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You cannot let things happen on their own if you desire changes to occur in ways which satisfy you.
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Summoning Spirits
The Summoning of Marchosias

Time: Fall 1989
Location: Clearwater, FL
Need: Legal Trouble, facing possible jail time & heavy fines
Being a young person in my early twenties, was difficult to say the least because I did not have the wisdom I possess today to curb stupid decisions and before you smirk, dear reader, know that you made/make many stupid decisions yourself so be wary of laughing at someone else’s foolishness when your own follies are laid bare for all to see.
So being a full time college student with no real money saved in the bank or any sort of financial cushion like a working spouse or wealthy parents to rely on, I had to deal with this on my own. Typically the average student would seek out whatever free legal counsel was available and more often than not, that legal counsel just flat out sucks so why bother in the first place? I figured best to try a different tactic.
I did some meditating and praying to my patron spirits who at that time, was not Moloch but Frey and Freyja whom I still adore and revere to this day. Their counsel wasn’t as swift as Moloch’s usually is but suffice to say it came in a dream. [At the moment my journals from that time period of my life are all in storage thus I am going to try to recollect the dream to the best of my ability.] I had prayed to the Gods telling them the legal trouble I had allowed myself to fall into. 
I admitted to the spirits I was foolish and stupid and took my time confessing my sins to Them. In hindsight it felt really good to open up to someone what I had done. Then I asked to be allowed to mend the situation via paying a weregild to the courts instead of doing actual jail time. I pleaded with them and asked what sort of ritual should I perform or do to ensure that I stay out of prison/jail and just make financial compensation instead.
I think it was two nights later, I had a dream about a black wolf with blazing red eyes. Immediately I knew who this dream was about and what I needed to do. The dream was about a specific entity named Marchosias and He is the 35th spirit out of the 72 who are listed in the first book of the Lemegeton’s Goetia. I double checked this with a pendulum and with Tarot trying to ensure that I had THE correct spirit. My prognostications agreed with my gut feeling, Marchosias was the man for the job.
The Goetia was a book I was well aware of since I had previously attempted to summon Valac from it with no success. I was worried that I may not succeed with summoning Marchosias as well and I could not afford a second failure especially when things were so important at this time. However, I had summoned Seere for my friend who owned a bookstore and she got results so perhaps there was hope after all.
In case you weren’t aware, Marchosias is one of those Spirits who specializes in kicking the crap out of others and that's why I chose him to help me when I got myself in hot water legally. It made sense to call on Him since the grimoire lists Marchosias as “a strong fighter” which I needed for this legal case. The grimoire did not specify what type of fighter the spirit was so I presumed being a NPE (Non-Physical Entity) and one of the original 72 that He was good at fighting on all fronts. Let’s face it, not all fighters in ancient times were blockheads because someone had to have brains and lead the warriors to victory. We know many such warriors in ancient times studied great warriors of the past and their campaigns, played strategic games like chess and engaged in riddles to keep their minds sharp and their wits tight. Marchosias seemed right to me.
Around this time, I began to worry less about WHEN to summon a spirit and more about HOW to do it properly. This was from discussions I had with Ron Parshley and with Don M. Kraig over the phone when he was an editor at Llewellyn. Don’s suggestion was to focus on using the manual of the Goetia which I now had my very own copy of thanks to the bookstore owner friend (who I helped with Seere). So I read through the Goetia several times studying it and learning the incantations. I hand wrote the incantations into a blank book but did not write the spirit’s names or their seals into the book.
Robe, staff, dagger, altar, incense, attraction powder, even a makeshift Triangle of Art created on a large piece of cardboard and hand painted even though I chose not to use it for this ritual due to space limitations (we’re talking a one room efficiency with an old Murphy bed that pulled down out of the wall - that’s how small a room it was!) What I needed was a scryer and no one was interested especially after hearing about Dave’s dream with Valac. Stubbornly, I decided to do it all myself.
The Black Mirror
The thing you need to understand when working with an evocation, is that you have to have some manner in which to scry. Dave used a faceted crystal ball he found in an old abandoned house. I had no such item and new age shops sold crystal balls for exorbitant prices so I was left with Don Kraig’s idea of a black mirror.
