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You cannot let things happen on their own if you desire changes to occur in ways which satisfy you.
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In Memoriam
Jean Kent ~ Beloved Teacher & Father



It is with a heavy heart that I must inform the world of the passing of our beloved House Father, Jean Kent, who passed away at the age of 69 due to natural causes. Jean’s health began to decline last year after he suffered a mild stroke. The Baron took his hand on August 31st. Jean used to say, "When it's your time to go, there's nothing - no spell, ritual nor prayer that will prolong your own death."
Our House members have been dealing with Jean’s Spiritual legacy by trying to sort out his copious notes, books and plans. Jean had many notes in Haitian Creole which will take us a little time in translating however we will get what remaining books of his that he had finished published. Not to mention all of the bottles of various potions some of which he didn't label because HE KNEW what's in them.
Jean Kent, not his actual Haitian name, was born with a caul, which by the way is one of the several ways to be guaranteed great healing and spiritual powers - according to folklore. He demonstrated to me his gifts when I was flying down to meet him in March 2009 and I got stuck in Atlanta International airport due to a blizzard that crippled the south all the way up the east coast. When I called Jean to say I was stranded and would try to drive down the next day, he got angry and said, “Gimme fifteen minutes!”
As my Ancestors are my witnesses, only 6 minutes go by and three flights leaving Atlanta heading to Houston, Tampa and West Palm Beach (the latter where I was to meet Jean) opened to board. I had to sit down because I thought I was dreaming. My phone rang and Jean asked, “Everything good now?” I stammered, “Y-y-yes Jean, I’ll be boarding in five minutes. W-w-what did you do?” How??” “I’ll see you at the airport. We’ll talk soon. Bye for now.”
THAT blew my mind! I came to learn Jean had a special relationship with his spirits. They worked quickly and extra hard for his slightest request. So why did he die, you wonder? He was tired. That’s all. Jean was at that stage of his life where he was tired and was ready to take te Baron’s hand when he came for him. In the last year of his life, Jean was constantly complaining about being tired all the time and he was sleeping a lot more than normal for his usual activity level. I had less contact with Jean and often shorter calls with him on the phone during this time as he was winding down.
Jean was an educated Houngan Asogwe, holding a bachelors degree in computer science from the days when punch cards were used to program computers. He read and wrote four languages (Creole, French, Spanish and English) which allowed him to have a very large clientele in south Florida, Haiti, Cuba, Santa Domingue, Honduras, and so on. He even had clients who would fly him first class to England or Dubai to fix their child, sister or someone because Jean had mastery over spirits.
Jean’s father was also educated, in Botany, and he used to take Jean on walks in the Haitian countryside showing Jean a plant then speaking its common & Latin names, genus, and medicinal uses and associated folklore. 
Jean was of the Haitian Sanpwel, a master Mason and a first rate Kabalist. He was also skilled in auto repair, carpentry, block/brick masonry, and told me he knew enough about electrical and plumbing to know his way around. He had brought back all of the necessary plants & juices from Haiti needed for initiations. As Jean was wont to say, “Wherever there are crossroads, cemeteries and forests, there can be Vodu!”
Jean is survived by a sister, two children from a previous marriage, five current Vodu-House children and numerous former Vodu-House children doing their own Vodu.
May you rest well among the Ancestors, Papa Jean.

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