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You cannot let things happen on their own if you desire changes to occur in ways which satisfy you.
Sorcery's power is brutal, devastating & without conscience; choose wisely how you wish to use it.
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IGOS: The Lunatic Fringe
A.R.M. (Alien Resistance Movement)

Occult & New Age Huckster

Brian Signoretti & I.G.O.S.

Caveat Emptor - Let the Buyer Beware!


The so-called "earth protectorate" and "lord commander" known as 'Thorguard Templar' who was really influenced by two TV shows at the time: The X-Files (grays, abductions, and etc.) and Stargate SG:1 (Thor the Supreme Commander of the Asgaardian Fleet - they promised to protect earth from the predatory Goa'uld). If you were a member of IGOS at the time, you were expected to join A.R.M., pay monthly dues and purchase the beret, vest and toys you see in the video - of course to help support the guild!

This folks, is Brian Signoretti, the goofy man behind all of the outrageous claims his "guild" puts out and more lately his hate forum against select people like yours truly as well as other popular occultists. He's a real piece of work, this fruitcake is. He still lives in Palm Springs, CA and uses mail drops and mail forwarding services. Keep posted folks, I have audio cassette tapes of this goofball ranting and raving about all sorts of topics from the occult to the alleged "black lodge" which he refused to provide me (nor any guild member) with viable information about. Wait until you hear some of these files.

Brian's aliases have been Thorguard Templar, James Templar, Thor-Morpheus, Valtyr among numerous others in the various incarnations of the organization he's always been at the helm of. The organization originally started out as the International Guild of Sorcery then about four years later he changed it and started calling the group the International Guild of Occult Sciences, College & Research Society (that was a mouthful!) Then for some reason, Brian got a bur up his bum at the occult community and told me he wanted to pursue the New Age community because occultists were financially poor and the New Agers were filthy rich because he looked at some sort demographics. This was around the time the A.R.M. aka Alien Resistance Movement began as well. He said, "The UFO believers are an untapped source of income to be milked", thus why the ARM was formed. Fortunately that branch of the organization never took off and I caught holy hell from Brian for NOT joining and being a supporting member. I have back issues of IGOS journals that list the cost of joining this organization and I may have somewhere the price list of the "uniform" of ARM you were supposed to purchase once a member and wear. I simply could not imagine myself with any dignity nor self-respect wearing that ridiculous costume. I mean it's bad enough some of the vestments of ceremonial magic are sometimes goofy looking but the ARM vestments are downright loony. 

The "college" arrangement was good for a while and he urged me to write the organization's Voodoo Magic and Ritual Magic courses. He always claims he made me who I am but truth is the most the man did was lend me some out-of-print books to read. That's it. He did not teach me, nor anyone that I know personally any great knowledge. Brian started out very helpful but over time he devolved into a bully with a racist slant. Privately he would often spew his racism over the phone about this person or that group to the point it made my stomach sick and I had to get off the phone with him. He didn't begin acting this way until he got more heavily into the Odinistic material because it was after he changed the organization from IGOS to B.O.T.N.L. or Brotherhood Of The Northern Light and he then had a sub-chapter called S.O.N.A. or Society Of New Atlantis which was a result of his reading "Atlantis of the North" by Jurgeon Spanuth - regardless that this book has been thoroughly debunked by scholars, ol' Brian vehemently clung to the book's premise.

If it came to money though, Brian was a master money maker. He convinced me that he has spoken with Jim Finbarr of Finbarr books fame and worked out some deal to publish Finbarr's "out-of-print" books and give Mr. Finbarr some portion of those sales. This was around early 2005 and so I accepted his offer since I was still entrenched within the occult community. (Brian had left the occult community all together in favor of the New Age market if you remember so he had no 'in' to the community.) I began helping him hawk the out-of-print Finbarr books and he started raising the prices of these reprints by many times of their original face value. I was astonished that people would pay for $30 USD for a reprint booklet that Finbarr originally sold for roughly $10 USD when it was in print. Eventually he began to include these crummy little talismans and sample bottles of oils with the reprints to stave off complaints from people who were upset about paying triple or quadruple the price on a booklet that was only a few pages long.

The straw the broke the camel's back so-to-speak that broke us up was when Brian let it slip to me in a phone conversation that he hadn't actually spoken to Jim Finbarr. He said it was in a letter so I asked to see the letter from Mr. Finbarr and Brian refused telling me it was none of my business. I got miffed because it most definitely WAS my business since it was MY website, my Yahoo Groups and my fans who were buying these books! I expected Brian to be up front and honest with me across the board which he originally promised me he would be. Obviously something was hinky here and I wasn't going to have anything more to do with it. Then Brian got angry and began to yell and scream at me through the phone which is his modus operandi when he cannot get his way. Bully the other party. When he threatened me, that was it. He threatened me, my children and those I love with harm I told him that was it, we were done. I had started with this lunatic in 1991 and left him in the Fall of 2006.

Stay tuned I'll be posting some of my own Guild articles soon along with some non-copyrighted cassette recordings of Brian ranting about numerous things soon.

Louis Theroux UFO

What did you think of this video? Whacked, eh? That's the sort of nonsense I (and other members) had to put up with on a regular basis with IGOS/IGAS/BOTNL/SONA as it went through it's many and various goofy incarnations. Yeah I was a member from 1990 until 2006 when I said enough and left the organization while it was in its death throes. By then A.R.M. was long dead and the goofy fool who ran it into the ground did so of his own accord. Then about two years ago I got an email insisting I let bygones go and rejoin the new IGOS. Pffft. Never again. Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.

I do hope you are not foolish enough to waste your money with these silly wannabes. Their material is low-grade quality anyway. Still, you shouldn't need me to tell you to steer clear of an organization run by the guy running his mouth in the video, right? Just listen to him! LoL I have other tapes I plan on converting to wav files to put up here for your amusement where this lunatic goes on for hours kvetching about this and that and the so-called Dark Lodge and blah-blah-blah. i'm tired of taking it on the chin and this is my way of simply allowing you the chance to hear how the vaunted grand guildmaster of IGOS runs his oraganization. You won't be surprised but you will be amused. :)

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