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Summoning the Dead for the Novice Sorcerer

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This first lesson is a necromantic lesson for the beginner to help the Novice practitioner to gain a familiar understanding with the Spirits of Death and to request an Emissary to come and teach you and thus (hopefully) becoming a Familiar Spirit for you.
You are given full instructions and are required only a minimal of equipment. The only thing you will need for this that you cannot purchase at a local department store is a full sized skull replica and a bottle of the 7 Mighty Men cologne which I carry on my site. Other than that, the other couple of items you can obtain easily and the photograph required is provided for you to print off.
Note: It is advised that you have a good relationship with your ancestral spirits. If you have not done this, you need to spend at least a 30 day period where you salute your ancestors daily before attempting this ritual. This ancestral rite can be found elsewhere on this site under the heading of “Ritual Offerings”.
Further subsequent necromantic rituals will build upon this rite so it is imperative you have a working understanding and praxis of this material. Thank you in advance for purchasing.

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