vests, berets, patches and other silly nonsense all of which are what? Part of a organized identity. LoL That’s the logic he forges in his thinking.
IGOS’ Sorcery course was none other than just a ripped off copy of Malcolm Mills’ mail order Witchcraft course which was sold in the late 70's. Brian got a copy of it somehow, photocopied it, made a few changes here and there and published it almost verbatim. That is until he found out Mills had an online presence THEN he scrambled to change the course entirely. The guy decided he didn’t want me writing it for him because he’d have to pay me too much $$$ (I told him $1,500) because it was an 11 lesson course and it was quite involved to be completely rewritten. So what did he do? Write it himself! Boss Fix powder became Boos Fix powder because he was too lazy to fix the spelling errors even with automatic spell checker! Still have some of his rewrites around here as well. Funny stuff.
He’s never written an original thought that I know of. Ever. Just copies everyone else. Lies and tells people he trained me, Brujo Negro and hell I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s not going around telling folks that he trained Chuck Cosimano in Radionics as well because his ego is THAT big, folks! His catalog is a joke. Every item he sells is top of the line yet he used to tell me how he’d go into Wal*Mart and hunt through the toy aisle looking for toys to buy for $0.88 and sell them with an oil as a $40 kit along with a page of instructions. He did turn me on to a few new Parker Publishing titles I had never seen and I turned him onto a ton of Finbarr books he’d never heard of. I also plugged that asshat into MY occult clientele whom he honked and pissed off by not shipping books, or sending them photocopies of Finbarr books with missing pages whom he blamed on some guy who lived with him for a short time. Brian always blames everyone else, even his wife at times, instead of his own self. He’s never at fault. The guy is perfect. He’s always right. Walks on water and claims he flaots on a lotus bed. LoL If you believe that garbage I’ve got a bridge to sell you in Japan that will make you a billionaire!
The last I heard Brian was trying to get his own current members to rally together to “put Moloch down!” How do I know? Folks who do not like him have contacted me and told me what he’s up to. Doesn’t surprise me. Same old Brian. He’s always ranting about someone whom he’s got an issue with. The occult world would breathe so much easier and be less cluttered if he would just go away and be with his wife who the last I knew was very ill. She doesn’t deserve all of that nonsense. But the guy loves drama and he is a drama QUEEN first rate.

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