In witch lore, Dorene Valiente suggested using a rounded clock glass as a scrying tool wherein you invert one side of the glass, paint it with some sort of tar like stuff called Asphaltum which I had no clue what that was or where it could be obtained. However I did know where to find flat black spray paint - Napa auto parts and they had plenty of it. I bought two cans and in preparation for this but still had no clue what I was going to use for the glass. WHERE does one find old clocks at reasonable prices? Flea markets. Okay so I high tailed it to the Oldsmar flea market and walked around looking for suitable old clocks. Did not find a single one! Spent almost four hours walking that entire place and nada.
I was lamenting my dismay about this to Tony G, one of my dear Pagan friends and he said, “Moloch, screw clock glasses; try using a photograph frame.” It was like a light switch went on in my noggin. Brilliant idea.
So I went out and purchased two 11" X 14" picture frames because IF I accidentally broke one, I had the other to work with. So I cleaned both sides with warm soapy water making certain to remove all of the crud and dust that gather from factories, truck shipping, packaging, store shelf sitting and so on. Then after drying one, I used some Windex cleaner on the glass surface to really remove any minor streaks, film, and imperfections the water and towel may have missed. I also used lint free paper towels for this step with the Windex.
One the glass was free of debris and dust, I took it outside and laid it onto a set of bricks I had purposely laid out on top of some wooden popsicle sticks to keep the glass from getting scratched. Then after shaking the can for about three minutes to really mix the paint, I began spraying. Years ago I had done a little work in an auto-body shop and my friend Turk taught me how to use a can to touch up spots that matched paint. There’s a knack to it and if you’re careful, you can spray paint on with a can and do so in a way that makes it (almost) look as if a professional did it with a gun. Thus I worked the glass carefully with slow, even strokes applying the paint the way Turk showed me.
Turk said for paint to adhere properly it’s best to allow drying time between coats. So I was outside in the hot Florida afternoon sunshine and gently applying thin, even coats of flat black paint to one side of this mirror. I knew I didn’t want any light to shine through the glass so after every coat had dried - didn’t take long in sunny 89 degree weather - I held it up to the Sun’s light and had a look through it to see if I could see any light. If yes, I carefully set it back down and sprayed another coat. It took me about seven even coats and one can was completely depleted thus my reasoning for buying the second can. Once the back of it was well painted and no light from the Sun could be seen through it, I set the glass back down and let it dry fully. Note: I stayed around in between coats to also keep away bugs which I wasn’t interested in landing on my wet paint or getting stuck to the glass so anytime a bug or bee came buzzing near I just shooed it away.
When finished with the painting, I took the mirror inside and let it sit on the carpeted floor unpainted side face down. I then took out my Goetia grimoire and using some black paint and a #10 brush, I painted the Seal of Solomon on the painted side. Yes you couldn’t see it but the spirits knew it was there and I knew it was there. That’s enough as far as I was concerned. Then I carefully flipped it over and placed it inside it’s picture frame.
The Mirror Gets A Tea Bath
I stared into the sheer darkness of my new scrying device and it was a bit spooky. It was this deep sense of darkness that went on and on forever. I liked it yet it was unsettling which I also liked for effect.
The folklore I had read about all stated that magical mirrors require a tea bath of Mugwort to maintain their effectiveness. Thus I took out some Mugwort and poured some boiling water over the herb and let steep for about five minutes total. Then I strained the liquid off into a dish and using paper towels I dabbed the Mugwort tea and washed the mirror with it. When finished, I used a large white bath towel to wrap the mirror in.
Cassette Deck to the Rescue!
Since I would have no one to assist me in this endeavor, I needed a way to be able to do the incantations while also doing the scrying at the same time. A brilliant idea popped into my noggin which was to record myself saying them on cassette tape and then play them back while performing the ritual. So I had a dual tape deck and decided to use two 90 minute tapes giving me a total of 90 minutes to work. Thus I miked myself, cued the tape opened the grimoire to the incantation and began to speak. I spoke with passion, with power and with force. I entreated the spirit to come, I cajoled the spirit to appear and I insisted the spirit arrive as promised by the grimoire! With my four speakers and huge amplifier, it easily filled the room with sound upon playback. If I had wanted, I could have added echo and other effects to my voice but saw little need for such dramatics when something this important was at stake.
