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Miracle of the New Avatar Power Book
Where: W.C.A.S.
When: September 27, 2017
Time: 9:00 p.m. EST
Greetings! It's my last broadcast show on this station, folks!
1. Dispel any rumors as to WHY I’m leaving the airwaves
2. My computer system is old and it keeps crashing the software that runs this DJ system
3. Unable to do any sort of promo’s or adverts for my show using the software
4. Not interested in updating to Win 10 either - my system is older and Win 10 is a memory hog so my system would be slowed down to a crawl and it moves slow as is
5. Figured I’d do this for a year anyway and see how it goes; started last October of 2016 so it’s been just about a year and time to move on
6. Clients are starting to pick up to the point I need my Wednesday nights back for work
7. I will STILL do radio interviews for other shows, write articles for magazines and papers, continue to update my website, write for my own blog, write and answer legitimate email questions. 
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The Miracle of the New Avatar Power
by Geoff Gray-Cobb
1. First heard of this book years ago when I started out in the occult by a friend named J. Moon.
* I began my occult path on Nov 17th, 1987
* soon after my brother told me about a mutual friend who used some magic book, did a “chant” from it, and later that same week, a cop rear ended his car & he was awarded $500 (1970's money)
* when I called our mutual friend, he couldn’t remember the title because we’re talking almost 8 years prior (1979) for an old head to try and remember. He said he thought it was called “The Voltar Powers” or something like that.
* J. verified that he did indeed perform the money chant and later that same week a patrol officer rear ended his car and he was awarded $500 by a local judge - which equates roughly to $1,783 by today’s money.
* I asked J. if he used it for anything else and he said no because it “scared” him.
Later in 1988 or thereabouts I met “Ray”, a fellow occult practitioner at a Tuesday night metaphysical meeting held weekly at a metaphysical store in Dunedin, FL. Ray was from the New England area and he had interest in Radionics as well as many new age things but when he found out about my interest in spirits, he told me about this book Miracle of the New Avatar Power although Ray said he could not remember the author’s name. It didn’t dawn on me that this was the book ol' J. had used so I left it in my notes and forgot about it. That is until someone sent me a copy in late 1999.
I searched for this Voltarr powers book all during the 80's and 90's and never found it. Eventually someone sent me a photocopy of Gray-Cobb's Miracle of the New Avatar Power as a gift. The guy said it was OUT OF PRINT and extremely expensive to buy. At that time he said copies were fetching well beyond $500. (Eventually I purchased my own copy.) To make it work though I hand copied much of it out onto a notebook and used that as my guide. This because I do not believe you get something for nothing - you have to show the spirits or the universe you’re willing to do SOMETHING for the reward even if it’s just hand copying material you wish to use of a book from a photocopy or pdf.
After reading M.o.t.N.A.P. (NAP for short) and began experimenting with it. I didn’t use it all that much at that time because I was involved with a lot of other sorcery in my life including my ancestral workings, working with the Crossroad Guardian and of course my ongoing relationship with Tiriel the Intelligence of Mercury.

Personal Hardships & Putting NAP to the Test
In late 2003, my life took a sharp downturn. I got divorced that year and began to pay child support through the county instead of just giving money directly to my ex. The sales job I had earlier that year was good but the owner died and his partner wanted to cut the sales staff so being one of the low men on the totem pole I got the ax. Being out of work and looking for work didn't help me with the county's child enforcement services. Regardless of how much you communicate with them and let them know where your're job hunting, no $$$ means no support payments which means their tactics begin to get harsh as time wears on. I had no money for rent at my apartment either so I had to move and for the second time in my life, I was a man without a home. Oh I had a little money mind you but I had relocated from one city to another with no place to call my own. No one in my family would take me in as they all had their own kids living with them at the time. I was considering going to a halfway house just to get a place to lay my head. Further it was the middle of November - starting to get pretty cold - and I had moved back to my hometown. I had many sundry reasons why for this decision most of which were the spirits insisted on I doing so.
So I moved in with my best friend of many years, (now my late friend) Bob who was a deputy sheriff at the time. He gave me a bedroom to sleep in which helped me get my bearings to get back on my feet. I was in a financial pickle even though I had some money saved because I was divorced and paying child support until I got behind in payments only to have my driver’s license suspended. (Even my ex was livid about that tactic because how does one commute back/forth to work with no DL?)
