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You cannot let things happen on their own if you desire changes to occur in ways which satisfy you.
Sorcery's power is brutal, devastating & without conscience; choose wisely how you wish to use it.
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House Selling Vodu Service

Price: No Price
Availability: Pricing depends on selling price
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So you want to move and you have found the perfect new home but you are still strapped with that old home which just isn’t selling. The realtor listings are not helping either because it has been sitting while you make mortgage payments as well as pay those dreaded property taxes and any insurance payments. How do you get this deaded albatross from around your neck?!?!
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In the past, I have helped a select few clients move out from under the burden of a home which they just could not get rid of. I have helped clients who have had a home on the market for as long as two years when they came to me and sometimes within as quickly as twenty-four hours they had it sold. To be fair, this case was rare and NOT typical yet still this should tell you how fast sometimes results can be achieved when you use MY home selling service.
The big question everyone asks once they want me to help them with selling their home is: “How long does it take to sell?” I cannot say as I’ve had some clients get results as quick as 24 hours and as long as 50 days.
What I can do for you
As a spiritual practitioner I can offer over a quarter century of practical experience in the arts of sorcery, magic, spiritual work and Haitian Vodu to lend to your aid to help you find a buyer for your home. My spirits will work hard at procuring a buyer(s) for your home.
What I Cannot Guarantee
My job is to bring you qualified buyers to your door. How much they are willing to pay for your previous domicile is entirely between the realtor, you and them. I have no control over price negotiations and settlement. Please understand that. I'm trying to bring you qualified buyers not force someone to buy your home at $XXX,XXX price because it does not work that way. If such were the case then why bother with a realtor to begin with?
What Does My Services Cost?
Nothing ... until the house is “sold” then it is 4.25% of the final sold price. Once payment is cleared for the house I expect to be paid. If I am not paid within a reasonable amount of time, my spirits will do something to gum up the works and ruin the sale. It has happened before when a client tried to cheat me.
Contact me and let's discuss what I may be able to do for you!