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You cannot let things happen on their own if you desire changes to occur in ways which satisfy you.
Sorcery's power is brutal, devastating & without conscience; choose wisely how you wish to use it.
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Living Spirit Artifacts
MolochSorcery's Haitian Vodu Artifacts
[PLEASE NOTE: My Living Spirit Artifacts are the Cadillac of the industry and only the finest ingredients are used to make them. These items take valuable time, energy and resources to carefully craft for the end result to be effective. I have sold many of these artifacts to select clients over the years so understand that if what you see appears to be "too costly" for your pocketbook, I can build you something with less "horsepower" so to speak. :) IN other words, one does not always need a drag racing engine under the hood just to go back back and forth to work. If you desire something with less cost, accommodations can be arranged. There will be fewer spirits involved in the end product.
Also it is understood that before you purchase any of these Living Spirit Artifacts, you already know HOW to work with spirits. Because it is my job to merely show you how to activate the item, NOT teach you how to work with spirits. If you do not know how to work with spirits, then these Living Spirit Artifacts ARE NOT FOR YOU!.]
Terms for ALL Items:
1. Finished product may appear somewhat different from image. Image is representation only. Ring size may be smaller or larger depending on what your ring finger size is. Sorry, no custom engraving offered.
2. All items and all jewelry items are ONLY shipped via Federal Express & insured for full value. No exceptions!
3. None of these items can be sold via PayPal. If you wish to purchase anything, arrangements must be made via either a Bank Wire Transfer, Western Union or Money Grams. Please email me directly with contact information and a valid US or Canadian telephone number with which to reach you.
Before Purchasing:
1. You must order (and pay for) a Level Three Hand Reading. This is to determine if your own Head Spirit is okay with you purchasing a Living Spirit item. If it is not, then no sale will be made. Sorry. Absolutely zero refunds on the Level Three Hand Readings.
2. Provide me with all required photographs for your Level Three Hand Reading. If you fail to follow the directions, then you will only delay your order further!
3. Provide me with your full name, date of birth, daytime telephone numbers, complete shipping address, current email address and other contact information. Note: This will be your responsibility! Because once I ship your order the matter is out of my hands and I can only provide the carrier with the information you provided me.
Living Spirit Pendant of Power
This item is one of my better sellers from my Living Spirit Jewelry offerings. It is a pendant which you can wear 24/7 and only have to take off once per week to recharge it in front of its spirit picture with a shot glass of liquor. The instructions for using this item are very simple and it comes loaded with approximately 21-25 saints ranging from archangels to Haitian Vodu LWA to various gods/goddesses from around the globe. Who gets put in there all depends on what your Level Three Hand Reading tells me you need. Sorry you do not get to request the spirits because this is an item created by my Vodu House spirits and They are far more experienced at knowing what you need after speaking to your own head spirit than what you may think you need or want. You're welcome to make a request but if the reading suggests, the desired spirit would be a bad choice, then no, It cannot be included.
This is an item you can even wear while bathing, swimming - you can even go swimming in the ocean with this on and be confident your spirits are with you (and having a good time as well!) So what can this pendant do for you? A LOT! First off all of these saints come with their own aids/lieutenants/secretaries and again you’re not just getting up to 25 spirits put into a pendant; rather you’re getting the saints and all of their retinue as well! That’s a LOT of spirits available for you to call on so you’ll never run out of spirits for your projects!
You can use this for:
* attracting love
* improving luck
* personal & business success
* wealth accumulation 
* career advancement 
* protection from enemies 
* gambling
* getting laid
* improved psychic abilities
* improved dreaming
* improving fertility
* healing
* greater creativity
* intuitive hunches
* greater clarity of mind
* and much more!
Please understand that this is a piece of spiritual jewelry that takes time to make. The jeweler I have who makes all my jewelry is not WalMart thus nothing is sitting on any shelf for him to grab and ship out to me - it is all custom made. ALL of my jewelry has to be made according to certain esoteric restrictions as set down by my House spirits. Please understand these types of jewelers are very difficult to find as they have to recite prayers and litanies among other things as they make these items for my use. Then when I get the finished product I have to do the rest which also takes plenty of time. The pendant can be made with any sort of semi-precious stone set on the cover as well from tiger's eye to onyx cut in almost any shape from round to hexagonal. The image provided is blurry and has an eyeball on it which is what a client requested so please understand your pendant will not look like this.