No Witchery In My House!
My buddy’s wife wasn’t keen on my Witchcraft practices primarily due to the idea of burning candles and incense in the house. She didn’t mind my books but no using candles since she was afraid of a house fire. Okay I could work around that. So I dug out my NAP book and began to practice without that stuff. I started practicing in my bedroom upstairs as soon as I moved in (about middle of Nov) and by mid Jan of 2004, I was officially hired into a full time inside sales position with FULL benefits (including medical, dental, eye) that was less than 5 minutes away that also had a decent base pay with commissions, bonuses, and etc. This was for the yellow pages selling advertising to small businesses. It also required me to memorize a 12 page script and I had 7 days in which to do that. (Seven!) Further the company flew me and 16 others they also hired locally down to their home office in North Carolina where they put us up in a long term Marriot facility (the kind where you can cook for yourself in your room) for 8 weeks of “paid” company training. In essence they jammed a year’s worth of college level advertising class into our heads in the matter of about six weeks then threw us onto the phones like a pack of hungry wolves and buddy, lemme tell you ol' Moloch was hungry!
NAP Spirits to the Rescue
I still had to memorize 12 pages and had about half of them memorized by the time I had to fly out to NC at the end of the week. I needed more time. So I asked the NAP spirits for help. I used the General Invocation (p. 65) and asked for whatever help They could offer.
All 17 of us soon discovered the North Coast got hit by a nasty ice storm which paralyzed the entire country's airlines. No flights after we landed at Washington-Dulles airport. We were stuck there for three days. In that time, I worked on learning my script. I finally got the rest of it memorized as good as I was going to get it. When I got to the training facility, not only were we the last bunch to make it through the door but *wink* the particular manager I was assigned was so easy going she practically read two full paragraphs for me during my test! LoL You see I had invoked Elubatel, and used the chant for Success prior to our plane landing asking for help which is exactly what I got. I read it on the plane under my breath with my headphones in listening to music.
Ask & Ye Shall Receive: the Spirits Take Heed
The spirits gave me a LOT of help too. When we were in training class and working, I sold the biggest ad in the class’ history - it was a 3/4 page size - to an insurance guy from just a bold listing which was in the previous phone book and he wanted to cancel the bold listing all together and go with radio instead. The training managers couldn’t believe I was able to convince him to stay and invest even more money. Then I also sold a local private religious university on a dollar bill sized ad as well increased from their bold listing in the same phone directory. The training managers were flabbergasted. They attributed my success to "beginner’s luck" of course forgetting the fact that both of these clients were adamant at first about canceling their bold listings and I managed to talk them instead into increasing their spending. NAP spirits can be persuasive, eh?
This and other ads that I increased in my first books caused my standing in the company to be the highest in increase spending in my division. Could I have done this on my own? Doubtful. These people were hardcore to cancel and I had to talk to them through secretaries at first until I could think of something to get them on the phone with me. I used the Incantation to Give Power Over Others (p. 63) for this. Eventually during the two weeks of on-line phone training I received, the clients reluctantly got on the phone with me and as a result, they relented about killing their bold ads and instead were pushovers for increasing their ads thus their real resistance to talking to a sales rep on the phone. The insurance guy was easiest once he found out I could convince him his money would come back to him to make it worth his while and his insurance company he represented would pay one-quarter to one-half of the ad’s total cost for him. Incidentally the following year I found out he renewed his ad without question because he saw how much revenue he made with that ad I had sold him even though I was working phone books in another state and not his district.
Thanking the Spirits
So I began to use a purple candle anointed with mint oil as a thank you to these spirits. I’d obtain a plain, unscented purple votive candle and anoint it with mint oil after I inscribed the spirit’s name on the side if I was burning more than one at a time. This was my way of saying thank you to the spirits. I had read in an old book on sorcery that spirits loved the smell of mint so I reasoned why not try it with the NAP spirits and it worked.
While I worked at this company for just over a year, I used not only my own home brewed sorcery for my regular clients but for my own professional work at my day job, I employed these NAP spirits. The results were inspiring. Was I the best sales rep they had? No but I was the best in my division at increasing an existing client’s spending on advertising.
