Lotto and Gambling Spells
The Plain Truth


"By the Gods!" is the only phrase I could think to use while I went surfing the net for sites who claimed to ‘guarantee’ you to win the big lotto jackpot. How these people can sleep peacefully at night is beyond me because that is one enormous promise for them to make to you.
You have to ask yourself the following: “When was the last time any lotto winner told the news media s/he did a lottery spell themselves or employed a magical practitioner to help them win?” None that I've ever heard. I have a dear friend who’s nuts about lottery and lotto winners (she thinks she's going to marry one!) and she has read many biographies of these winners but told me she has yet to read anywhere where any of these winners claimed they used magic to win. The best she's found is a couple who claimed they used the hubby's 'good luck charm' while picking the numbers.
Surprising? The guy whose site claims his spells "can do it all" or the young wiccan priestess who has "the ear of the Gods" or the Santero who claims "he gets all the desired results" - they're all full of it. The problem is where they claim "all" their spells work, folks. If you're a savvy individual, you will know there's no such thing as a 100% sure thing. Ever.
As I stated on the page about my own spiritual services, there is no such thing as every spell working exactly the way you want it to work and if ANYONE - I don't care who that someone is - claims they can do that, they're a liar and full of crap so you should run like the wind away from them while holding onto your wallet! Even with the help of powerful spirits, there are no guarantees. If you believe otherwise, you’re believing far too much Hollywood fantasy nonsense are a fool.
A Short Primer on Spirits
You need to first understand that what you’ve been taught as a child about God is myth and fantasy. Your childhood faith that you were brought up in is a combination of truth and fiction. GOD is no longer around. After IT (God is formless so IT has no gender) created this universe and all within it, IT moved on elsewhere. The beings you hold as "God" be that Allah, Yahweh, Jesus, the Buddha, Shiva, and so on, are beings created by GOD to interact on ITs behalf for humankind’s benefit.
These lesser spirits were never meant to be worshiped as ‘GOD’ but humans are corrupt and spirits will accept whatever you give to them. Also, the priests of these lesser spirits formed religions which required rules & regulations so it was these priests who ruled with an iron fist and who made the pronouncements from on high about what ‘GOD’ wanted and did not want. The spirits themselves are reasonable entities and are not involved in any sort of supernatural war with one another - tis is yet more propaganda by priests - however the spirits don’t mix with one another, they just stay out of each other’s way.
Now these spirits whether you’re praying to one of the newer Abrahamic spirits (Yahweh, Allah, Jesus) or one of the older spirits from a pantheon such as the Greeks, Romans, Aztec, Norse, Celtic, African, Polynesian, American Indian or wherever, are indeed powerful but they are NOT all powerful. nor are they all knowing let alone all seeing. Again THE GOD who is the original creator is no longer around in our universe and nowhere to be found but the spirits IT left to rule in ITs place are NOT gods but spirits.
When you come to understand that the spirits are not all knowing nor are they all seeing let alone all powerful, you come to the realization that sorcery and magic does indeed have its limitations. There are many things we can do magically but there are scores of things that are simply beyond us and even beyond the spirits. 
No it’s not about ‘faith’ which is a crock of BS the church has sold you since childhood since these spirits do not require your faith to be powerful - they only require your faith to follow through with any instructions they give to you to do such as praying and fasting or some other assigned spiritual duty. Yes I’m certain you’ll disagree with me on this and that’s your right to do so however I know what I know and it’s NOT predicated on any sort of faith.
Spiritual Interference
Why is winning the lottery or lotto so difficult? After all, isn’t sorcery the shiznitz of magical practices? Yes it is! So why can't I force a spirit to make the right combination of balls drop exactly as I want them? Simple: spiritual interference. This is caused by every person playing the lotto and lottery who is praying, hoping, wishing, casting spells, performing rituals, chanting, incanting, and yes summoning spirits to get involved and make the little balls drop the way they want them too.