The Summoning
Finally the night arrived I decided to call Marchosias. The circle was taped out on the floor using masking tape just like I had done with the previous denizen of the 72, Valac. I opted not to use the Triangle of Art manly because since that time, I added some guitar amplifiers, stereo equipment and other errata that was taking up a lot of room in my efficiency thus I had no room to set up the ToA. So I went ahead and set the Black Mirror where I thought it was stand up on its own and be out of the way outside of the circle. I used a wooden yard stick to reach over and push the start button for the cassette deck to start the tape rolling so that I did not have to step out of the circle nor break my concentration.
I began to focus intently into the black mirror. I was wearing Marchosias’ seal as a medallion around my neck. It was made of heavy parchment paper and I was using white yarn for the string. On the back of His seal I draw the Seal of Solomon like the one on the back of the mirror except this one was using color like the one Israel Regardie shows in his book, the Tree of Life.
First I walked around the circle speaking the various Hebrew name of power to tune myself then I made an invocation to Lucifer and asked Him to send His son, Marchosias to attend me and see if He could help me fix my problem. I used some Drawing Powder, a spiritual recipe used to attract and draw the spirits to a ritual. I had sprinkled a little of this under the area where the mirror was sitting before placing the mirror on the floor.
The conjuration kept coming thunderously through the speakers and at one point I was worried my neighbors may come pounding on my door yet thankfully no one complained. I was repeatedly chanting under my breath, “Come Marchosias, come! Come, Marchosias, come!” 
Eventually, a faint glimmer began to take shape in the black mirror. This was NOT my reflection either thus before someone suggest I was seeing myself, there was no seeing my own image as it was pitch black in this mirror and there were no reflections. It was black, cold and often distant while peering into that mirror. After a bit longer, the glimmer began to take shape and I first saw two glimmering red eyes staring back at me. They began to pace forward like something was trotting towards me. It was definitely unnerving.
As I recall, Marchosias’ face didn't show up in the 11" X 14" black mirror that I had made. He was there nonetheless as I could sense Him with my occult senses and my trusty pendulum. He wasn't ready to rip out my throat but had an air of indifference about Him. Funny now that I'm reliving that experience internally (mind you this was 1989!), I remember saying, "Look, I know what I did was wrong and I admit it. I also don't desire to serve any jail time or have this show up on my permanent record. This is why I called you, Marchosias. Help me WIN this FIGHT!" 
Then I felt a sense of relief - some for the confession but mainly for the feeling I got as if I had talked to the local Godfather and got his help to get rid of the problem. Marchosias is amazing. The whole thing turned 180 degrees for me and all I had to do was pay restitution and not in a lump sum like I figured I'd have too but in payments.
At this time, I wasn’t aware what Marchosias would want for a tribute so since He is a wolf, I offered to make a donation/gift to a wolf sanctuary in HIS name. Marchosias seemed to accept that with a nod. No words spoken nothing just a nod. So I check with my pendulum to be certain and sure enough, He agreed to it so I later made a donation to a wolf sanctuary in His name. I draw his seal on the face of my check so that He knew I kept my word. ;)
In Summary
The ritual worked. I ended up just having to pay a hefty fine and the judge allowed me to make payments instead of demanding it all in one lump sum. Further jail time was suspended provided I behave and not cause that sort of problem again and learn to control my Hulk appearances. I agreed and abided my side and all went as hoped.
In the succeeding years, I have called upon Marchosias far more than any other of the 72 probably because I have a very strong affinity for Him. He is a fighter and so am I. 
Once I offered Marchosias 21 seven day jar candles (one began each day for twenty one days) as an offering if he'd help me fight and win a particular struggle. He came close but didn't succeed so I did not pay him. Lesson learned that sometimes the spirits are not always interested in our petty problems even when promised good things.
Some of my acquaintances tries summoning this spirit but when He began to manifest, they banished the area thinking Marchosias is too intimidating. I had to tell them yes He is at first with his mere presence but if you respect Him, then Marchosias won’t be obnoxious when He arrives and try to scare the crap out of you. 
