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From ancient times, people have carried amulets and talismans to help themselves become successful, overcome adversity as well as to achieve better luck, improved health & healing, attract money and riches, and many other things. Inquire as to your desire and need.
The talismans here are made according to the will and guidance of my familiar spirits as well as specific astrological time periods as taught by Henry Cornelius Agrippa in his Three Books of Occult Philosophy. Typically I use wooden disks hand painted and then a litany of prayers are said over them for a set given amount of time. Divinations are cast to ensure the talismans are correct and working. Some practitioners today use only metals and have access to their own forges. I opt to use a combination of wood maybe clay and sometimes metal to make my talismans. A specific spirit is attached to the talisman so that it will work on your desire for you thus the steep price.
While the image may show my handiwork as being rather lackluster, realize I am not an artist and these are not being made for artistic reasons. If sorcerous results hinged on beauty then only artists & draftsmen could make talismans that work. That talisman above in the photo is one I made for luck a long time ago under the auspices of Mercury that just kept cranking out good luck over and over. It's a great talisman. I recently gifted it to a homeless person to help them change their fortunes.  .
I will need to know precisely what is going on with you before I start to make a talisman. A simple Level One Reading is necessary along with a detailed analysis of what is bothering you or what your need may be. Email me and use the Contact Moloch button on the top left to reach me with. Follow the instructions and lemme know what you need.


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