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You cannot let things happen on their own if you desire changes to occur in ways which satisfy you.
Sorcery's power is brutal, devastating & without conscience; choose wisely how you wish to use it.
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Contact Me


Greetings! I welcome all correspondence from folks with sincere questions and queries. However over the years I have come to establish the following guidelines for contact:
* If it is necessary for me to contact you by phone (US or Canada only), provide me with your contact info, a time to call and I'll do my best to accommodate. I do not call anyone outside of US/Canada by telephone unless you have a US telephone number. I will be calling from the Cleveland, Ohio locale (440 area code) thus make certain you answer my call. I DO NOT CHASE after people.
* If you contact me via a "privacy email" server such as Hushmail and you are expecting a reply back from me, then add my email address to your list of cleared email addresses otherwise Hushmail will simply "mailer daemon" my email reply back to me. I will then add your email address to my SPAM filter because I do not chase after people.
* If you have no name or only a phone number to reply back to, don't expect a reply. I have no time for people who like to play guessing games.
* When inquiring about rituals/spellwork, include your name, age, date of birth, occupation as well as the details of the problem if you desire a response. Simply telling me the synopsis of the issue such as “I’m dying” doesn't inform me about anything.
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Why I Don't Publish My Phone Number?
Many clients, customers and folks have asked me over the years why I do not publish my telephone number on my website. After all only “legitimate” businesses have their numbers published on their websites, right? Hardly. Ask any number of large corporations such as Dell, AT&T, Comcast, Apple and others, why they don't willingly give out their phone numbers, so why should I?
I do not publish my telephone number for several reasons first of which is because of telemarketers. I think you can figure that one out without further explanation. Last time I had my old phone number listed I was bombarded with telemarketing calls about 'auto loan insurance'. If I had my current phone number published, all I'd be doing is answering the phone constantly while getting zero work done.
What About Voice Mail?
You may be thinking, “What about voice mail?” Well I never cared for voice mail especially in business situations because when you have a pressing issue the last thing I want to do is call a business and leave a message. That is annoying. When I call a business I want to talk to someone now. I’m not interested in leaving a message. If I have got to go through all that, then I just move on down the listings to the next phone number.
Nor am I interested in lonely people calling and chatting, thus wasting my time. They already have social media sites for that.
Many Companies Don’t Have Phone Numbers Listed
So IF only legitimate businesses have phone numbers for the world at large then pray tell me why doesn’t Google have a phone number you can reach them? Or Facebook? Two very large and multi-billion dollar corporations who do NOT publish their phone numbers and yet make billions. They do 99% of their business by EMAIL ONLY! Not to mention numerous software & website firms who also do not publish their phone numbers either! So the whole "you-must-publish-your-phone-number-to-be-legitimate" is a bunch of NONSENSE.
Email First, Then Phone Contact
If we truly need to talk by voice we can do so at my discretion once I deem it necessary because not every situation requires direct voice contact. I have helped thousands of people over the years without any sort of direct voice contact and most likely, I can help you as well through emails.
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When NOT To Contact Me

When you are currently working with another practitioner! Please do not ask me what I would do. Because what I would do is drop that practitioner and hire me. Hello?? Only a fool would ask a question like that to a guy like me BECAUSE if you have to ask me what I would do then obviously you're not happy with their work and that is bad news.


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