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You cannot let things happen on their own if you desire changes to occur in ways which satisfy you.
Sorcery's power is brutal, devastating & without conscience; choose wisely how you wish to use it.
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Summoning Spirits
the Summoning of Hagiel


Hagiel is a spirit of Venus who is under the hierarchy of Haniel, the Intelligence of Venus or Netzach on the Tree of Life. This was purely a free-form ritual that I used when I performed it and here is what happened....
Enter Ms. Kay
My late friend Kay who passed on earlier this year was the mom to one of my college buddies back when I lived in Clearwater, FL. When Scott found out I was really into the occult, he said, “dude you gotta meet my mom”. Kay was middle-aged, about 45 at the time, I was 25 I think and barely into the murky world of the occult. She and I hit it off as good friends because she was into astrology and general metaphysics. Kay liked my interest in sorcery and evocations.
Kay was a divorced mother of three Canadian boys, two of whom were living in Montreal and one with her. She was attractive in her youth but had lived a hard life due to working swing shifts, bouts of depression, an overbearing mother and of course having to raise three teenage boys on her own without any sort of child support. She was also a chain smoker which didn’t help her any yet she had a lovely, fun and lively personality that you couldn’t help but like and she still had a decent body with attractive legs so she wasn’t ready for the trash heap just yet.
Kay’s Goal: Bill
What really got to Kay was her backyard mechanic friend, Bill. Bill was a DIY type of guy who did not work a regular job but fixed cars from his front driveway and yard like any proud Redneck does. He was tall, long dark haired, clean shaven and somewhat swarthy in appearance and Kay was absolutely NUTS about Bill. E-friggin’-gads she would not shut up about him. LoL Seriously! Do you know anyone like that? They’re obsessed with someone and refuse to stop yammering on about them? She met Bill through her mom because he worked on her car too so her mother had her nose stuck in the whole thing. Oy. What a mess.
The Disovery of Hagiel
So I kept telling Kay, “look sweetie, why don’t you just ask him out? You like him, he seems to be fond of you, ask him out!” Oh no because she was afraid of rejection. Kay said she had ‘hinted’ to Bill that she wanted to date but no one was interested. I told her to stop hinting and start asking. Nope too scared. Then she came over to visit a few times and often we’d just yak for a bit and grab books off my shelf and just sit quietly and read - then when one of us read something interesting, we’d discuss it. Well Kay read about the ritual of Hagiel in one of my books and I think it was either in a Stewart Farrar or Migene G. Wippler book, not certain anymore. (We’re talking what 27 years ago?)
Kay knew I had summoned a few ‘critters’ (as she put it) and had some success so it followed logically in her mind that I should be able to summon Hagiel to make an appearance. Great. Just great. Now she’s onto this and I’ll never hear the end of it. At first I was no, absolutely not. She was taken aback with the whole, “WHY???” and the argument began. Oh no dear friend it didn’t end that night but about three weeks later when I finally caved in out of sheer frustration from being badgered to death. I mean she was a dear friend who I went out and did things with, hung out with and enjoyed visiting so WHY couldn’t I help her find happiness I mused to myself?
[Somewhere in my journals I have the details written down - date, time and yadda. Now where that damn journal is hiding? Uh that’s a good question. Some of my journals came up missing during my last move but I THINK this one is out in my storage locker unit in the back in a tub on the floor with a bunch of other materials. SO I am going to try to recall this the best I can but the important bits I do remember. I know when I told her, I said, all right, you’re the bloody astrologer, so you delineate the most auspicious time between now and when you want to talk to Bill” and the best she could come up with was a Friday evening sometime before a full moon.]
Ritual Location: The Beach!
We chose that time because we were going to perform this ritual outside on the beach next to the Gulf of Mexico and a LOT of people like to go to out to the causeway to view a full moon and party. Thus we wanted to beat the masses before the drunken sots came out in force. Thus that Friday night went out to the causeway at twilight. I brought my sorcerer’s staff with me along with a couple of sticks of incense, Hagiel’s seal (prepared ahead of time), some Power oil and a few other things in a sort of ritual tool kit I packed in my trunk.
We waited until most of the people had left the causeway and dusk had set in then I began to draw a circle in the sand on the beach around Kay. I had her earlier take her green glass bowl down to the water and fill it then bring it back an sit it in the middle fo the circle. She then lit the incense and held onto Hagiel’s seal and I had her stare into the seal meditating on the glyph imagining it coming alive in her mind and chanting, “Hagiel please come to us” quietly under her breath. Kay wasn’t any novice to visualization but she told me that she did find this to tax her a wee bit which I took to be a sign from the spirit that She was nearby even though I had not formally called Her.
Ritual Snag: The Police!
I stepped into the circle and began to summon the spirit. I had a list of the attributes of Venus/Netzach with me thanks to Godwin’s Cabalistic Encyclopedia which helped. I began to summon via the hierarchy from the Qabalistic god-name all the way down to Hagiel in order. I spoke slowly and of course vibrated each name loudly an clearly (my voice really carried through that beach) and it’s probably why a Dunedin Police car pulled up with his spotlight on us!