Another time I asked Marchosias to help me with prosperity. I got it after fighting someone to get it! lol The key here is He made me fight for it so it wasn’t easy. Marchosias likes contests because they’re like battle and he loves battle. Give this spirit a reason to test Himself and that He will do.
Over the years, I’ve summoned Marchosias to help client’s tame a vindictive landlords, deal with abusive ex-spouses, or kick the shit out of nasty neighbors who need to move away. These things the spirit seemed to enjoy doing because He like many macho guys enjoys flexing His muscles and showing off.
Just realize that when you summon this spirit, you must tell Him why He was summoned. He doesn't read minds. He typically is polite yet indifferent and talks in a manner as such, "Yes? You called?" I said, "Thank you Great & Mighty Marquis Marchosias for answering my call. I have need of your guidance and help..." Then I explained to Him in detail what was going on and why I needed His help in particular.
I think one of the reasons Marchosias is such a badass fighter or warrior is that because he is a wolf. Canines are wickedly awesome at tracking, are they not? They know how to track their prey and Marchosias is exceptional at this. I had a magician who thought he could hide from me and I get Marchosias to hunt the guy down for me then we set about making the man’s life a living hell.
Yet another time, I had great success with Marchosias and a client who owned a business. Suffice to say Marchosias went to bat for this client and their "business license" and won. With charges dropped! I'm telling ya, if you're in a heap of legal trouble, Marchosias is the Spirit to call on! No he’s not a finesse type of spirit but you tell him which side you’re on and who the opponent is and He will do the rest.
Then in the early 2000s, I landed a great job in inside sales. I thought this was going to be something akin to working in Wonka’s chocolate factory, y’know? Land of milk and honey? Pfffft. Corporate America’s modus operandi these days is to paint a glorious picture, sell you on it THEN once you’re firmly ensconced, give you the “Oh by the way...” news that is a huge let down. WHY am I responsible for trash accounts that some other schmuck ripped the company and the client off for? Wholly unfair because that all happened last year and putting that all on me is not fair in the least. Thus I started out in the hole. A bloody DEEP hole I might add!
My continued workings with the intelligence of Mercury, Tiriel, resulted in my learning many new ideas and concepts for this particular job and the industry it was in though things for me continued to steadily decline despite long hours doing my best to try and dig myself out. Through some sortilege and a series of divinations, I opted to call on an old friend, Marchosias because He’s “a strong fighter” and also given the fact that I'm quite martial in my nature anyway, I surmised Marchosias having the wherewithal to help me push thru this situation.
I did a preliminary contact with Marchosias and explained my situation. I needed X amount of dollars in revenue to come in to cover my quota for this particular quarter else I feared the company would let me go. I offered a series of seven day jar candles each specially dressed with a particular Occult blended oil as payment. Each candle would be lit on a successive day until all had been lit and allowed to burn out completely. Marchosias agreed.
Four business days went by and I made contact with a law firm that was making an effort to increase their client base thru advertising. The owner opted for a campaign that would - you guessed it - net me almost to the dollar the exact amount I told Marchosias I needed! There was resistance - obviously as it always happens in sales - and the client would need placated. [This is typical in this business with attorneys] So thru the help of my manager and I, we worked out a plan to help the client.
Regardless, the client opted for the plan but thru a national rep agency. Thus our carefully laid out plan was absconded with and someone else got the credit and reward for the hard work we put in. *sigh* But that's business and sales and life. So Marchosias did indeed fail to produce the result I desired though Him came awfully close. Had I called upon Him sooner, I think we may have gotten somewhere. "Enchant long" is a very well worthwhile belief to adopt and live by in my opinion.
However, Marchosias came through regardless because even though I was let go, I got another position with another firm that paid almost as much but without all of the “starting out in the hole” drama involved. Further the previous company I worked for filed for Chapter 11 first then by Dec that year they filed Chapter 7 and the death knell was rung. So the spirit saw I would not have been happy staying there anyway so letting me get let go was a good thing.
Marchosias is a very useful spirit to call upon and one who is highly under utilized of the 72.

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