The Ragnarok of Phone Books
There were a couple of times I sold some huge ads and got cheated out of them by management which caused me to feel sour towards the company and it’s ridiculous policies. For example if inside sales reps had specific types of clients we could sell but others were off limits so only the outside sales reps could sell them. I always asked for referrals and when I got them I worked them. Well it’s damn stupid if you ask me to give away a referral to someone else to screw up especially when I’ve built the relationship with the referral’s brother-in-law or sister. I wouldn’t get squat out of the deal as outside reps were like pro ball players - they could do no wrong.
So I began to talk with my ancestors regularly again about this situation and asked the NAP spirits for advice. Then things began to look sharper in focus. (Read on)
Further about every three months, our division was having important meetings about our compensation plans - namely our commission structure. It seemed the powers that be were restructuring the company and they wanted to cut our commissions by making us work harder for the money we duly earned and any bonuses we earned were all but unreachable by the top tier of our group. The stick they dangled the carrot on got longer and further away.
My ancestors, the Crossroads Guardian and these NAP spirits were all sending me these stark dreams about me traveling and every time I laid out Tarot cards or threw Runes for myself, everything indicated traveling. I knew the writing was on the wall and I had to leave the company because it was going into the tank. Why else does a company restructure employees commission’s several times in a calendar year??? Think about it. So I began using the Invocation to Give Secret Knowledge (p. 60) to help me discern what REALLY was going on behind all of this nonsense. I used this chant on a daily basis. Eventually my supervisor let it slip what was going on. The company was about to file Chapter 7. He too was looking to leave. I didn’t quit though because I wanted him to fire me so I could get unemployment for a time while I searched for another job which he was decent enough to do.
Essentially my supervisor explained to me that phone directories were dinosaurs and that I and my cohorts were on the tail end of this era. The Internet was the way people were using to look up addresses and phone numbers for businesses and most of the phone directories had just begun that year to develop an Internet Advertising Sales division. Our Net Sales division consisted of one guy and his results were lackluster at best so the writing was on the wall. Google was taking over and killing every phone book out there. Time to skeedaddle on down the road. Sure enough, just a few months after I left, the company filed Chapter 13 then another month or so I heard they were sold to a new publisher only to be sold yet again to another phone book publisher early the following year. The doom that came to the yellow pages.
Help & Personal Restructuring
NAP spirits also helped me find a nice place to live once I got situated back in town from training. I got many of my debts that had accumulated paid off all thanks to the monies the spirits helped me make in training and plenty to spare for getting a small place. I asked Iaoth, Petahyah and Opiel for their assistance in helping me find a suitable home that would allow me to sleep soundly, practice my JuJu (chant as I wish without neighbors kvetching), drum as I wished and perform any sorcery that I wanted without having to live miles outside the city in the country where roads are rough in the winter time. I did NOT want another apartment and the houses locally were so ridiculously expensive for what you got I scoffed at the idea.
1. Preliminary Work
- The NAP Ritual (p. 42)
- remember, it’s just a simple meditation
- do you meditate? Are you capable of getting into a trance state on your own? If so, you can dispense with this ritual all together. I did. I think I may have tried it once but did not care for it so did not use it after that one time.
- Once you’re in an alpha state or trance state, time to get to work!
1. Perform the Central Pillar ritual (p. 136)
2. Perform the Power Circulation ritual (p. 139)
3. Perform the Power Fountain ritual (p. 141)
4. Perform the Bornless One Invocation (p. 142)
2. NAP is not a do it once type of occult system regardless of what the author makes it out to be.
- this is one of the biggest reasons for spell failures - just doing a spell once
- who do you think you are? Merlin? Morgana? Sorry you’re not and most likely you have never spent any time practicing any rituals of any importance to get you up to snuff
- it’s also arrogant to think all you need to do is just do it once and it “should” work. LoL Right! This isn’t Hollywood, this is real life where there are more unknown variables than you can realize interfering with your desire(s)
3. IF you want results from NAP (or any system of sorcery) you must be willing to commit to DOING the work and doing it regularly.
- squeaky wheels get the grease - even in the spirit world
- Repetitiveness builds power - WHY do CM’s habitually practice the LBRP & the Middle Pillar rites? 
