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Evocations: Why Work WIth Infernals?
An Analogy

It's no secret I'm a big proponent of the arts of Summoning and Evocations if you've spent any time on the various Yahoo Groups. Although in fact I don't summon as much as I used too (except for my clients) I still believe it to be a viable alternative to candle magic, talisman creation and other forms of Sorcery practices.

But like anything a lot of people are wont to do, Evocation takes both a practical and disciplined approach as well as the intestinal fortitude to pull off a successful summoning. This is something that a lot of folks seem to lack. Their first question is usually ‘Why?' and then invariably the next begins with ‘Well what if...?'

Let me use an analogy that I recently posted on Joe Peterson's Sixth & Seventh Books of Moses group and it may make some sense to you.

Let's assume you have a very difficult problem besieging you. For grins and giggles we'll say that a certain local city politician has taken it upon himself to want to grab your land thru Imminent Domain for some construction project but you do NOT want to move and deal with all this.

The problem begins with your deciding to contact one of the Celestial (re: Angelic) Spirits such as Cassiel (His name just used for illustration only) and thus you go about setting up your temple to contact Cassiel. When you contact Cassiel, you plead your case but Cassiel's not having any of it. Let's say that Cassiel gives you, "Well sorry but I can't do anything about this because that would interfere with Councilman's Smith's beliefs and that is contrary to his better good!"

You're stunned. Here one of the highest of the Celestials is giving you His reason WHY He cannot intervene on your behalf. In fact, if pressed, Cassiel may just tell you that the order NOT to intervene has ‘come down from on High' so you're done for. The bureaucratic equivalent of the Federal Government has more or less told you, "Sorry Jack but you're sh*t outta luck!" So what do you do? Turn to the OTHER side!

If the FBI can't/won't help, then perhaps the Mob will? Yeah you'll pay for the help but you want/need the help, right? Obviously. Now the Mob tells you that the guy for this job is in prison and His name is Dantalion. He was one of the 72 bound and confined to the brass vessel but Dantalion's got the skills to "read men's minds and to influence them".

Okay so you figure this is going to be tough because Dantalion is a hardened criminal. He doesn't give a rat's ass about you or your problem - but hey Cassiel and his cohorts don't care either so what have you got to lose? (It won't be your soul that's for sure!) So you decide to try and negotiate a deal with Dantalion.

You make the appearance face-to-face and explain to Dantalion of your plight. He responds, "Yeah I can do that. Councilman Smith is a dick and hooked on pain killers so he won't be hard to persuade. I'll do it but what are you offering me?" So you lay out an offering schedule as such:

1. A cold can of beer, opened, set on your seal each night at nine p.m.

2. A lit, fine quality cigar with three puffs sent directly onto your seal once per week

3. A personal thank you published in the Personal's section of the local newspaper when this is over

Dantalion mulls it over and is silent for a time - maybe an uncomfortably long time in the hopes you'll try and offer MORE but do not! The rules of negotiating state that he who speaks next loses. So you wait and Dantalion finally says, "Okay, I'll take it. When do you need this done?" You reply that time is of the essence and that this needs to happen soon. He agrees and the meeting is done.

Now in a real world situation, a big crime boss like that would need only to pick up the telephone and make a phone call to one of his subordinates like "Archie the Arm Breaker" to go and have a one-on-one talk with Councilman Smith. That's not much different than what Dantalion will end up doing. He will contact one of his thousands of inferior Spirits and send the appropriate amount out to Councilman Smith.

In fact, Dantalion will most likely send out His version of "Archie the Arm Breaker" to have that one-on-one with the good Councilman.

So do you see WHY you may have recourse to contact one of the Infernals? Think of them as convicted felons BUT like felons, they may NOT be looking to screw you over. Why not? Respect. You're giving them respect by coming to them with your problem and offering to pay them for their help. That's rare.

The Infernals are used to practitioners summoning them up and DEMANDING that the Infernal do THIS or THAT by the authority of Gods and Celestials. This is a LOT like how a convicted felon feels when you demand s/he does X for you or else you'll call his Parole Officer and have him thrown back in prison. How would YOU feel as a ex-felon? Would you want to do something useful for someone demanding of you and THREATENING you? NO! Of course not! BUT if the practitioner comes without the prejudice and offers to pay you for your assistance, you'd be more than willing to help out!

Are you following the logic here? If not go back and re-read this entire essay. The logic should be pretty plain but if not contact me and I'll try to elaborate where necessary.

There will be times when you will want to use the help of an Infernal rather than one of the Celestial Spirits. This isn't any sort of slight on the Celestial Spirits' part because they're great Spirits to want to work with but when their hands are tied, well you have little else but to try the convicted felons of the Spirit world.

I hope this essay offers some sense of WHY you'd want to work with one and I hope I've explained this lucidly enough for you.

Peace, Power & Prosperity!


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