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Return-My-Lover Ritual

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Many mistakenly believe all one needs to do is simply perform yet another "love" ritual to bring the wandering lover back yet that never works... permanently. Of course love spells will bring a wandering lover back for a time but eventually s/he will wander again. Often the reason for this is because there is something wrong at home between the couple and the one who wanders will continue to wander until the root cause of the wandering issue is dealt with.

Why Do People Wander Away From Otherwise GOOD Relationships?

That is the real question, is it not? The truth of the matter is because there is something at the very heart between the couple that is causing a dysfunction between them. Even if it is not apparent on the outside, the one who wanders may mask their emotions well enough so as to not cause pain to their significant other they are currently with. There is often a reason WHY deep inside the wandering love for their desire to wander. Many mistakenly believe it all circulates around a sincere desire to have sex with as many partners as one can and while this may be true in one's youth, as people reach their mid-30's this tendency is often offset by the desire to have a steady & loving relationship with someone attractive, a safe home and often (but not always) a happy family atmosphere.

Wanderers tend to wander for numerous reasons and usually the main reason is they are not receiving the type of sex at home they wish to receive. Ask their partners and they will say they give everything yet ask the Wanderers and you would get an entirely different story because there is often some sort of sexual position, oral fixation, anal desire, fetish to wear their spouse's clothes, have sex with their spouse & a another partner at the same time, and etc, which their significant other is usually NOT into granting for whatever reason.

In other rare cases there may be issues where the Wanderer feels emotionally distant from his/her partner because s/he is fixated on their children, dogs/cats, television, hobbies, friends, mom/dad, siblings, and so on, which leave them feeling emotionally empty so they crave someone who will lavish attention and love upon them.

I have seen many Wandering lovers brought back only to once again wander because the person who paid for the ritual did not do the due diligence of fixing their own problem and issues. I have known a couple of clients who came to me about Wandering lovers who admitted they paid for returning their lover numerous times which proves my point.

What I Do Differently

There are ways to make someone stay with you permanently IF such is your desire however you must take inventory of yourself first and your relationship with the Wandering lover before you agree to have me perform this ritual because once it is done, the person is locked in and unless you have resolved your personal issues with them as they will become miserable if you yourself have not changed! This means they may even become suicidal because they feel they cannot escape so you must think hard BEFORE you pay for this service since you are going to put them into a difficult position.

A Spiritual Hand Reading is Required before discussing this service.