Try to imagine the ring toss game at the local carnival. It’s not too difficult to toss a ring and get it around a pop bottle to win when you’re tossing it alone. However, imagine you tossing it among 100 people all tossing their rings at the exact same time. Now increase that by 100,000 and you start to see the futility of it. That’s what’s happening in the spiritual world where the lotto/ery is concerned. 
If there were no other opposition to my spirit's work, then they'd be able to git 'r done but that's not the case. You have everyone who's bought a ticket hoping, wishing, praying, performing enchantments, lighting novenas, begging saints, & etc, all to win the jackpot. That folks, is a lot of interference for any spirit to wade through!
Unfortunately, the non-practitioners out there all look to  practitioners as saviors. They think all we do is mouth some words, wave our hands and it all pops into existence. That's not how it works. Occult work is serious work and it is nothing else than "W-O-R-K". That means sweat and effort takes their toll on a practitioner in one form or another.
Everyone claims they want to win the lottery because they say their life would get better. Hardly. Winning the lotto would only cause your life to become more complicated. When you don't have any more money than anyone else, a few folks may try to nickle and dime you to death by borrowing bits and pieces from you. Then when you get an inheritance or jackpot win, guess what? They come out of the woodwork asking, begging, pleading and demanding money from you. Don't think that'd be the case for you? Watch how your own family reacts when someone they're related too dies and leaves a house and a few personal assets. It's a piranha feeding frenzy! So now they find out you just inherited a sum of dough OR you won a jackpot and guess who they're coming too? You got it. Why do they do this? Because hey, you won it and you didn’t work for it and frankly in their mind you don’t deserve it all so you’re supposed to share it with them because by golly they know you or are related to you somehow.
What Do You REALLY Want In Life?
People generally don't know what they want. They're like a breakfast cereal with all the fruits, nuts & flakes who THINK they know what they want but really don't. 99% of them think more money will solve all their problems. It won't. It may help to alleviate a situation or two for a time but guess what? The situation always returns! And what's the worst thing a person can do with a situation that won't go away? Throw money at it. That's a waste of resources.
Empirical research shows that people and families who win lotto jackpots end up broken within only two years of winning. Wow! Think about that. It does makes sense. You come from the working class to the wealthy class without any of the sweat and toil that goes with the financial success and what's supposed to happen? There's no appreciation for the money you gained because you didn't have to earn it! You got it only becuase of pure dumb luck on some numbers you played. There's no real appreciation for it and that leads us into our next point:
On average people who win lotto jackpots are financially bankrupt within two to five years after winning. How could this be? It goes back to the third reason of "not appreciating it and having to sweat for it". The winners let the money burn a hole in their pocket. Ask anyone who wants to win the lotto what they'd do with it and they answer: "I want to buy X and X and X and then go on a cruise and give X to Y and then give X to my church and then X to etc., etc., etc." Spend, spend, spend, spend!
These lotto's only pay out so much money in a lump sum - usually two-thirds of the jackpot and sometimes less. The other way is only X amount of dollars per year annually for 20 years in payments. People end up overspending the annual payments and within a few years, they're broke and have to sell off their long term winnings to the scavenger companies like the ones you see commercials for "cash now".
If you think I'm being harsh on people who win lotteries, it's the same for folks who win big lawsuit settlements too. They get "hillbilly rich" and want to go out and blow the money without any regard for their future financial security. Again it boils down to non-appreciation for it. This is a mentality they've grown up with that has afflicted them in the worst possible way.
Now it might sound as if I'm harping more on the person wanting to win the lotto rather than the practitioner who promises to win the lotto for them. Yes I am. Why? Because regardless of who you have cast such a spell for you, the fact of the matter is if you don't know precisely what it is you're after, why you're after it and are completely at ease with the idea internally, it's not going to work for you.
Of course I'm not blaming the people who say they will cast a Lotto spell for you but rather the ones who 'gurantee results'.
Also ponder this...
If these practitioners can guarantee YOU to win a jackpot, why then aren't THEY themselves winning regular lotto jackpots? Don't buy into that TV show crap that Witches can't use magic for personal gain. That's down right utter nonsense! Whatever I can do for a client, I can do for myself. Any magical practitioner should be able to do that. If they can't then they're outright lying to you. Run from them with one hand on your wallet.
