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You cannot let things happen on their own if you desire changes to occur in ways which satisfy you.
Sorcery's power is brutal, devastating & without conscience; choose wisely how you wish to use it.
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A Coffin Testimony
My Own Personal True Story
A Coffin of the Dead Experience: 
My Own Personal Testimony
by Brother MOLOCH 969
Due to reasons I’d rather not go into, suffice to say I was laid up in a nursing home from early Feb until the first of May in 2012. Suffice to say the experience was not a high point in my life. For anyone who is considering putting a loved in permanently into a nursing care facility, before you do, YOU yourself should spend a mere week living in one of those places as a patient before you make that decision for someone else!
They put me in with this 66 y/o guy who initially I got on with. We played checkers and talked some. He was very cranky - way worse than me and I do my best to just stay out of Dave's (not his real name) way. He was cranky if he had to wait for the nurses (for anything) - i.e. to use the pan, to get off the pan, to get on his scooter, to get in bed, I mean we're talking nearly helpless but really agitated if his wait time was longer than sixty seconds. Think "retired Trump supporter" and you get the idea.
I figure out who Dave is and realize he's been in there far longer than me and I don't want any drama so I do my best to avoid Dave as much as possible and interact with him as little as I can. As you can guess, one day the nurses chose to deal with “me” before Dave. Oops. Not my fault. I tried to get them to deal with him first but that didn't matter to the nurses because I was on the 'schedule prior to Dave' so I was to be taken care of before him. Oy. 
You guessed it. He took it out on yours truly later that night. He complained about my TV being on even though I had my headphones on and my TV set was turned away from his side of the room with both our curtains drawn. Since his tantrums were legendary in this facility he won out. I had to shut off my TV show. Fine. I shut it off. So then I turn on my laptop and figured I'll FB a little. THEN he sees I'm on that so he begins throwing another infantile tantrum about that! Augh! Now I'm starting to get really honked off. The nurse is starting to get upset with ME as if I was purposely agitating him!
Well this ignorant putz did NOT know, nor did anyone in the facility know exactly WHOM I was let alone what I could do. And I was gonna fix that misterable prick but good!
We were not confined to our beds so I took my laptop with me along with my coffin pendant, "similarly looking" to the one above. I took it with me because I have it loaded with spirits of the Dead and it is essentially my mini-cemetery that I can carry with me everywhere I go. Thus I have my own army of the Dead with me as well as all of their attendants (call them aides, lieutenants, secretaries, whatever you like) and there are 19 Guede spirits in the Coffin of the Dead pendant along with 2 major Guede spirits the rest take orders from.
So I got into my wheelchair and wheeled myself down to the cafeteria, bought a cold pop from the machine and began writing in my notebook which I brought along with a pen - two things every Sorcerer needs for their work. ;) I began formulating and ruminating in my mind what I wanted to happen with 'Dave'. I was fed up with him. Absolutely DONE. He had gotten progressively worse over the last two weeks I was there (by this time I had been there 30 days) and like Popeye used to say, "I've taken all I can stands, and I can't stands no more!" So I began formulating the incantation I wanted to use to get rid of Dave. It came to me as I took a swig of cold pop and it was simple: "Make Dave leave the facility".
So I held my Coffin of the Dead and I whispered to it, "In the name of the Baron, make Dave leave this facility!" and I repeated that and kept on repeating that for quite some time until the words became unintelligible. In fact, I was whispering them softly to the coffin. Eventually I just stopped when if felt sufficient to do so. I finished my pop which was still cold and wheeled myself back to my room. By now it was 2:40 am. I crawled in bed and went to sleep.
I was awoken around 5:27 am, I remember because I looked at my Kindle for the time since I didn't have my watch with me. There were several STNA's, one of the RN's and both LPN's in the room. It seemed Dave would not wake up. He was groggy and refused to wake up for them. They were talking loudly but he wouldn't wake. So they called the facility doctor who ordered him shipped to the local ER and zoom OUT THE DOOR Dave went. Bye bye, Dave!
Dave never came back; his son arrived 2 days later to collect his dad’s things because he was taking Dave home after his stay in the hospital. Seems Dave got a staph infection and his son blamed the facility's staff. Didn't matter to me, I was free of that miserable putz! Yay! My Coffin of the Dead came through for me! Hooray! But that's how fast the Guede can work.
After that I ordered the Guede to find me a suitable roommate who was far more agreeable. They did and we got along MUCH better. The final time there at the facility was far less stressful with Dave gone and my newer, much younger roommate who I had a blast with.
Br Moloch 969
Date of Story June 2012

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