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You cannot let things happen on their own if you desire changes to occur in ways which satisfy you.
Sorcery's power is brutal, devastating & without conscience; choose wisely how you wish to use it.
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Pact With A Spirit

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Price: $2,500.00
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Do you yearn to be the center of attention yet have little to no talent?

Maybe you've always wanted to be terrific at some musical instrument or sport?
Perhaps you simply desire a comfortable living, a nice home and a loving family?
Or is it you yearn to feel more protected and secure 24/7/365?
Perhaps you want your level of health to increase while you are dieting & exercising? 
These things and more are all possible with the help of a spirit yet you may fear selling your soul to some evil spirit in return for a good life. You do not have to sell your soul to any spirit for anything. Promise. That is the stuff of folklore and under-educated occultists. I am able to help you.
There are literally thousands of spirits available who are willing to give you what you desire in exchange for your token respect and whatever other minor thing(s) They may desire. You will NOT be required to renounce your personal spiritual beliefs nor join some Satanic cult to get in on this because there are many spirits of all stripes willing and able to work things out with you.
Pacts start at $2,500 and go up depending on the complexity of the spirit’s request. This means should the spirit in question demand some out of the ordinary item(s) for Its ritual, then the cost will have to be increased to cover this. What this may be is anyone's guess but I have had spirits request "sand" from 7 different deserts around the world as one example. Another spirit wanted me to obtain a particular type of (dead) scorpion for It. Others wanted innocuous things like chunks of exotic woods or pieces of "precious" stones (non jeweler quality) for their shrines, and so on. It can be anything. 
Pacts can be made with Pagan gods, Catholic saints, the Dead, the Sidhe, Angels, Underworld spirits, the LWA, and many others. They need not be from some classical grimoire either as each of these spirits are powerful in their own way and can be useful to you in a multitude of ways.
Many people get this notion that Lucifer is the only spirit they can make a pact with. Well if you’re a budding porn star, have erectile dysfunction, have some obscure fetish or are just interested in SEX, then yes Lucifer would be the ideal spirit to make a pact with because Lucifer is primarily just a sex god. Period. It is pure fantasy stories that make Him out to be more than that - and mostly urban myth. In fact often when folks come looking to make a pact with Lucifer, I often suggest other spirits who offer a wide variety of pleasures for the comfort seekers in life.
There is a spirit who is ideal for making money - LOT$ of money - perfect for business people or sales folks, however the caveat is that you cannot swear/curse/cuss while It works for you. It can help make you fabulously rich yet you cannot drop F bombs, use foul language nor act cruel as this spirit is a very picky spirit. Not to worry though if you have an uncontrollable potty mouth because I have other spirits who can assist you in making money - just not to the extent this millionaire maker can.
The first step required will be for you to purchase a Spiritual Hand Reading so that I can see who rules your head and then contact your Head Spirit and find out IF It will even accept a pact with a spirit. Normally this is a formality however once in a while a person’s Head Spirit will say "No" to this idea. When this happens the deal is off for your own protection because it is not wise to go against your Head Spirit's wishes.
Some folks like the idea of a pact better than a piece of jewelry with a living spirit inhabiting it. For one thing you never have to worry about where the piece of jewelry is nor fret if you lose it because The Pact is always on and working. Each spirit will have Their own desires that They wish for you to fulfill as part of your contract with Them. Much depends on the spirit itself and how It perceives you because not all spirits operate the same way.
Further some of these spirits may want something that requires time for me to acquire. I once had a spirit insist I gather sands from SEVEN DIFFERENT DESERTS. So that took a while because it forced me to get creative and find people living near the deserts where the sand was located then I had to pay them to go retrieve the sand for me - just a handful - and then bag it up and mail it to me. Think that was easy? Pfffft. I once had an Undine request water from 7 different rivers, lakes or oceans which was much easier for me to obtain but still this too took some time to gather. I never know what these spirits will want as ingredients for their pacts.
Oh and yes when you die or pass away from this mortal coil, your pact is finished. No eternal damnation. No suffering. No spirit dragging you off to some hell. Because in truth if you try to screw over your spirit, It will make your life here and now a living hell for doing such a nasty thing and believe me, you do not want that! So only decide to go through with this if you are a moral person of your word and a determined soul who desires to see things through to the end.
Spiritual Hand Reading REQUIRED BEFORE any price discussion of services!