The bottom line is it will take some time for you to get your jewelry piece mainly due to the work schedule of the jeweler, however when you finally get your jewelry, it will radiate power. You can use the item immediately and begin your journey to real power. This item can be used as a cornerstone to a beginning or thriving spiritual practice. (Note chain NOT included.)
Email me for current pricing as prices are subject to change without notice.
Living Spirit Ring of Power
Have you ever desired to have a living, working spirit at your command however did not like the idea of a pact nor going overseas to join a cult just to get an initiation? Then this is the item for you! Here is your chance to enter the world of occult power with a valid, living spirit at your command. 
The Spirit Ring of Power (SRoP for short) is the ideal way to get your very own living spirit who works for you (and you alone!) In fact, this can be your very own artifact made specifically for you. Imagine having your own Aladdin’s Lamp (of a sort) where you can summon the spirit, tell It what you want and have your desires carried out. That is living!
Mind you, this is not some cheap piece of crap jewelry that's 'haunted' as would be advertised on e-Bay or Etsy. Hardly! THIS is a custom, hand made silver ring by a real jeweler. It has a hidden compartment that is loaded with specific ritual ingredients and then it is consecrated, blessed and finally empowered by LWA spirits with secret rites then it is permanently sealed. 
The ring itself is a work of art but the real power lies hidden within it. This is as close as you can come to receiving a valid initiation into a living tradition without having to go and get a  Lave Tet (re: Head Washing) and Kanzo (re: Initiation) in Haitian Vodu. Further, you can wear this ring unobtrusively on your hand without anyone knowing its real intent, purpose or power. 
The ring’s spirit will protect you from harm like a garde (re: guard) and unlike other rings with so-called 'genies' attached to them, this spirit will actually work for you. You can get the spirit to protect, heal and prosper you. It will also open up a can of whoop ass on those who would try and cause you harm often without you ever knowing such occurred! It's like having your very own special forces security team 24/7.

* attracting love
* improve your luck!
* bolster your success & personal motivation
* accumulate wealth!
* advance your career or get out of a dead end job & get a career!
* be protected from your enemies
* get better at gambling!
* help in getting laid!
* improved psychic abilities
* improving chances of having a baby
* work on healing yourself and others
* increase your creativity in music, art, business & elsewhere
* improve your hunches
* find things you've misplaced
Unlike a spirit's shrine, you don't have to pack this in your suitcase and then try to explain it to some country's Custom's official (or any airline officials for that matter) what it is. You simply wear it on your finger. Comes with full instructions and is ready to wear. Out of all of the other Spirit related stuff I've sold over the years, THIS is one of the best items I've ever offered and by far my best seller in the jewelry area. The ease of use is outstanding and I have yet to have an unsatisfied customer with this item. Ever. It really is my best seller.
The cost is steep but well worth the price.  This ring is different from a pact because you are not married nor bound eternally to the spirit, rather you are 'looked after' while you wear the ring. When not in use, there are specific instructions on how to care for the ring as well. And remember you are NOT just getting one spirit in the ring; you are getting a major saint and all of that saint’s retinue which includes Its secretaries, aids and lieutenants as well, thus you’re in effect getting thousands of spirits.
Also this is NOT a vampiric spirit who feeds off you to do magic either but instead is a living spirit who has great power of Their own and are willing to help you grow and prosper. Further this spirit will come with Its own retainers as well who will also work for you. Nor is this a child or infant spirit of the dead like they use in Asia particularly in Thailand. Instead this is a child of a LWA or Saint to be determined by whomever your Head Spirit actually happens to be.
Typically, one ring is plenty but I've had some clients purchase more than one from me because they liked the idea of having different spirits at the ready. For example if you wish to have a strong protector, that can be done; if you'd also like to have another ring that's geared strictly for money & finances, that too can be made; if you also want another ring for sex & lusts, that can be also arranged as well; and so on. As many as four of these have been sold to one client who wears two on each hand and who is a high powered salesman who sells internationally and travels abroad.