4. I would combine several chants into one single working.
- rather than make one chant a single, separate working, I saw this as a method to make them work together for my better good! For instance I used:
Money Drawing/Wealth Accumulation
a. Invocation for Money (p. 52)
b. Chant to Bring Success (p. 53)
c. General Purpose Invocation (p. 65)
Protection & Retaliation
a. Defensive Armor ritual (p. 155)
b. Theurgic Booby Trap ritual (p. 164)
c. Spirit Sentry ritual (p. 161)
Use three chants/rituals that are either similar OR have pertinent use for your goal. If you need something specific to your goal yet have no clue where it fits in, then use the General Purpose Invocation (p. 65) which is the catch-all one to use for these instances.
5. Once I had chosen three chants to use, each chant would be chanted thrice.
* folklore states there is power in three's: God, LWA & the Ancestors; the Holy Trinity; Father, Mother & Child; and so on.
6. Each spirit’s name would be vibrated - i.e. vowels elongated like modern ceremonial magicians do.
- this makes the working considerably longer and more complex
- adds a LOT more oomph to the ritual’s overall effectiveness
7. Perform working the same time each day! Like clockwork. I did my NAP work at 8 pm each evening all because Bob and his family watched TV programs I didn’t care about. My NAP work took about 50 minutes in total to do. No candles, no incense. Just meditation, quiet chanting, vibrating the spirit’s names and asking for my desires one by one. Then thanking them when finished.
8. Keeping a Book Of Shadows/Grimoire.
- since used copies of Miracle of the New Avatar Power are so ridiculously expensive in the second hand market, there are numerous pdf versions of it floating around on the Net. However it’s best to hand copy the pertinent chants and info directly into a specific BoS for your use. Doing so will greatly increase your work results. It did mine. This shows the spirits you mean business and are not asking for something without giving of yourself first. Because as a wise man once said, “Before you can receive you must be first willing to give of yourself” so think on that.
9. The Four Things I didn’t care for in NAP & why:
A. The Magic Mentor - I was working a lot with Tiriel at the time as well as with my ancestors and the Crossroads Guardian so I felt I had more than enough spirits to get help from as far as advice. I also had a couple of spirits whose names I had divined via Tarot and Pendulum who were somewhat useful as well.
B. Dee-Hay Tooth Ritual - not my thing. Seemed overly complicated and I was already getting results from sorcery so why bother with this? I felt simplicity is better than complexity.
C. Testing Your NAP - this chapter is for those of you who are either skeptical OR in dire need of
reminding that this stuff works. I need neither as I know what works and what doesn’t.
D. Astral Travel - didn’t care for the author’s method. While some may enjoy it, didn’t seem all that convincing to me. Seemed too simplistic. I had a student and it took her 18 months of daily practice using the Monroe Institute a well respected institution for AT to get herself to actually be able to leave her body for the first time.
10. I first wrote about NAP as a modern grimoire in my Yahoo occult group, Evocational Magics back in 2005. It caught on big time and eventually someone discovered WHERE the spirits originally came from: The Nuctemeron (in Eliphas Levi). So for instance Nitika is the genius of valuable stones and so on.
Since that time, a whole lot of folks have jumped on the NAP bandwagon and have ran with it. Many have all sorts of their own pet theories about it as well as how to use it. This is my method. It works. I know because I used it and nothing else. The spirits kicked some major butt for me to get my life turned around in that short amount of time and helped me with that job over that first year. Did I use all of the chants? No. I didn’t use the ones for legal action, love, rekindling a mate’s interest and so on, yet I used many others with GOOD effect. You can too.
If you wish to really make this book work for you, get a copy of my own The Basics of Metaphysical Empowerment available from It’s small 54 page booklet that is filled with nothing but how-to material geared to get you up and running in a year’s time so that you can work THIS or ANY occult/metaphysical system, bar none. If you want to really kick some butt out there, this is how you begin, with the Basics!
Finally, it also would behoove you to write out your desires before speaking them to the spirits. For some reason, it helps greatly when you repeat them verbatim over and over again. Thus if you have several things as I did, then list them and speak each one separately to the spirits when you have Their attention. I often write these requests on 3 X 5 note cards and then read them directly from the note cards word for word. This way the it’s repetitive and the spirits hear each and every one over and over. For some reason, some spirits need that reinforcement. Give it a try. See if this doesn’t help your sorcery results improve especially your NAP working’s result.
Brother Moloch 969
Sept 27th, 2017 c.e.


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