4th Pantacle of Jupiter Experiment
Orgone Radionic Machine

This experiment employs the seal as drawn by MacGregor Mathers - minus the Hebrew lettering - from the deLaurance edition of the The Greater Key of Solomon.

Purpose: Otain a richer & more rewarding position where my skills & talents for managment, training & sales can be utilized for earning higher wages and full medical benefits.

Seal on page 65, figure 21 of deLaurance edition.

Description (pg. 64) reads:

"The Fourth Pentacle of Jupiter -- It serveth to acquire riches and honor, and to possess much wealth. It's Angel is Bariel. It should be engraved upon silver in the day and hour of Jupiter when he is in the Sign Cancer.

Editor's Note -- Above the Magical Sigil is the name IH, Iah. Below it are the Names of the Angels Adoniel and Bariel, the letters of the latter being arranged about a squre of four compartments. Around is the Versicle from Psalms 112:3 -- "Wealth and Riches are in his house, and his righteousness endureth for ever."

Thursday, Mercury hour. Used compass and protractor to draw talisman as best I could on stiff white poster board. Used blue artist pencil to make finishing lines. Laid finished product on altar and performed the L.B.R.P.(2) and Greater Invoking Hexagram Ritual(3) utilizing the hexagrams of Jupiter to create a conducive environment to the Spirits. Burned cedar wood shavings on hot coals to make atmosphere conducive to Jupiter Spirits.

Put a single drop of superglue on the backside of talisman & then put in one single strand of my hair as a relic for Spirits to work with. Wrapped seal up in white cotton cloth and placed aside until later Jupiter hour arrived.

Took cleansing shower while reciting Psalm 51:10 "Create in me a clean heart, O God and renew a right spirit within me". (Not the traditional Psalm to use for magical baths but effective nonetheless)

Wore robe with my Power bag(1) and necklace of lapis lazuli stones. Carried Sorcerer’s staff to altar.

When time, laid out the Pantacle Consecration Circle (fig 3, page xvi of deLaurance edition). Burned Temple incense. Laid completed 4th Seal of Jupiter in the Pantacle Consecration Circle and unwrapped it. Used staff to direct the energy to consecrate the Pantacle Consecration Circle.

Performed LBRP to remove unwanted influences from sphere of sensation(4). Performed Greater Hexagram Ritual using Jupiter Hexagrams again to summon forth planetary influences of Jupiter. Sprinkled cedar wood shavings on glowing charcoal after the Temple incense to draw forth Jupiter Spirits. Performed the Prayer listed on page 22 of deLaurance Key of Solomonedition.

Next intoned the name of El, Tzadkiel, Chasmalim, Iophiel, Adoniel and Bariel in that order. Performed the Middle Pillar charging with a focus on the Queen scale color(5) of Azure Blue. When finished spoke to the Spirits Adoniel and Bariel explaining to them the desired employment situation. Also explained to them the time frame I was looking at - (used) "Within 21 rising and setting of the Sun" or 21 days. Told Spirits I would give them suitable offerings if they gave me my wish.

Banished and anointed seal with Moloch Power oil(6) and then fumigated Seal over the burning cedar wood shavings. Wrapped seal in white cotton cloth and placed in my Orgone Sorcery Wealth Accumulator as this is a box designed with wealth, success and money associations. Plugged O.S.W.A. box into Astric Field Generator(7) and dialed in the correct setting on my Radionic Evocation Machine(8) and used my own hair as a witness.

Results: Early following week, received a phone call from headhunter about a possible job opportunity with a large billion dollar coporation. Offering suitable salary, management and growth opportunities, exceptional benefits, etc.

Follow Up: 27 days later – earler phone call led to interview with headhunter. Job did not get offered at that specific time. Later that day, was called again by headhunter and this time was given the name of a former client of hers who was looking for someone with my particular set of skills and exact training. Salary not as high as anticipated though commission structure was very fair and this firm pays 100% for all medical benefits. Went thru three interviews with this company. Was offered position & took job!

Thank you Adoniel and Bariel!

Brother MOLOCH 9.: 6.: 9.:
Copywrited 2003


1. Power Bag and Sorcerer’s Staff explained in Pragmatic Magics: A Grimoire of Modern Sorcery and Magus Ritual Magic Course

2. See Magus Ritual Magic Course above.

3. ibid.

4. Golden Dawn term for “aura”.

5. Magus Ritual Magic course for explanation on color scales.

6. My own line of oils used for all my Sorcery practices. Highly recommended! Moloch Oils can be ordered at Moloch Products

7. Orgone Field Generator a Psionic & Radionic device used to increase the flow of orgone (energy). Typically used by plugging unit into other Radionic devices but can also be used to charge candles, talismans, tools, etc. in their own right.

8. Radionic Evocation Machine (REM) is my very own design! This is a radionics and psionics machine that was designed specifically for Sorcery and in particular, EVOCATIONS in mind! There is no other device like this out on the market!