14K Gold Availability: due to the fluctuating prices of gold, a 14K gold ring will have to be pre-priced before final payment is made. No exceptions. Any stone you wish to have installed will have to be pre-priced as well thus your final payment will be more than the regular price of a standard Ring of Power. Standard stone is the amethyst heart yet tiger’s eye, onyx, and so forth in different shapes such as square, star, octagon or round can be fashioned at no additional cost.
It will take some time for you to get your jewelry piece mainly due to the whims of the jeweler’s schedule however when you finally get your jewelry, it will radiate power. You can use the item immediately and begin your journey to real power. This item can be used as a cornerstone to a beginning or thriving spiritual practice.
Please contact me for current pricing.
Living Spirit Garde (Guard)
for Protection

This is a garde (Haitian spelling) or guard and it is a custom made item that is small so that you can carry with you wherever you go. The guard has a powerful Vodu LWA (i.e. spirit) in It that travels with you to protect you from harm. This is ideal if you any of the following: 
* People who wish you ill will or bad luck
* Relatives who want you to fail or who constantly mumble about you? 
* Co-workers or underlings who plot your downfall
* Supervisors & managers trying to get rid of you
* Neighbors who are constantly harassing you
* Cops/Police who are consistently messing with your business
* Bullies who refuse to leave you alone
* Those you fear may try to put the Malocchia or Evil Eye on you
* You live in a home with bad vibes or have trouble sleeping
* Or just to ward off jinxes and bad luck in general
* recent unexpected drains on your finances 
This guard is THE item you need for protection when you can’t afford a ring. It’s potent, powerful and protective. It works strongest if its made specific for whatever and whomever is harassing you even when made as a general protect-all item. 
Mike Jones from Philly writes: “Moloch, this guard is badass! Thanks so much for making it for me. Those assholes I work with at work have stopped bothering me and now they’re bothering someone else. Just. Like. Magic. :) You rock sir!”
Often guards are all that most folks need to help them in their lives. Obviously since the guard protects them from general ill-will from others and so long as they do not go out of their way to cause trouble for other people they should be able to live happy lives with a guard.
[Note that possessing a guard does not mean nor imply that you should take unnecessary chances like speeding, arguing with abusive individuals or picking fights with anyone. Rather you are supposed to be and act like you NORMALLY would and allow the guard to protect you from those who would try to bully or accost you. Further it should be noted that there is not going to be any genie nor spirit who will pop into sight and defend you like you may see in some fantasy/science-fiction films either because the guard works on the spiritual planes and works to protect you by seeing potential trouble ahead and trying to steer you clear of such hassles. Whether or not you pay attention to those feelings and hunches is entirely up to you!]
Email me for current pricing.


Living Spirit Custom Vodu Charm

This is a handmade, portable Custom Vodu Charm which can be made to order. Typically you carry this charm in your pocket or say in a purse, tool box, brief case, satchel, etc, wherever it is convenient. The charm contains a living spirit who is to order for one specific thing only. Thus if your desire is for one thing, and your finances are low, then this is the item for you. 
Charms can be custom made to order for things such as:
- financial success
- increase your luck
- create more sexual attractiveness in you
- attracting either the same or opposite sex
- increase your personal magical power
- stronger dreams
- astral travel & O.B.E.
- a protective garde (guard)
- attract spirit activity (ghosts/paranormal)
- & more
The Custom Vodu charm is made for ONE specific desire (as suggested above) for the price advertised, however if you desire a much stronger Custom Vodu Charm with more versatility, you can add more desires and of course ‘the price increases as you do so by $500 per desire’. Thus you customize what spirits comes with your Custom Vodu charm based on what your desire(s) you choose for it!
Be advised since this item is custom made you must allow time for its construction as it will be made according to ancient Astrological timing as well as special prayers, litanies and orations as well as select potions and anointing oils. Plus offerings must be made to the spirits involved with the making of your Custom Vodu Charm.
This item is custom made you must allow time for it to be made. It is shipped when the spirits say it’s time especially if you want it to be strong! Thus give me plenty of lead time in making this for you instead of needing it yesterday please.
Contact me for current pricing.