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Moloch Are You With IGOS?
Not Since 2006!
It has recently come to my attention that IGOS are at it again and are doing their best to live off my good name and reputation. They are using my name and books to increase the status of their organization instead of hiring new writers to actually WRITE new material. I never authorized IGOS or any of its people to give away MY manuals, books or courses YET they are doing it ILLEGALLY.

Q: So Moloch, WHY did you leave IGOS/SONA?
A: Well because I had had it with the group's owner, a guy who has gone by numerous names over the years. He frist went by James Templar then it was Thorguard, Thorguard Templar, then Thor-Morpheus, then Val-Tyr - it was getting ridiculous just to keep track of the name he wanted to use. lol The organization was originally IGOS (International Guild of Occult Science then Internatioanl Guild of Occult Scthences, College and Research Society) it became IGAS (International Guild of Advanced Scineces), then there was ARM (Alien Resistance Movement), then BOTNL (Brotherhood Of The Northern Light), then last one was SONA (Society Of New Atlantis) before I finally had enough and quit in 2006. Not even banks go through that many incarnations in that short amount of time.
Q: How long were you a member?
A: From 1991 until late 2006.
Q: What did you learn from being a member?
A: For one thing I was yelled at often for not being a Stage 2 member even though at the time I was working temp jobs during the 90s and attending school full time thus my financial situation wouldn't allow for it yet I was constantly badgered for not being on the inside. I have back issues of the guild's journal from that time and I was their principle writer aside from Bob Blanchard. In fact, there are a few issues of the magazine where the articles are all mine and I received $0 compensation and often was criticized for not being on the inside or doing enough to help. This despite the fact I would talk the organization up at workshops I did at Pagan/Metaphysical festivals in a sort of drive to gain new members. So i learned that whatever I did was never good enough for the grand guildmaster James/Thorguard/Val-Tyr.
Q: Why aren't you a member now?
A: I was asked to rejoin this group back in May of 2012 and told them to piss off as I have nothing but contempt for them and their ignorant, petty politics.
Q: Who else can corroborrate your claims? 
A: While not the only occultist/author who has ever had a beef with them before, look up the names of some of their other past authors and then ask these former members for their own opinion. Authors such as Charles Cosimano, Rev. Paul Beryl, Robert Morga or even Brujo Negro - ask them about their tenure with this organization.
Seriously, if I thought the organization had even a shred of dignity, ethics and mores to it, I would rejoin. Pfffft. They’re still an ENORMOUS joke to me. The head honcho aka ‘grand master’ used to tell everyone about how great his Soul Power was but he couldn’t seem to get enough soul power juice together to win a simple court case for his own mother. Mind you, this is the group’s great, “grand master”. LoL ;)
If you see anything of mine: any book, article, anything that you know I’ve written, with an IGOS logo on it &/or published by them since 2006, please advise me so I can contact the proper authorities. This has gone on too long and enough is enough!

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