I have cast two lotto spells in the past and neither resulted in me hitting the jackpot. This is due to the fact that everyone and their brother are trying to win. The bigger the jackpot, the more people trying to win it. There are whole covens of witches, lodges of magicKians and more solitary practitioners trying to win a lotto jackpot than I care to know about.
Increase Your Luck!
So what can a Luck spell do? Well it will help your chances to win at gambling but if it's not meant for you to do so, then regardless of the typof magic or who’s casting, it won't matter because you're not going to win. This is why it's a good thing for you to learn how to cast divinations even if it's just interpreting the behavior of ants or a flock of geese both of which were called "augeries" in the old days - because you may have a message coming to you from elsewhere.
If you perform your own luck spell, then play the lotto, you'll probably end up disappointed. However if you play something like a scratch off or Bingo or enter a drawing or Football pool at work, then your chances of winning increase. However what if the other folks all have their own magical charms and hopes/wishes? Well... there's no guarantee. *shrugs* Luck is fickle. It's said Dame Fortuna aka Lady Luck comes and dances with each of us for a short while then she moves on to dance with someone else.
It's best to keep Luck spells going. One-shot spells are not effective in the long run. You're going to want a continuous Luck spell going for you and then gamble. Go for it. Make it so. You'll find your odds increase to win by playing in games of chance where the odds are not so dramatically stacked against you as in the lotto where it's 14 million to 1 odds for a regular lotto drawing but in the multi-state POWERBALL lotto drawings, the odds are steeper at 175 million to 1. You're more likely to be hit by lightning with the odds being 700 thousand to 1. 
Gambling strategy
Regardless of any spiritual work or projects you start, always begin with a spiritual bath and an Uncrossing ritual. Why? It’s best to go into these matters clean and fresh than with all sorts of emotions, problems, doubts, worries and fears attached to you and your psyche. Get rid of as much of that as you are able to do so first THEN get your JuJu moving. So Uncross yourself first. Whether you do it yourself or pay to have an Uncrossing done, get it done. This will remove the negative emotions in yourself that can cause you to miss out on many worthwhile opportunities.
Have a Lucky Gambling spell cast for you by me. That way you'll get a better shot at lucky breaks. Remember too that if you go to the racetrack and don't win there may be other ways the luck will manifest for you. One client stopped at a yard sale and found an antique worth several hundred dollars which after he had it appraised he sold to a museum. One elderly client of mine swears by my Lucky Gambler oil and she uses it to win in Bingo. Another client had me work a Lucky Gambler spell for her and she hit $450 at the casino’s one armed bandits in Atlantic City.
Some Suggestions
Order a Luck Bath and Perfume from me.  This will help to set things up for you so that luck starts to flow your way with less effort. You wear the perfume every time you go to track, buy a ticket, go hunting for treasure, play cards or head to the casino. A little goes a long way. Expensive and worth it.
Order a Luck Gris-Gris from me. This item will increase your luck as well. You carry it in your left pants pocket or in a purse if you're a woman wearing skirt and keep it with you whenever you are wishing to gamble.
Again you must bear in mind that Dame Fortuna is fickle and the more you try to pigeonhole Her, the more likely She is going to deny you whatever it is you want. She may smile on you in one way but deny you in another. And again, luck is luck is luck. Do not thumb your nose at it! If the Lady Luck sends you a dime, do not act all indignant! That will cause Her to turn her attentions away from you! Think I'm kidding? Think again! Be thankful and respectful for each and every penny you find, every break or opportunity you get and Dame Fortuna will smile upon you more often. Gratitude goes a long way with spirits rather than old fashioned lip service.
Myself, I prefer to occasionally play the scratch off tickets and do the office pools. My winnings outstrip my losings that way. Like chicken soup, it can't hurt. Besides, if I win $5, $10, $25 here and there, over the course of a year it adds up to be quite a chunk of change. But to place all my hopes into a a mere lotto drawing? I might as well try my chances at getting a shot live on American idol.


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