Now if you have ever thought about doing an outdoor ritual, THIS is one of the things many practitioners fear the worst - discovery by authority figures especially in the middle of the ritual. Ugh!  Screw me! LoL I was busy trying to maintain the bond to the Astral while Kay said rather politely to the officer, “Would you please shut that damn spotlight off? PLEASE?!?!” and he finally complied. Then I heard him ask her what we were doing and she said, “We’re performing a personal ritual of great spiritual significance. We’re not bothering anyone. Is that okay with you officer?” Yeah back then Kay was pretty snippy that night was about to leap out of the circle, rip his cruiser in half and eat the man. I think he sensed this, said, “Okay” and drove on leaving us alone. Wow. We lived through that one unmolested. I highly doubt we could do that today OR Kay could get away talking to a cop like she did because of the Police attitudes that are prevalent nowadays.
Mind you during all this, I had ignored him as if he was not there. I figured if he was going to come over and start something, I was going to let the spirits of Venus tear his ass up because believe it or not, They were feeling hostile to his presence. When I say hostile I mean violently hostile. At least one of the spirits was giving off that feeling and I know it wasn’t coming from me because I ultimately didn’t care what the cop did since I knew the law protected our right to be there and do what we were doing. Once he left, I told Kay to re-focus on Hagiel’s seal and begin chanting again.
Resuming the Working
Then I stood and held Hagiel’s seal and meditated on it for a few minutes as I chanted Her name over and over. I then held it aloft facing East and spoke to Her to the East saying I wanted Her to come to our ritual to listen and pay heed to our request. I summoned Hagiel in the hierarchy of names and of course vibrated strongly and loudly each name, thrice, then vibrated Hagiel’s name seven times in all. This I did to each of the four corners. I went East, South, North and finished facing West.
I then sat back down and began to chant “Hagiel come to us” softly and Kay joined in with me. We held hands and soon our incense smoke began to coalesce into a weird shape that was reminiscent of a spiral form. Now mind you we were using five separate sticks of incense Rose. The wisps of smoke coming from the five sticks began to come together even though they were several inches apart from one another and by rights we were outside, on a beach of all places, where breeze should have dispersed the smoke quickly but it didn’t. The spiral continued until the end of the ritual or the License to Depart was given.
Hagiel’s Arrival
Finally the single green candle we had brought (remember we were using Qabalistic attributes of Netzach) was burning bright and then went out. We both felt a presence around us and I said, “Hagiel, in the name of the Gods and Mighty Ones, I bid you welcome! Thank you for coming to this our impromptu working for my friend Kay. She would like to talk to you about someone she cares very much for. Please give her heed. Thank you.” Then I let Kay do her thing and pour her heart out to the spirit.
Kay let it all out. She wept and told the spirit her heart was heavy for Bill and that she wanted him more than anything. She also said she knew that Bill was a ‘free spirit’ who could not be tamed but she would relish whatever time she could get with him and enjoy it. She promised the spirit this. Hagiel had me tell Kay that Bill would not last and Kay would be just a fling to Bill, one of his many since he changed women like most guys change shirts. Kay accepted this and brought a gift (wrapped in white cloth which she would not let me see) and she walked out of the circle to the water and tossed it in as her offering to Hagiel in payment.
When Kay returned, Hagiel was ready to leave. She told me Bill would be Kay’s for a time but no more. Hagiel urged me to get Kay to let Her help find her a permanent mate and someone who would do right by her but Kay was adamant. Bill was it. Fling or no. She wanted him. Hagiel had me say aloud, “So be it! Within a fortnight he shall be in your arms!” and t hen the smoke stopped spiralling and She was gone. It was one of the most surreal evocations ever yet also scary since those Venusian spirits are no one to piss off and Officer Nosey really honked Them off.
So I gave the License to Depart, broke down the makeshift temple, doused the incense sticks and we put the candle and used sticks into a brown paper sack with some pennies and left it at a crossroads while we went our merry way.
Hagiel’s prophecy came true. Two weeks later, I got a call from Kay that she and Bill had gone out that night, had dinner together, saw a movie, went back to his place, smoked some reefer, watched him play guitar and then they had sex. O... M... G... I thought she’d never shut up about this either. LoL It was bad enough she wanted him but once she got him Bill this, Bill that, Bil, Bill, Bill, BILL! Yeesh!
Hagiel’s prophecy came radically true about five and a half weeks later when Bill moved on from Kay to some bar floozy he met. Kay went into a depression where she refused to take my calls or answer the door when I dropped by. Yet she got what she asked for. I was forced to do some JuJu to help Kay’s depression mellow out and it took her less than a week to come out of it when her mom told me she usually would be horridly depressed for several weeks so thanks to JuJu spirits for their help with that.
By the way, Hagiel is a badass so She is not one to piss off. Her Venusian brood are mild mannered, fun loving types but egads if you dare honk Them off, I swear They get downright murderous! I figure that’s why Venus is always linked to Mars because they really ARE compatible since they complete one another with Venus’ murderous intentions being complemented by Mars’ cruelness. Scary stuff, kids. Be very careful with working with Hagiel, Haniel or anyone from the Venus club. Also it should go without saying that if you promise Them anything, do NOT renege on it.

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